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Bone Graft Class Action Lawsuit – Medtronic InFuse Defect Claim

Bone Graft Class Action Lawsuit – Medtronic InFuse Defect Claim According to several scientific studies the use of the Infuse Bone Graft manufactured in cervical spine surgeries has been linked to several severe and life threatening medical health complications. Some of the most common health issues facing individuals who have undergone bone grafting procedures using the infuse bone graft technology include
  • Airway constriction also  called respiratory depression
  • Inflammation of the air passage ways
  • Swelling of the neck and throat
  • Bone growth – ectopic or uncontrolled bone growth
  • Retrograded ejaculation male sterility and other male reproductive issues including infertility
  • Cancer
  • Serious infections
  • Severe dysphagia
  • Cuasa
  • Death resulting from medical complications due to the use of the Infuse Bone Graft
FDA Warning: In reaction to compelling evidence the  Center for Device and Radiological Health a department within the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a public health notification regarding the InFUSE Bone Graft -LT-CAGE alerting health care practitioners to reports of, “life threatening complications associated recombinant human Bone Morphogenetic Protein (rhBMP) when used in the cervical spine.” Our law firm is currently investigating claims against manufacturers and distributors of the Medtronic Infuse bone graft medical implant for the off label marketing and distribution of the product. Individuals who have suffered serious post surgical medical complications due to the use defective bone grafting implants are entitled to monetary compensation. Legal Help: If you have any legal questions regarding your claim feel free to contact our law offices toll free (855)385-2529. All consultations with our attorneys are free of charge and confidential.

What is a Class Action Lawsuit

Class action lawsuit take place when there are a substantial number of claimants against one defendant. In such cases a class representative is chosen to represent all claim in the court of law. Class action lawsuit require certification by the court they are to be tried in. Several criteria have to be met before a class action claim in certified in court. Those elements are as follows.
  • Numerosity: There needs to be a large number of plaintiffs so as to make single party lawsuit impracticable.
  • Commonality: There need to be a common cause of action based on near identical facts of an issue of law.
  • Adequacy: The class representative need to have sufficiency legal counsel so as to be able to properly present the case in the court of law.
  • Typicality: The claim of the class representative needs to be nearly identical to that of the other class action lawsuit members.

Filing a Product Liability Lawsuit – How to Prove Your Case in the Court of Law

Product liability lawsuits are based on proving one of three distinct causes of action.
  • Defect due to faulty design of the medical product.
  • Defect in the manufacturing process so that the produced product is markedly different and as a result posses a substantially increased risk of harm to the consumer.
  • Failure to properly warn medical practitioners and patients of known or knowable dangers associated with the use of the product.
Compensation Available for Victim: Under personal injury and product liability laws victims of defective surgical medical implants are entitled to compensation for all their losses. The value or average settlement amount for Medtronic Infuse Bone Grafting lawsuits is dependent on several factors. Some of the most important factors in determining the value of your case are as follows]
  • The severity or magnitude of injuries suffered.
  • Pain and suffering resulting from the use of the defective surgical implant.
  • Lost wages and loss of future income due to a disability.
  • Future rehabilitation and medical costs.
  • Punitive damage – in defective product cases punitive damages are often awarded where the defendant failed to properly warn of the dangers associated with the surgical use of the implant.
Attorney Help: Our law firm can assist you in determining whether you have a viable product liability claim against manufacturers of the InFuse Bone Graft. To speak with one of our attorney contact our law offices toll free (855)385-2529. All consultations are free of charge and confidential. Further Information: Statute of Limitations Prodcut Liability Claims


I was advised that the disability I am suffering from is probably from the Medtronic in-fuse bone graft I had done on both my cervical and lumbar spine. My understanding now in hindsight the severe pain, the loss of feeling in my hands, the inability to walk or ride in a car for no more than 20 minutes at a time, lumbar pressure so severe that I am bed ridden at least 4 out of 7 days, sciatica, and nerve damage,
The lumbar fusion was done posteriorly and I believe that the fusion that way was not FDA approved, I have not been able to work since 2010 and there is no way that I can, I have tried everything from intense physical therapy, to tens units, to neurostimulator and now have to get caudle shots into the tailbone on a monthly basis, I see a Pain Management Specialist because of the pain meds and massive amount of Neurontin that I take that leaves me a zombie but keeps the burning from the permanant nerve damage down to a tolerable level, I thought I had a lawyer to help me. but did not take the case after waiting all this time, PLEASE HELP ME I will never be the same and I feel like a surgery that was supposed to be done anteriorly to avoid nerve damage deserves to be looked at,

Jackie Wheeler


Hi that is what happened to me I live in 100percent sever pain. My life has pretty much has no good quality of life and the burning the back pain is so severe it’s made my life horribly change the way I go about my day it hurts my entire body I have made some things easier but because of severe cronic pain I can barely sit walk reach it’s hard always and in all ways

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