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Soy Products Recalled by Wa Heng Dou Fu & Soy Sauce Corp.

Soy Products Recalled by Wa Heng Dou Fu & Soy Sauce Corp. The California department of Public Health has issued a warning and a recall of all soy products sold and distributed by the Wa Heng Dou Fu & Soy Sauce Corp. According to the report the products maybe contaminated by filth with ma result in serious viral and bacterial infections including the norovirus, gastroenteritis, and salmonella poisoning.  According to public  health officials inspectors at the facility found unsanitary conditions. The soy products being voluntarily recalled include, soy sauce, soy milk, and tofu. Compensation if you have Been Injured by Tainted Soy Products: There may several causes of action available to victims of food borne diseases.  Possible causes of action may include
  • Product Liability Claim – Including defect in the manufacturing of the food product
  • Negligent Conduct – Breach of General Duty to provide for a safe item for sale
  • Breach of Warranty
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