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Value of Broken Teeth Lawsuit – Accident Case Settlement Value

One of the most common questions asked by injured victims during consultations with our attorneys is, “how much is my case worth,” or “what is the value of a settlement in these types of cases.” Below is important information regarding the estimated value of broken teeth or and other types of significant dental damage resulting from a auto accidents, slip and falls, or any other type of personal injury lawsuit.

Value Of My Case

Dental damage after a car accident is rather common. If you are rear ended or t-boned it is likely that some type of dental damage can occur. Particularly if you have anything in your mouth i.e. pen or ice cubes. Regardless of mechanism or the cause of the injury, it is important to make sure you get recovery for such injuries. Often times untreated dental damage can result in abscess growth around your mouth causing premature dental decay. It is important to understand case value in order to avoid getting or accepting a lowball offer after a car accident. If you were injured read the following information to have a better understanding of your case and its potential value.

Dental Damage

Dental damage refers to any type of oral injury suffered to your teeth or mouth after an accident. This is common in many car accidents. In fact a significant amount of car accident claims result in some type of dental damage. Some are very minor, while others can be extensive. When you have broken or cracked teeth oral surgery can be required to correct it. Failure to treat these types of infections can cause infection and serious amounts of damage to your mouth. Injuries can also arise when you bite down on your tongue or lip. These types of injuries are all compensable claims which will permit you to recover and claim damages for your injuries. How do you place a value of broken or damaged teeth? Here are three factors we look at when evaluating dental damage 1. Where in the mouth did the damage occur? Is it the front teeth or back molars? Remember, visible has a greater value then non-visible injuries. 2. Is the damage correctable? Can your dentist repair the damage? Or is it so intrusive or damaged that it requires replacement. 3. How much is the cost of repair? Implants can be expensive. In other cases you may need entire reconstructive surgery. Some injuries with require long term treatment and can impact other areas of your mouth as well. These are all important elements to consider for the value of your case. Dental damage can be upwards of $50,000 for your injuries depending on the extent of damage. Make sure that you have the proper experts review the damage to in order to understand the long term care element of your claim.

Recovering After Injuries

It is also important to focus on your recovery. While some dental damage can be repaired if treated correctly, other injuries are bit more serious. If the teeth was broken below the gum line it can be difficult or impossible to repair. As a result it will be required that your dentist pull the tooth in order to avoid the development or spread of an abscess. In other cases dental damage can occur if the airbag deploys in your face, which can result in cracked or broken teeth. Or if the seat belts fail you can find yourself with damaged teeth from a steering wheel. Recovering after damaging your “grill” can be time consuming and costly. Considering the cost of going to a dentist and having a bridge, implant or extraction can run you over $4,000 per tooth. Regardless of your situation discuss whether your attorney has a network of providers who are willing to work on medical lien. Make sure you get the proper type of care you need in order to prevent additional injuries from occurring. Make sure you seek proper medical attention to correct any medical conditions. Free Legal Assistance: If you have been injured contact the Downtown L.A. Law Group for a free confidential case evaluation. Our attorneys are available and here to assist you in handling your case, call toll free at 855-385-2529.


Dear sir, Madam.
Two weeks ago My wife and I visited a Starbucks coffee house to enjoy some coffee and cake. As I finished drinking my coffee, I found that I had something in my mouth. Thinking it was a piece of undissolved sugar, I bit down on it where upon I received a sharp pain from one of my molars. Taking the object out of my mouth, it apparently was a small metal top from a sugar dispenser. I had the manager of Starbucks fill out an injury form and kept the piece of metal as evidence. I then went to a local hospital and saw a dentist. They took some x-rays and told me that my tooth was crack and may need to be extracted.
Since this accident, I have been in pain and had to take time off from work to visit my dentist. Starbucks have only offered to pay for my dental treatment. Should I ask them for more and if so, how much?

Kind regards

Graham Perry.


Did you resolve your case? Where you able to get help? I experienced something similar to your situation.
Did you keep the piece of metal?

Any advise and reply is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


At about age eight my son went into a new neighbor yard and started playing ball with a bat with the over active kid. circumstances happened and the neighbor kid hit my kid in the mouth with the bat. Broke off his front tooth. This ended up a root canal and cap by about age ten. This cap was a soft veniere (or something)(child’s cap) A dentist says he will want or need an adult cap at about age 20 to 22. He could expect likely 2 more caps in his life time. This is the best case scenario. In his 40’s to 50’s he is likely to infect the root in his gum and a root extraction is likely. Then we start with teeth being removed from the surrounding area due to infection. Now we are talking major frontal tooth extraction and false tooth bridges. Eventually false teeth. The best would be tooth implants if he can afford them. Considering his age and future repairs to keep up and medical cost increases. I believe his compensation should be at least $50,000 if not a little north of that.


In the early spring of last year I bought a bag of beef jerky. I won’t say the name here of the company it came from, but a major jerky company. The jerky had several pieces of buckshot imbedded in the jerky and I broke my top front left tooth and chipped several others. I found out the jerky company made their jerky out of live game and it made sense. I went and saw my dentist who assessed the damage at around $6,000. He then wrote out his expert opinion that there is no doubt the damage accruid was from the jerky. I brought the bag of jerky, with the buckshot still clearly visible inside several pieces of the jerky, the buckshot I broke and chipped my tooth on, the broken top tooth, all inside the bag of the jerky to a lawyer. He has taken a year already, I don’t think he knows what he is doing. I need a good lawyer that is familiar with these types of cases. With the top broken tooth I am in severe pain, down to the roots it is very sensitive with hot and cold. I am a good looking disabled veteran and this has affected my physical appearance, ruined my confidence, smile, and kept me from getting several jobs in the past year I believe. I believe ppl really look at your physical appearance (teeth/smile) and now with women I am completely different, as I also am in my daily life. I don’t go out of the house like I used to. . .At all! I am worried I won’t receive what I feel as though I am entitled with this case and the lawyer I have right now. Please help!


I got in a car accident 8 months ago they sent me to the chiropractor for my back and neck then to the dentist for a evaluation my chiped my mauler the nerve is exposed it has been proven by the dentist it was from the accident I been in pain for 8 months! Still no reply from GEICO who excepted full responsibility I can’t take this pain


Action against hitting bat result broken tooth in children


Hello, did you get compensation for your son? I have a similar situation and would like to know what I can do.


Hello Nicole,
I would love to hear the outcome of what happens with your son. I have a similar case and the parents or child haven’t even so much as said sorry. I would have never sued someone personally but the anger of them not caring is making me want to sue them.

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