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Awning Collapse Attorney | Sidewalk Injuries Lawyer

Awning accidents are more common that what you might think.  Generally these types of accidents occur when there is improper care or maintenance by the landowner. In such cases the common question is liability. When a landlord, property owner or business operator fails to properly maintain or install these product, liability can exist. If you have been injured read the following information regarding your rights.

Liability for Injuries cause by Awning Collapse

Who is liable when an awning falls on you? This is a good question. Generally, it is possible to hold the following parties liable: (1) business owners; (2) property owner; (3) awning installation company; and (4) awning manufacturing company. Each of these entities can be held liable in their own respective manner. For instance if the building owner was responsible and failed to act they may be liable. Or if the property owner had the awning installed, without proper care, they can be held liable. When the awning installation company does a sub-standard job and injury results they can be held liable. Also, if the awning was defective then the manufacturing company can be held liable. It is important to know who was at fault. Often times this requires expert opinions, on-site analysis and detailed facts regarding the incident.

Common Injuries resulting from Awning Collapse

Awning’s can be heavy and when the collapse there is added velocity which can exasperate the injuries. Usually this means that your injuries can include serious head trauma, broken bones, spine compression and other issues. A list of common injuries include: While this is not a complete list of injuries they do cover some of the most common types of injuries.

Causes of Awning Injuries

Awning accidents can occur for many reasons. Records show that most accidents occur due to a manufacturing defect. Many of the awning blow outs in RV’s occur because of a defective arm lift or design. These awnings are not designed to handle extreme winds which can cause these awnings to blow off. Often times no one is injured or there is minor property damages. However, other times there are more serious injuries. When an awning collapses while you are walking on a sidewalk there may be different causes. This can occur because the awning was improperly installed, or failed to be maintained. Generally this falls under the doctrine of res ipsa loquitor or in other circumstances negligence. It is important to speak with a qualified personal injury attorney to discuss your claim.

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RV Awning Injuries – Motor homes  and Mobile  home awning collapse injury claims

RV awnings are another type of dangerous awning that can cause injuries. Reports of RV awnings causing injury have increased. Recent injuries have included serious head injuries as a result of defective awnings which cause injury. These types of injuries have resulted in varying injuries. From minor bruising to death. In each circumstance it is important to understand who is liable. In these particular types of cases the manufacturer and all commercial sellers of the product can be held liable.
Other types of RV awning defects can occur when the side attachment of the awning becomes dislodged. In these instances the manufacturer can still be held liable. However, there is surely a degree of negligence on behalf of the RV owner, but this depends on a number of different facts.

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