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Cabrinha Kiteboarding H2 Hydra Series Binding Recall

Cabrinha Kiteboarding H2 Hydra Series Binding Recall There has been some recent updates to the recall for the binding on the H2 Hydra Series product produced by Cabrinha. These products were recalled by the manufacturer when it was noticed that the binding can detach.  While there have been no reported injuries it is important to make sure you prevent them from occurring. Here are some tips. If you own this product make sure you call the manufacturer and report it to them. Often times they will take steps to have the product returned and to issue you a refund for the item or repair it. In cases where a party has been injured, DO NOT RETURN THE ITEM. Why? Because if you return it you are destroying or returning the evidence to the manufacturer.  You should always keep the item in your possession until it has been properly inspected.

What if I was injured – What Should I Do If I Was Injured

Injuries from kite boarding can be serious, particularly if the binding detaches. This is like having your bindings on a snow board detach. When a product fails during an extreme sport like kite surfing you can be seriously injured . If that is the case make sure you get to a doctor immediately. If you are considering filing a lawsuit there are some things you should consider. First, make sure you keep a log of your medical records. You need to know exactly what is going on with regards to your injuries. Often times clients fail to keep proper medical files, which can delay the process. Second, keep the product in its original condition. Do not tamper with or attempt to correct the defect. Often times if you alternate or modify the product from its original condition you will not be able to pursue a claim for damages. Third, do not return the product to the manufacturer. In certain cases manufacturers will attempt to convince you to return the product to them for a new one. This is always a mistake. Why? Because if the product is returned you will not be able to have it properly inspected.

Case value – What Compensation Can I Receive for My Injuries

Case value will depend on a few important factors. Here is what you should consider with regards to the value of your case.
  • Age of the injured party
  • Degree of injury, was this a catastrophic injury
  • Occupation of the injured party
  • Likelihood of recovery
  • Conduct of the manufacturer
  • Contributory negligence on behalf of the injured party
These are all important factors to consider and will help identify the value of your case. If you were injured speak with an attorney regarding your case. Further Information: Cabrinha Kiteboarding H2 Hydra Series Binding Recall

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