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Inversion Table Defect Lawsuit – Fitness Ab Workout Injury

Inversion Table Defect Lawsuit – Fitness Ab Workout Injury Inversion tables are fitness and therapy devices which allow an individual to comfortably positions themselves upside side. Over the past few years dozens of at home inversion tables have been advertised on TV explaining their recuperative and fitness benefits. However, such devices can be dangerous to the user if improperly used, of defectively manufactured. Common injuries associated with defective inversion tables include
  • Trauma to the head – resulting in traumatic brain injury
  • Back injury – spinal cord damage
  • Severe injury to the neck
  • Facial injuries – scarring, broken noses and broken teeth
  • Cervical disc herniation
If you or a loved one have sustained serious injuries due to a defective at home inversion table feel free to contact our defective product law firm toll free (855)385-2529.

What Makes Product Defective

There have been numerous anecdotal evidence regarding defective inversion fitness tables results resulting in severe injuries. Generally there are three distinct causes of action possible in a product liability lawsuit. Defect in the Design of the Product: A design defect cause of action considers the overall design of the product. The evidence must show the manufacturers of the product knew of a more suitable (safer) design that was likely to cause harm. Defect in the Manufacturing of the Product: Manufacturing defects are proven by showing item that was sold o customers was markedly different and as a result more dangerous than the original intended design. In many instances exercise equipment companies attempt to lower manufacturing costs by altering the original approved design by way of replacing costly material with cheaper and more dangerous ones. Failure to Warn Defect – labeling Defect: All too often, users of exercise equipment pay little attention to warning labels.  However, courts have established the premise that manufacturers of product have a duty to warn user of all known dangers associated with its use. Recovery for Your Injuries: Victims of personal injury are entitled to compensation for all their losses including
  • All medical expenses including hospital costs and medication expenses
  • Loss of Wages and future income due to disability
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Future cost of rehabilitation
  • Emotional Distress
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Injured. on inversion machine. I live on Jackson, Miss. Need a Lawyer.

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