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Wedding Slip and Fall Accidents – Lawsuit and Liability Information

Wedding Slip and Fall Accidents – Lawsuit and Liability  Information

A recent client of ours was injured at a wedding and was considering his options with regards to a potential lawsuit. Of course our client had his reservations and did not want to pursue a claim against the bride and groom, which we understand, but at the same time his injuries were rather significant. Our office investigated and found the rental company was at fault for negligently installing the flooring and other equipment which resulted in the accident. As a result we were able to pursue and obtain a settlement on behalf of our client, without involving any other parties. If you were hurt at a wedding you are entitled to compensation for your injuries and if you had serious injuries it is in your best interest to consider pursuing a claim.

Trip and Fall Accidents in Weddings

In certain accident you have a rental or equipment rental company who was negligent in the installation of their equipment. They either failed to tie down loose wiring, cables or had a dance floor that caused trip and falls over the edges. In such cases you will be able to pursue a claim for damages against them for damages. When you have a photographer who fails to properly duck-tape or secure wiring that causes trip and falls resulting in injury, they will be liable. Slip and fall accidents at such functions are actually very common. Considering the dim lighting, loud music and general atmosphere injured parties can trip and fall over objects that are not properly secured. In such cases the party responsible for assembling this equipment will be liable for the accident. Depending on your injuries you may want to consider pursuing a lawsuit for your injuries. If the injuries are minor, then you may not want to consider filing suit, however if you have more pronounced damages, a demand or lawsuit is warranted.

Who is liable, I don’t want to sue the bride and groom

Morally no one wants to sue a bride and groom after their wedding day. This is especially true if you are friends of the couple. However, in most cases the bride and groom are not liable for the injuries you sustained if a third party was present. In the above mentioned incident, the rental company was at fault for the dance floor installation. Additionally after further discovery we found that the rental company actually knew of the issue and was told by other individuals who rented the dance floor of the potential for injury. However, in order to cut costs and save money the rental company failed to make the changes. As a result our client sustained injuries to his knee, face and had extensive dental damage. Additionally the rental company had insurance coverage for the accident, which allowed us to pursue a claim. In fact most venues, whether it is a hotel or any space will require ALL the vendors to have letters of indemnification and show proof of insurance.  More information see our Premises Liability Laws Page. As a result you will be able to pursue a claim against the insurance policies of the at fault party, without ever involving the bride and groom.

Common Types of Accident o in Weddings

There are few common types of accidents from these types of events. First, you have trip and fall accidents which occur often. This happens when the wiring from lighting equipment is not properly secured or fastened. Or when the equipment is generally not properly fastened. This will cause injury to unsuspecting guests. Second, we see a number of accidents happen from slippery surfaces. Third, we see a number of accidents happen from stage collapse at weddings. If the wedding party rushes the stage it can cause it to collapse if the weight is significant. These are all potential injuries that can occur from the negligence of the people charged with setting up the event. If you have been hurt know your rights. Related Articles: Statute of Limitations for Slip and Fall Accidents What Should I Do After a Slip and Fall Accident


what is the statute of limitations in Florida? I got a showlder dislocation for falling on the dance floor, I slipped but not fell,I was in squat position as I was balancing myself and then somebody pushed me toward a banquet table and the action made a person fall in top of me. I do not want sue the groom and bride. this happened at Coral Gables country club.

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