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Honda Airbag Class Action Lawsuit – Attorney Explains Takata Recall

Update: Honda Motor Company and auto parts manufacturer Takata have expanded the recall list vehicles deemed dangerous due to their airbags exploding unexpectedly or upon minor collisions. The explosive used to inflate the airbag is encases in a metal canister which can burst. The explosion can result in an outburst of dangerous sharp metallic parts of the airbag striking individual  passengers and drivers. NHTSA Warning: The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration released a press release warning owner driver of vehicles that have been recalled to take them to their respective dealerships immediately for repairs. Specific Honda and Acura, the luxury division of Honda Motors, models involved in the recall include the following…
  • 2003 to 2006 Acura MDX
  • 2002 to 2003 Acura TL/CL
  • 2001 to 2007 Honda Accord
  • 2001 to 2002 Honda Accord
  • 2001 to 2005 Honda Civic
  • 2002 to 2006 Honda CR-V
  • 2002 to 2004 Honda Odyssey
  • 2003 to 2007 Honda Pilot
  • 2006 to Honda Ridgeline
  • 2003 to 2011 Honda Element

Value of Your Case – Compensation Available for Victims

One of the most common questions presented by our client to our attorney revolves around the amount of compensation available for injured victims. It is difficult to place an exact value on a personal injury personal injury clam as there are numerous interrelated factors involved. Some of the most significant factors in determining the value of your case is provided here.
  • The extent and magnitude of the injuries suffered.
  • Percentage of fault attributed to the liable party.
  • Level of pain and suffering inflicted on the victim.
  • Economic damages – including damage to property, loss of income and loss of future earnings resulting from long term or permanent disability.
  • Availability of punitive damages.
  • The proficiency and determination of the law firm that takes on your cause.

Defective Product Cases Explained

Product liability cases can be proven in the court of law in one of three ways (1) Defect cause by fault during the research and design element of the product. (2) Defect in its manufacturing process – usually via the use less expensive labor and raw materials resulting in the product that is markedly different and as a result more dangerous than its initial design. (3) Labeling defect – failure to provide proper or timely warnings to general consumers of the dangers associated with the use of the product. Attorney Consultation Available: If you have any further legal questions regarding the filing of a claim for injuries and or death do to a defective Honda airbag manufactured by Takata feel free to contact our law offices. All legal consultations are provided by our lawyers free of charge. Further Information: Statute of Limitations for Filing Such Lawsuits
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