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Attorney Discusses Jack3d Class Action Lawsuit Against USPlabs

Attorney Discusses Jack3d Class Action Lawsuit Against USPlabs Attorney Farid Yaghoubtil from the Downtown LA Law Group discusses defective product lawsuits against USP Labs, manufacturers of Jack3d. Jack3d is a pre-workout energy supplement used by tend of thousands of individuals across the country. Recent studies have shown a heightened risk of severe medical complication and fatalities due to the use of Jack3d. Common harmful side effects from the use of product containing DMAA include, increased heart pressure, hear attacks, sudden cardiac failure, damage to the kidneys, and heart palpitations. Below is important information for individuals who have suffered serious side effects and family members of individual who have died due to the use of Jack3d pre-workout supplement. Our Law Firm: If you have any further legal questions after reading this article feel free to contact our law firm toll free (855)385–2529. All consultations regarding claims against manufacturers of Jack3d are provided by a qualified attorney free of charge with complete confidentiality.

Defective Product Liability – Filling a Product Liability Lawsuit Against Manufacturers of Jack3d (Jacked)

Generally there are three ways in which a product liability case against a manufacturers of a defective product can be filed in court. Defect in the Original Design of the Product: manufacturers have a duty to design a product that does not increase the risk posed to consumers when compared to similar product in the market place. Thus a design defect claim can be established  if a similar product or ingredient could have been used to design a product that posed a decreased risk of harm to users. Defect in the Manufacturing Process: In many instances manufacturers attempt to lower the cost of manufacturing replacing more expensive ingredients with less expensive and more dangerous ones. Defect in Labeling – Failure to Warn: In many instances manufacturers are aware or otherwise should have been aware of the risk of harm caused by it use but fail to warn consumers. Failure to warn usually takes place when manufacturers believe warning labels will significantly decrease the profitability of their product.

Compensation Available for Victims of Defective Product – Jack3d Victims Rights

Victims of dangerous health effects due to the use of Jack3d or any product containing DMAA are entitled to compensation for their all losses including
  • Al medical and hospitalizations costs
  • Cost of future medical, rehabilitation and disability care
  • Pain and suffering – emotional trauma and PTSD
  • Lost wages and loss of future income
  • Punitive damage – where a manufacturer displays a wanton or reckless disregard for the life and health of users of its product.
Legal Consultation Available 24/7: Our Attorneys are available any time of day including weekend for a free consultation regarding dangerous health effect resulting from the use of Jack3d. More Information: FDA Warning – USP Labs Jack3d  

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