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When your vacation dreams turns into a nightmare – one of many Cruise Ship Accidents

You have been planning it for months now; that cruise ship vacation you’ve been dreaming of. Your entire family is going and you are all so excited to set sail. You’ve packed your bags and can’t wait to be sipping on that tropical drink with the umbrella sticking out. This is how most people feel as they get ready to go on a cruise ship vacation. Yet most people don’t realize just how many cruise ship accidents occur every day. Or you could be an innocent cruise ship employee, and have fallen victim to the negligence of the Cruise Company or management.

Cruise Ship Safety and common hazards on cruise ships

Cruise ship accidents can occur just as commonly as they do in a restaurant, on the road, or at home. There are hazardous situations that occur daily on a cruise ship that can lead to person injury; incidents like to slip on a wet deck, food poisoning, sickness outbreak, falling off one of the decks or a balcony to a lower deck, falling down stairs, being attacked by someone, not to mention the most horrible event that could occur – someone disappearing off of the side of the cruise ship. These cruise ship accidents and others occur more often than most vacationers realize, and it’s something every person should be aware of prior to cruising.

Common Cruise Ship Accidents and Injuries

Some of most common accidents and injuries on cruise ship vacations are as follows,

  • Food Poisoning resulting from unsanitary condition
  • Infections from unsanitary rooms and dirty beds and towels
  • Pool Accidents and Drownings on Cruise Ships
  • Slip and Fall accidents
  • Wet floor accidents
  • Bar Night Club Fights
  • Brain Injuries including Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Neck Injuries including Whiplash
  • Wrongful Death as sea
  • Sexual Assault and Rape on board Cruise Ships
  • Assault and Battery

Cruise Ship Company Liability for Your Injuries

If you become a victim to any of these types of cruise ship accidents, or something similar, the idea of battling over open waters may seem overwhelming. Taking on a cruise ship company in a battle over whose fault it is that you or your family experienced an accident isn’t easy alone. If you are a cruise ship employee (or former) and you experienced an injury at the negligence of the cruise company, you don’t have to take on the company by yourself. Insurance settlements will not usually cover the damages you have experienced, monetarily, emotionally, or physically. Let the attorneys at the Downtown LA Law offices fight your battle for you.

Los Angeles Cruise Ship Accident Attorneys are here to help

Our attorneys will represent you in your case against the cruise ship company, no matter what type of cruise ship accidents you have experienced. In California, there are several cruise ports that depart from our state, so we do have extensive experience in handling cases involving cruise ship accidents. We will begin with your initial consultation and provide you with our recommendations, giving you the choice of what option you wish to take. Your family deserves peace of mind, after such an experience; don’t let your ruined family vacation end with just a sad memory. Take action with our law offices, and get the results you need to be able to move forward with your life. We offer unmatched services and truly personalized care.