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Casino Accidents

Casino Accidents Have you or anyone you know been involved in a casino accident leading to a personal injury? If so call the California casino accident attorneys  for a free case evaluation. Casino accidents are common and can include a number of different incidents including:
  • Casino Slip and Fall Accidents;  Swimming Pool Drownings;
  • Hotel Room Slip and Falls;  Elevator Accidents;  Escalator Accidents;
  • Electrocutions;  Security Guard Abuse; Night Club Injuries
  • Food Poisoning in Casino and hotel restaurant
  • Unsanitary Hotel Rooms, Unsanitary Health Clubs and Gyms
  • Lack of Security; Resulting in Violent Crime, Sexual Abuse, Assault and Battery and Theft
  • Auto Accidents on Casino Property – Including Casino Shuttle Crashes and Parking Lot Injuries
It is important to know your rights when dealing with casino related accidents and to contact the lawyers at Downtown LA Law to help you recover. Whether the injury was caused in California or Las Vegas our offices can help you achieve maximum recovery.

Lawsuits Against Indian Tribal Gaming Casinos – Waiver of Sovereign Immunity

Under Federal guidelines Native American Tribe maintain legal sovereignty over civil action which emanate from tribal lands.  Thus Indian Casino’s which are situated on Tribal lands are immune from civil lawsuits including personal injury lawsuits which take place on their property.  However under the  Tribal-State Gaming Compact Indian Tribal Casinos a limited waiver of Tribal Immunity regarding personal injury (tort actions) was agreed to between Indian Gaming Casinos and the State of California.  Thus in most instances Tort claims including slip and falls, bodily injury, property damage and other personal injury lawsuits  arising out of Indian Gaming Facilities can be brought against such enterprises.

Popular Casinos in California

California is home to a number of Casinos which attract hundreds of thousands visitors on an annual base. Visits to such tourist destinations can cause serious injuries which require professional legal representation. The Casino Injury Lawyers at Downtown LA Law can help you with a free case evaluation. Lists of the most visited Casinos in California include:
  • Hustler Casino;
  • Pechanga Casino;
  • Morongo Casino and Resort;
  • Commerce Casino;
  • Fantasy Springs Resort Casino;
  • Pechanga Resort and Casino;
  • Barona Valley Ranch Resort & Casino
  • San Manuel Casino

Common Casino and Hotel Injuries

Casinos in California including Indian Tribal Gaming Casinos can be held liable for injuries sustained on their properties

Casinos in California including Indian Tribal Gaming Casinos can be held liable for injuries sustained on their properties

Casinos are often times centers for injuries which can cause pain and suffering. Due to the size of Casinos there are often many neglected areas which can cause injuries to victims. There are a number of injuries which can occur as a result of from visiting Casino’s which include, slip and fall injuries, electrocution incidents, shower falls, swimming pool incidents and other related accidents.
How do I protect myself from an elevator accident?
Electrocutions are common at Casinos and Casino hotels, either through playing with slot machines or other electric devices. Generally, such harm is caused by static build up and can cause serious injuries to the victims. Such injuries include traumatic brain injury, emotional distress, long term health issues and other related problems. If you or someone you know have suffered electrocution at a Casino call our Casino Electrocution lawyers at Downtown LA Law for a free case review. Slip and Fall injuries are common at Casinos. Slip and fall injuries which can occur from beverage spills, slippery floors, un-even pavement and other dangerous conditions which can cause the victim to slip and fall. If you have been hurt from a spill and fall injury at a Casino, contact our offices. Our slip and fall Casino lawyers are here to help and can offer you a free case evaluation. Shower accidents at Casino’s are common at Casinos and can be caused by improperly placed tiles, defective floor boards or improperly placed hand guards or rails. Call our shower accident attorneys at Downtown LA Law for a free case evaluation.

Los Angeles Casino Injury Lawyers

California Casino accident attorneys at Downtown LA Law are here to help and can provide you with the necessary support needed to recover for your injuries. Our firm can assist you in your recovery. Contact the Casino injury attorneys at Downtown LA Law for a free case evaluation.
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