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Escalator accident attorney | Shopping Mall Slip Trip & Fall lawyers in Los Angeles

Escalator accidents and slip, trip and fall attorney Injuries in escalator accidents are more prevalent than you may think.  According to government statistics thousands are injured and dozens are killed in escalator accidents in shopping malls, office buildings, schools, hotels, stadiums sports facilities, and apartment complexes.  Fault for escalator accident injuries can be difficult to ascertain; liable parties can include property owners, managers, maintenance and repair crew, and escalator manufacturers for defective manufacturing and installation. If your injuries in an escalator accident were due to negligence of another party then you are entitled to compensation for your damages.  You may be able to receive compensation for your injuries, pain and suffering, present and future medical costs, lost wages, and mental anguish. Property Owner Liability Claims for Insufficient maintenance: Escalator accidents due to insufficient maintenance are an increasing issue in shopping malls and shopping center complexes. Such hazardous conditions leading to accidents places liability on property owners, and property managers based on Californian Premises Liability laws and general slip and fall legal doctrines. Product Liability Claim: Injured Plaintiffs may also have a claim against the manufacturers of escalators. Generally there are three distinct causes of action  under a product pliability lawsuit (1) Defect in the design of the escalator (2) Defect in the manufacturing and or installment of the escalator, (3) Labeling Defect: or failure to warn of know dangers. If you are a victim of an escalator accident contact our premises liability lawyers to schedule a free no cost consultation regarding a potential escalator accident lawsuit to recover your damages.

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Common Escalator Slip and Fall Injuries:

Common Escalator accident injuries are as follows:
  • Knee and joint fractures
  • Broken and fractures limbs
  • Neck injuries: including chronic neck pain
  • Brain Injuries: including head trauma
  • Skull Fractures
  • Facial Lacerations leading to permanent scarring
  • Amputations and severing of the fingers and limbs
  • Broken nose
Based on Property Owner Premises Liability laws liability for accidents in buildings usually fall on the building owner and building administrators.    The owners /manager of a property have the responsibility to provide for the upkeep and safety of all walkways, stairways, and escalators on his property.  Maintenance crew or cleaning crew to failure to abide by these principles does not prevent a lawsuit by a victim against a property owner.  A property owners and property manager is responsible for the actions or inactions of his staff.

Personal Injury Law Firm – Protecting the Rights of the Injured

Our esteemed Personal injury Law Offices will fight for your right to just compensation for the damages you suffered in an escalator accident.  An injured party in a personal injury lawsuit can claim damages for the following.
  • Current and future hospitalization costs
  • Doctors visits
  • Medication and prescription drug bills
  • Lost wages due to inability to work
  • Future Lost Wages
  • Future pain and suffering
  • Mental Distress
Our aggressive and tenacious Slip trip and fall attorney and general personal injury attorneys will keep on the offensive until they make sure you have been justly compensated for your injuries and vindicated for your loss. We will go to trial and take on drivers that were negligent and their insurance carriers’ so that your rights are protected.

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How do I protect myself from an elevator accident?

Our Personal injury lawyers can help you recover the damages you suffered

We will take care of every legal detail and make sure you achieve the highest compensation possible for your loss; in the meantime, concentrate on the most important part of this process – your recovery. Your Claim Must Be Filed in Time: Remember that it is crucial to act quickly after you have been injured to report any escalator accident injury before the statute of limitations eliminates your right to compensation.  For more information regarding the Statute of limitations for filling a personal injurt lawsuits see here. How to Contact Us: Call us for a free consultation with one of our skilled personal injury lawyers regarding your Escalator Injury claim: (855)385-2529
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