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Hobby Lobby Scented Candles in Glass Jars Recalled Due to Fire Hazard

Hobby Lobby Scented Candles in Glass Jars Recalled Due to Fire Hazard Update: The Consumer Product Safety Commission has announces a massive nationwide recall of DD Brand Scented Candles manufactured by CoScentrix. The DD Brands candles are sold exclusively at Hobby Lobby stores. According to investigators the relatively high flames of the candle can ignite the surface of the wax resulting in an increased risk of fires.  Over 250,000 of these candles have been recalled.

Steps to Take if You Have Been Injured by a Defective or Recalled Product

(1) Seek medical attention as soon as possible. A documentation of your injuries plays an important factor in determining the overall value of your case. (2) Do not throw away the item or return the item to the store of manufacturer. (3) Do not attempt to fix the item in any way. Leave it in the state is was when the injury took place. (4) Do not make any contact with the manufacture of the product or any of their representatives. (5) Contact product liability law firm.

Filing a Defective Product Case in the Court of Law

Individuals who have suffered harm due a faulty product area able to seek compensation format fault parties in one of three ways. (1) By way of showing a defect in the consumer items original design. (2) Issue with the manufacturing process, so that the distributed and sold item was significantly different and as a result more dangerous than the one designed. (3) Labeling defect or failure to warn or recall a defective item in a timely manner.

Value of a Case – Compensation Available

One of the most common an important questions asked by our clients involves the amount of compensation an injured party will receive in a case. There are several significant factors which can play a role in determining the overall value of your case. A list and brief description of some of the factors are provided for below…
  • The magnitude and severity of the harm suffered.
  • The potential for future medical and rehabilitation needs.
  • Loss of income, and loss of future income capacity.
  • Loss or damage to property.
  • Pain and suffering.

Legal Consultation

Our attorneys are able to provide individuals who have suffered from severe burn injuries due to a defective product have the right to pursue vindication for all injuries suffered via the filing of a claim. If you have any legal questions regarding the filing of a claim feel free to contact our law offices. All legal consultation are provided by our attorney free of charge. Further Information: Gel Candle Fire hazard Risk

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