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How Much is a Cruise Ship Injury Case Worth: Average Settlement Amount

How Much is a Cruise Ship Injury Case Worth: Average Settlement Amount One of the most common questions our clients ask us during the consultation process concerns the potential value of their case, “how much can I sue a cruise ship for my injuries,” or “what is the average settlement amount for my case.” As a result our cruise ship litigation attorneys have written a detailed list of the mist common factors in determining the value of your case. If you have any further legal questions regarding a cruise ship injury claim feel free to contact our law offices toll free (855)385-2529. All consultations regarding your claims are confidential and free of charge.

Most Important Factors in Determining the Value of Your Cruise Ship Accident or Injury Claim:

1. The type severity or magnitude of the harms suffered: The most significant factors in determining the overall potential value of an injury lawsuit against a cruise ship operator is the level of the harm suffered. This is evidence via medical records showing the diagnosing of the injury, requirement for treatment and rehabilitation, and need for future medical care. Some of the most common harms and accidents which can take place onboard a cruise ship include 2. Percent of Fault Attributed to the Defendants and Plaintiff: Under the notion of contributory negligence the at fault party only has responsibility for the percentage of fault apportioned to his negligence and or wrongful actions. For example in a case involving an inebriated person who falls on stairs that had debris on them the judge placed the injured party 40% at fault and the Cruise ship operator at 60% at fault for failure to clean up debris on the stairs. If the total monetary evaluation of the harm suffered is place at $100,000, then victims can only receive a maximum of $60,000 (or %60) form the cruise ship operator. 3. Calculation of Pain and Suffering: Under the Jones Acts which covers maritime injuries and accidents victims have the right to seek monetary compensation for the physical pain and the mental trauma they have suffered. This calculation can be made on a Per Diem basis meaning that a judge or jury will place a value on the daily pain and suffering incurred. 4. Calculation of Lost Wages and Loss of Future Earning Capacity: Victims of personal injury are entitled to recuperation for loss of wages which can be calculated via pay stubs. Vocational experts are often used to place a monetary amount on the loss of future income or earning capacity due to a long term injury or permanent disability.
Legal Assistance: If you have any further questions regarding injuries suffered while onboard of cruise ship or liner feel free to contact our law offices. All consultations are provided free of charge.

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I am suffering from forearm injuries , i fall down when i xlaiming the bed in upper bed bunker ,in cruise ship.

Now almost i am in medical leave for 9 months.i gone through major surgery still i am in medical leave my question is if i doctor give me a fit for sea service and if i not get a rejoing date to join ship for months .with out pay so how should i get cliam for those months.


We were on a cruise ship last week Saturday to Saturday and on Thursday afternoon around 1 there were lots of waves so they closed the pools on the boat. They did leave open the kids pool which is located right in front of a construction wall and next to a mini golf course. In that pathway the water pools to about 2 inches. The kids get out of the pool walked down the flooded area and then make a sharp left in front of the construction wall to go up 4 steps and down a small slide. When my son took the sharpe turn, he slipped and fell in the pool of water and busted out a tooth, cut his mouth, loosened another tooth and pulled some skin off the adult tooth growing in, he is going to be 7 next month. The treated him on the boat and took xrays but the dr said she couldn’t do anything for him but clean it out. Well needless to say, Thursday was ruined he bleed for 2 hours, cried for 4, it swelled up more, he could hardly eat and just wanted to go home and we still had 2 days to go. My big problem is no one even followed up and asked if he was ok or offered him a thing. The area should have been closed and the guy should have been squeegeeing the water away more often and there were no signs if you were wondering. Needless to say the rest of the time on the boat sucked and we just wanted to come home. We went to the dentist yesterday and he said he thinks the entire tooth came out, looks like some roots are still up there on the X-ray and we won’t know anything about anything else until everything grows in but they will do more xrays in June at his next cleaning. I assum my insurance should pay for yesterday visit but we will see. Just wondering if I should be reaching out to NCL complaining or something?

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