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Workplace Slip and Fall Accident Attorney | Employer Wet and Slippery Floor Lawsuits

According to published findings Slip and Fall accidents account for the majority of workplace injuries in the United States and cause 15 % of all deaths in the Workplace. Based on OSHA (Occupational Safety and Heal Administration) walking surfaces in your place of works must meet certain safety guidelines. If an employer fails to meet those guidelines or has been negligent in the proper maintenance and cleanup of floors in you place of work then you may be entitled to recovery for the injuries you have suffered from a slip and fall accident.  Common injuries associated with slip and fall accident in the workplace can include:

  • Broken wrists and arms
  • Spinal Cord injuries
  • Facial injuries and lacerations
  • Traumatic Head injuries resulting in permanent brain damage
  • Contusions and abrasions
  • Internal organ injuries
  • Torn tendons and ligament injuries
  • Sever neck injuries and spinal contusions
  • Nerve damage and paralysis
  • Broken hips and broken pelvis injuries
  • Sprain and strains, and dislocations

OSHA Regulations and Workplace Slip and Fall Hazards: OSHA maintain strict measures aimed at preventing slip and fall accidents in hazardous workplace environments. Under OSHA workplace Slip and Fall prevention standards the floors of all workrooms must be maintained in a clean and so far as possible, dry condition. Also “employment, passageways, storerooms, and service rooms shall be kept clean and orderly and in a sanitary condition.” Costly punitive measures are put in place when businesses fail to comply.

Common causes of Slip and Fall accidents in the workplace:

There can be numerous causes of slip and fall and slippery floor accident in the workplace. Some of the most common causes of slip, trip and fall

  • Wet floors, liquids and debris left un-cleaned on the floor
  • Failure to proved proper lighting in stairways, hallways and storage rooms.
  • Obstruction of walkways by debris, boxes, office supplies and office furniture
  • Design Defect: improperly designed or constructed office buildings
  • Broken tiled and floor coverings: Failure to repair damaged surface areas
  • Uneven flooring and carpeting in the entrance way and exits of building
  • Personal items and electrical cords left on the floor
  • Failure to fix broken pipes that can leak water and other fluids on a walking surface
  • Outdoor walking surface irregularities like broken concrete, gravel, and potholes on walking areas
  • Parking lot hazards including poor lighting, oily and slippery surfaces and broken cement blocks
  • Loose handrails on stairs, wheelchair ramps, and walkways
  • Floor mats that are improperly used in the office including old mats that have broken and curtailed edges or are loose because they are un-securely fastened to the floor

Employer Liability for Accident in the Workplace: Occupational Injury Lawsuits for Slip and Fall Accidents:

California Personal Injury Atrorney for Wet and Slippery Floor Accident Claims
Slip and Fall accidents can take place in many different workplace environments including schools hospitals office buildings manufacturing facilities and construction sites

Generally an employer holds a duty to provide for a safe and hazard free workplace environment including maintaining clean, dry, and debris free work surfaces. Slip and fall accidents take place in many different industries including, manufacturing, food service industry, construction, transportation, service industry, office building, schools and educational facilities, and the retail industry. Premises Liability Laws and Slip and Fall Accidents: In order to recover from a slip and fall accident against a employer business owner, an employee has the burden of proving that the owner of the business created a dangerous or unreasonable condition so that the slip and fall accident would not have happened but for the failure to take reasonable measures to repair the dangerous condition, or notify employees of its existence.  To be held legally responsible for your slip and fall your attorney mush show

  • The Employer or property owner caused the dangerous condition that led to the slip and fall, or failed to properly maintain the property.
  • He was aware of the dangerous condition on the property, but failed to act accordingly.
  • A reasonable property owner should have known of the dangerous condition because a reasonably prudent person would have noticed and fixed it.

Work place Slippery and Wet floor accident injuries Attorneys: Compensation for your injuries can be based on several factors including, Lost Wages and future loss of income, medical and prescription drug costs, pain and suffering, mental anguish, and punitive damages.

Compensation for Lost Workdays: Slip and falls do not comprise the primary cause of workplace fatalities; however they do represent the chief cause lost work days. Victims of accidents in the workplace have a right to recovery for lost days at work. If you have suffered a slip and fall accident in your place of work contact the expert legal team at the Downtown LA Law Group. All initial Consultations with one of our lawyers are free of charge.

More Information: Preventing Workplace Slip and Fall Accidents National Floor Safety Institute

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