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Jet Ski Accidents Attorneys

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Jet Ski Accident Attorney

In the summertime and year-round in warm locales, personal watercraft (PWC) or jet skis are a popular way to enjoy being out on a lake, ocean or tidal area. People of all ages enjoy the power, thrust, speed and freedom of being on a jet ski, out on the water, speeding along and having fun on the ride. But there is a serious downside to jet skis. They can cause serious injuries, soft tissue injuries, drowning or death. Many people who use a jet ski can fall off of it at high speeds, fall into the jet thrust nozzle and have water forced into their body cavities, or wear only a bathing suit in cold water to prevent hypothermia.

If you have been injured on a jet ski, or have had a near death or near drowning accident on a jet ski, you need to give our law office a call. You will be connected with a lawyer who is an expert in this type of case, handling jet ski claims. We will work with you to manage the claim, and get you the recovery compensation that you need in this case to pay your mounting medical bills. When you give us a call, you will be talking to an attorney who knows what to do to win this case, and will get you the money you deserve for your personal injuries suffered in a jet ski accident.

Injuries that happen due to jet ski accidents are not uncommon. Jet skis are prevalent in areas that have a lot of sun and open waters, so Southern California is a hot spot for the vehicles. They are used on the ocean and in bays, and they may be privately owned or rented out. Too many individuals are not safety-oriented though, and wind up getting hurt on the jet skis. This is worsened by the fact that some parties refuse to accept liability for the incidents and would rather deflect responsibility. In these scenarios, you should pursue adequate legal representation from a respectable law firm. Our law group, the Downtown LA Law Group, can help you file a jet ski accident lawsuit if you were injured.

What are examples of jet ski accidents?

Jet skis are small water vehicles that are powered by an engine. They are very fast, quick, and precise. Most jet skis can be ridden by one or two people, but they can be stranded if the jet ski runs out of power – they are at the mercy of the water because they have no sails or ability to paddle. Some of the types of jet ski accidents include:

  • Loss of power, which can result in total loss of control of the vehicle and cause crashes into other boats, jet skis, land masses, structures, and more
  • Troublesome weather, such as storms and rough waves, which can cause the jet ski to capsize
  • Poor visibility or riding at night, which can make other boats and vehicles crash into you
  • Lack of proper training and preparation to ride a jet ski, which can result in people speeding, turning too sharply, cutting too close to other vehicles, and not wearing adequate life vests or safety gear
  • Defective or poorly maintained jet skis that have engine problems, holes, sharp areas, broken parts, and more

There are a few laws that are meant to curtail jet ski accidents and some precautions that all riders should follow. Namely, those who use jet skis should wear life jackets, not ride at nighttime, and operate the jet ski while sober and not under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If you have been hurt in a jet ski accident, call our jet ski injury lawyers today at (855) 339-8879 for more assistance filing a lawsuit.

The Major Jet Ski Brands

The major jet ski brands are:

  • Yamaha WaveRunner
  • Honda AquaTrax
  • Polaris Sealion
  • Acrtic Cat Tigershark
  • Kawasaki Jetski
  • Bombardier Sea-Doo RXT

Jet Ski Accident Personal Injuries

If you are enjoying the sun and fun while out on a jet ski, then you will also be at risk for receiving some serious personal injuries, when something goes horribly wrong. Many people are injured on a jet ski, including injuries related to and including:

  • Contusions
  • Bruises from falling off unit
  • Lacerations and cuts
  • Neck injuries and neck strain
  • Broken bones in arms, legs, hips
  • Water in lungs from near drowning

If you have been injured on a jet ski, either as the driver or passenger, you need to give our law firm a call. When you call us, we will be able to start the process to begin a lawsuit on your behalf, to alert the at-fault parties of their responsibility to pay for your losses, damages and personal injuries.

You need to talk to a lawyer with experience in knowing how to win this type of case. You will not be disappointed when you call us now, because we will work with you to get you the money you deserve in this type of case.

Jet Ski Injuries Can Be Serious Injuries That Last for Months After the Accident

People who are injured on jet skis can suffer serious injuries. They can have personal injuries that are serious, and last several months or even years, after the initial fall or injury on the jet ski. Jet skis can go fast in the water. They can collide with other jet skis, or solid objects, because of maintenance issues or defects with the jet skis. The personal injuries suffered may be serious enough to warrant staying home off of work, whereby you will have a loss of income claim from not being able to safely return to your place of employment. If this happens, you need to talk to an attorney who has an expertise in these types of claims. You need solid attorneys who will talk to you about your losses, and review the next steps for your claim. When you call our office, our attorneys will be happy to discuss you case with you, to help you know what it takes to win this case.

Our Recent Verdicts and Settlements

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$1.4 MIllion

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Zero Fee Guarantee

We offer you a zero-fee guarantee. This means that we don’t charge any up-front fees or retainers. You can rest assured that we will never ask you to put down any money towards your case. We will settle your claim for your jet ski accident, and get to the bottom of it for you, to get you the money you deserve in this case.

Free Second Opinion

It can happen that you start talking to another attorney about your case, but are not fully happy with the representation that you are getting. If this has happened to you, you can always call us any time that you want to talk to us regarding your case. Don’t worry if you are currently working with someone else for the case, you can always talk to us about your jet ski claim for personal injuries. We are here to explain everything to you in language that you can easily understand, to help you recover from your injuries, the money you need now.

“I Fell Off a Jet Ski and Was Injured, What Happens Next?”

In the event that you had a jet ski accident and fell off, you will want to call our office to talk about it. You may have had a defective jet ski, or one that was not well maintained. In either case, you can talk to us about our issues. We will give you access to talk to our attorneys, and you will hear all of the information that you need to know from a lawyer with a specialty in settling jet ski accident claims.

Defective Jet Skis Cause Accidents with Debilitating Personal Injuries

Jet skis can look fine on the outside, and ride on the water, but still have serious defects within the jet ski unit. The defects can seriously affect how the jet skis ride, perform and can make them less safe for the riders. Whether the rider is an experienced pro or a novice just trying out riding a jet ski for the first time, a defective jet ski is a hazard and danger to anyone getting onto that machine, while out on an open lake or ocean.

There are many types of defects and safety maintenance neglect issues that can plague a jet ski. Whoever owns the jet ski, whether it is a friend, rental company, resort or hotel, that is the individual or business responsible for the total maintenance and upkeep of the jet ski. They can go out on the water and stay out for hours, but they need to be maintained after every trip out on the water by the maintenance department responsible for keeping these units safe. Another issue is that a rider who rents a jet ski will never know if it is purchased new, or if it was a used model, and if it has had some issues in the past in regard to performance, safety or defective parts.

The list of possible defects and safety maintenance neglect issues includes problems with:

  • Rope starting to get wound around the jet pump shaft and not cleared away before the next rider mounts the jet ski
  • Stalled motor issues on the jet ski
  • Bottom jet pump hull damage
  • Intake grate needs attention and cleaning
  • Cutting away rope without removing the three bolts holding on the intake grate
  • Seaweed, garbage, plastic bags and rocks cluttering up the intake
  • Weak battery units on the jet ski won’t ignite the system properly
  • Battery needs to be desulphated for prevention maintenance
  • Loose battery cable links not tightened
  • Engine misfiring and irregular running engine due to weak spark plugs
  • Water not cleaned out of the spark plug area
  • Water-contaminated fuel not pumped out and refueled
  • Injection cleaner not used to fix clogs
  • No fire extinguisher, safety gear or other emergency gear stored in jet ski storage compartment for an emergency
  • Overpacking of glovebox or other storage areas on the jet ski
  • Not replacing blown power fuses
  • Forward reverse gate does not move properly
  • Brake broken or not engaging properly
  • Smart key system on newer jet skis does not properly recognize start of unit
  • Jet ski engine sensor problems not properly diagnosed and repaired
  • Jet ski fills with water and issue not repaired
  • Jet ski has water under the chair
  • Hose loose, and drain plugs missing or damaged
  • Spark plugs seizing and difficult to replace
  • Mold and fungus on the seat and in the engine bay, where water not properly drained from the unit

When you have suffered personal injuries from an accident with a jet ski, you need to call our office to talk to lawyers who can help with giving you the peace of mind that you deserve in this type of case. Our law office has experienced attorneys in Los Angeles who will work for you hard on this case, to get you the money you need to recover from your injuries.

Can I Sue for an Accident on a Jet Ski?

Yes, we can sue on your behalf and help you to get the compensation that you deserve in this case, for your personal injuries from a jet ski accident. When you give us a call, our Los Angeles case lawyers can file a lawsuit to help you recover compensation from all wrongdoers in this type of case for your personal injuries related to a jet ski accident. Just call today, and our case attorneys in Los Angeles can sue the people who have been at fault in this jet ski accident case.

Call for a Free Consultation

We hope that you give us a call today, regarding your accident while riding on a jet ski as the operator driver or passenger. We are ready to talk to you about your losses, damages and personal injuries. We are here whenever you need us to offer a free consultation on your case. Just give us a call today to start the process to recovering the compensation that you need to feel whole again after these losses from a jet ski accident.

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How much is my jet ski accident lawsuit worth?

Your jet ski accident can be worth a fair amount of money if you have been hurt because of another party’s negligence. We will ensure that you are taken care by the proper attorney and that you do not face any expenses associated with the accident. The value of your case will be determined largely in part by the insurance agent handling it. He will look at how much of an impact the incident had on your life and career, and he will also determine if all the treatment and accommodations you received were worthwhile. If you were partially responsible for the incident, you could also be held somewhat accountable and your case value would decrease. Our goal will be to bring you the maximum earnings in the following categories:

  • Medical expenses from the past and future to cover procedures, surgery, hospitalization, physical rehabilitation, medication, and more
  • Property damage for nay personal items that were lost or any belongings that were harmed or needed to be replaced
  • Lost income from the past and future if you could not go to work because of your injuries, medical procedures, or other reasons
  • Pain and suffering damages if you were afflicted with emotional anxiety, fear, PTSD, psychological trauma, and more after the incident
  • Punitive damages, which are handed out when the party acted with gross negligence or an intention to cause harm; these additional monetary compensations are often viewed as excessive or harsh, though, and are hard to win except if pursued by an expert lawyer with experience in jet ski accident claims
  • Wrongful death damages, which can include the costs of the funeral and burial, loss of expected inheritance and savings, loss of consortium and relations, pre-death medical bills and pain and suffering, and more

To guarantee that you are given the best value for your case, contact our law firm. We will work with the insurance company to have all of your losses covered.

What is the time limit to sue for a jet ski accident?

In California, you have 2 years from the date of the injury to file a personal injury lawsuit. If you fail to file a lawsuit within that time period, you will be barred from pursuing additional compensation in the future and you will not have any opportunity to get paid. The statute of limitations is a benefit because it helps prevent evidence from getting lost or going corrupt. The 2-year limit can be extended in a few ways, though. Most commonly, those who were underage at the time of the incident can have the statute extended – they will not have to follow it until they turn 18 years old. Individuals who were severely injured and left mentally or physically incapacitated cannot sue either, and they can wait until they recover before they file a claim. Also, the defendant must be present in the state – if he has left for any amount of time, the claim will be postponed and the deadline will be extended to match his return date. Many lawsuits do not get filed because the victims do not know there is a time limit or they are unaware of how much time they have left on the claim. Our lawyers will make sure that your jet ski lawsuit is submitted to the insurance company on time.

Selecting Our Firm

The Downtown LA Law Group is the premier law firm for personal injury cases. Our Los Angeles attorneys are highly skilled and have won millions of dollars in restitution for our clients. We know that there are many ways to win cases, but we have focused on the most successful, and our track record proves it. Our aggressive attorneys will fight for your rights, whether it means negotiating endlessly with the insurance agency or going to court to prove your case in front of a judge. Call our law firm today at (855) 339-8879 if you want to set up a free legal consultation. All consultations we offer are totally confidential as well, so none of your private details will be shared outside of our office. We can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we will be glad to answer all of your questions and concerns. If you choose to hire us, we will make sure you pay no out of pocket expenses thanks to our zero fee guarantee. This is a promise that we will not get paid unless and until we win your claim, and the money will come out of the settlement or verdict we win for you. If we lose, we take no payment at all, and you walk away with no debt to our firm. For a jet ski accident lawyer in Los Angeles, contact the DTLA Law Group at once.

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