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Kichler Lighting Recalls Light Fixtures Due to Fire Hazard

On September 18th, 2019, Kichler Lighting recalled its Elan Shayla Mini Pendant Lights. 750 of the units were recalled due to defective sockets that posed a fire hazard. The lights could potentially melt, overheat, or catch on fire. 750 units were recalled, with over 200 more being recalled in Canada. There were 84 reports by consumers that complained about burnt fixtures, light sockets, wires, and more. There were also 3 reports of fires that came from the defect. Kichler Lighting Recalls Light Fixtures Due to Fire Hazard The lights were manufactured in China and imported into Cleveland, Ohio, by the company. They were sold for between $45 and $350 from May 2013 to March 2015. The product styles had one light, three lights, or nine lights, with the more lights leading to more expensive products. The lights are chrome with transparent glass cylinders around the bulbs. All of the recalled products have the serial numbers of 83162, 83163, and 83164, and all have an abbreviation for the month and year they were made. Individuals who bought the lights are advised to stop using them and to detach them from their fixtures. They should call the store or contact the facility through which they purchased the lights and inquire about a free replacement fixture.

What are Possible Dangers of Broken Kichler Mini Pendant Lights?

There are many dangers present with defective light fixtures, especially those in the Mini Pendant series. Multiple bulbs means much more power being generated through the sockets and wires, which increases the chances of short circuiting or overheating. High watt bulbs or bulbs that are not meant to be used with the fixtures can also increase the chances of damages. If a fire breaks out, it can lead to severe consequences. Some people may not be at home during the fires because they left the lights on. This could result in the entire house burning down if the socket catches fire. It is possible that the individual will not be near the location of the fire when it happens and will only notice the smell of smoke as it has already begun. Putting these fires out can also be very dangerous; the flames may spread quickly to other things in the house, such as curtains and wood furniture. In the worst cases, uncontrolled fires can lead to homes being totally destroyed or businesses getting razed. Fire damage may not be able to be fixed. The injuries that can also stem from fires can be severe. Smoke and ash injuries can occur when people inhale too much noxious material or excessive fume, which can create lung problems. Flames can also cause burns that may char the skin, create nerve damage or a loss of feeling, loss of motion, and more. Skin grafts and other surgeries may be necessary, and it may take months to heal.

What should I do to sue Kichler Lighting for damages from a defective Mini Pendant light fixture?

Many individuals who wish to file product liability claims do not know where to start. Fortunately, we have ample experience in the realm, and we can tell you exactly what to do in the event that you were hurt due to a defective item.

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Your first step should be to go to the doctor to get medical treatment and to fix any damages you suffered. You should hold on to the receipts from this session and any proof that you went to the doctor. You are also advised to go to the doctor quickly after getting hurt, as it serves two functions: one, you will protect yourself from further damages, and two, you will have a better chance of success as there will be no gap between the incident and the treatment. It is recommended that you do not do anything with the product. Do not tamper with it, do not return it, do not call a service to fix it, do not bring it to a repair shop. If you do, the company can state that you created the problem or simply worsened it. They may also state that there is no way to determine the cause of the issue if you messed around with the fixture. There may have been other people in your house who saw the fire happen or who were present when there was a failure. You can ask these individuals for their testimonies and statements to add to your claim. The more additional proof you have from others, the better off your lawsuit will be. What are Possible Dangers of Broken Kichler Mini Pendant Lights? It will come in handy if you have any proof of purchase documents showing that you bought the lights. You can produce a copy of the receipt or a copy of your bank or credit card statement showing that you made the purchase. This will prove that you were the legal owner of the lights and that you were injured due to an item that you had in your home. Once you have collected all of this evidence, you should reach out to an attorney who has product liability experience. You may not have ever filed a claim before and you might not know how to do so. An attorney will be able to organize your proof and submit it to the proper party. We will see to it that your claim proceeds as normal while you focus on healing from any injuries or returning to normal life. It is no our goal to have you doing any of the legwork for the case.

What can I win from a lawsuit against Kichler Lighting?

It is possible for you to win ample compensation from Kichler Lighting if you sue for a defective light fixture. You can have numerous expenses covered, and our lawyers will endeavor to ensure the maximum settlement is awarded to you. We will not rest until we have brought you a result we are satisfied with. The kinds of restitution you can win include:
  • Coverage for medical expenses from the past and future for surgery, hospitalization, medication, physical rehabilitation, and more
  • Property damage to replace the light fixture, fix your home, replace other damaged goods and personal belongings, and more
  • Reimbursement of lost income if you were unable to return to work after the incident because you could not fulfill your duties or because of other extenuating circumstances, as well as any future wages you may miss out on due to treatment or recovery
  • Pain and suffering damages for emotional anxiety, fear, psychological trauma, PTSD, and more

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The chances of success rise when you hire an attorney to handle your product liability claim. What is the statute of limitations for a product liability claim? A product liability claim is a form of personal injury law. Therefore, the statute of limitations is 2 years from the date of the injury. You must sue within that time period or you will be barred from winning any compensation in the future. Many individuals do not know how much time they have left, which can cause claims to go without being filed. In some situations, the statute of limitations can be extended beyond the 2-year deadline. This can happen if the individual who was injured was a minor. Because those underage cannot sue, the statute of limitations can be suspended until they turn 18 years old. Further, those who were left incapacitated in some way can wait until they return to normal functioning health or mind before they take legal action. Additionally, the defendant must be present in the state if you wish to file a claim. If the defendant has vacated the state, then the statute of limitations will be suspended until he returns. To guarantee that your claim is submitted n time and that you do not run the risk of missing out on your worthwhile compensation, contact our firm today.

The DTLA Law Group and You

The Downtown LA Law Group in Los Angeles, California, has a team of attorneys with decades of combined experience in product liability cases. We know the ins and outs of the law better than anyone, and we can guarantee the best representation for your case. We have numerous highly-rated tales of success and we have recovered millions of dollars for our clients throughout the years. Our lawyers are known for their aggressive pursuit of maximum settlements and for never giving up on claims. To set up a free legal consultation, you can call our firm today at (855) 339-8879. We will answer any questions you have about the case and will tell you how much we feel your claim is worth. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and you can always reach out. If you wish to hire us for our legal services, we will give you our zero fee guarantee. This states that you won’t have to pay us a single dime of your own money – we will only get paid if we win, and the money will come from the settlement we win for you from Kichler Lighting. If we lose, we do not get paid anything, and you can walk away from our firm debt-free. Call the DTLA Law Group if you wish to file a product liability claim against Kichler Lighting for a defective Mini Pendant Light Fixture.


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