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IVC Filter Attorney | Inferior Vena Cava Bard Defect Lawsuits

IVC Filter Attorney - Nation Wide Personal Injury Defective Medical Implant Law FirmVascular Filters are medical devices used by to prevent life threatening medical complications including pulmonary embolisms. However IVC filters themselves can result in serious medical complications and death. According to warning issues by the FDA concerning the risk of adverse events with the use of Permanent IVC Filters issues in 2010, the FDA has received hundreds of reports concerning the use of IVC filters, of which “328 involved device migration, 146 involved embolizations (detachment of device components), 70 involved perforation of the IVC, and 56 involved filter fractures.” Such medical issues continue to persist as medical doctors, radiologists and surgeons have continued to use such devices. According to estimates there were 259,000 implantations o IVC filters in 2012; a 50% increase from the nearly 160,000 filters used in 2007. Life-threatening Injuries Associated with the implantation of ICV Filters:  Common Issues Associate with the implantation of IVC filters include
  • Migration of IVC in the body
  • Fracture of the IVC Implant
  • IVC Filter emmobilization
  • IVC Filter tilting
  • Thrombosis – Blood Clot at the point of insertion
  • Internal bleeding and hemorrhaging
  • Perforation of vital internal organs including heart and lungs
  • Serious medical complications leading to the death if the individual
  • Perforation of the atrium resulting in heart attacks – symptoms include Heart and chest pains
  • Perforation of the small intestine, stomach, and duodenum, resulting in heavy diarrhea, bloody stools
If you have experienced any complication resulting from the implantation of IVC filters seek medical attention immediately.

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Winning a Defective Medical Device Lawsuit – Product Liability Claims

Generally there are three distinct caused of action in a medical device product liability lawsuit. (1) Defect in the original design of the medical device (2) Defect in the manufacturing process of the medical device and (3) Labeling defect (also referred to as failure to warn defect). Monetary compensation for a defective product malpractice lawsuit is based on several factors. A court will established the compensation a plaintiff is to receive based on
  • All medical costs associated with injuries caused by the ICV filters including removal surgeries, rehabilitates, hospitalization costs and prescription medicine costs
  • All future medical costs and disability costs
  • Lost wages and loss of future income
  • Pain and suffering arising out of the injuries sustained including compensation for post traumatic stress, depression, and anxiety disorders
  • Punitive damages – where possible
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Further Information: List of IVC Filter Manufacturers

ALN IVC filter

B Braun Tempofilter IVC filter and VenaTech LGM IVC

Bard Inferior Vena Cava Filters G2x IVC and Bard Eclipse

Cook Gianturco-Roehm Bird’s Nest, Celect and Günther Tulip

Cordis OptEase and TrapEase IVC filter

Rex Medical Option IVC filter

Rafael Medical SafeFlo Vena Cava Filter

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