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Shocking Brain Injuries from Car Accidents

Shocking Brain Injuries from Car Accidents The car accident is perhaps one of the most deadly instruments out there, and even people who survive the initial crash can come away with injuries and damages that may cripple or kill them later. One of the most common, and scariest, injuries that a person can come away with is traumatic brain injuries. Let’s say that you get into a head on collision. Your head rockets forward and smashes into the windshield or the steering wheel. You’re seeing stars and you might even lose consciousness, but the real problem is that the brain case of your skull is nowhere near as durable as we might wish. The most horrific injury here is what’s called an open head wound, where the skin has been peeled back and the skull cracked or broken open. It looks grotesque and it can lead to horrendous consequences if emergency personnel aren’t on the scene in time. Direct damage to the brain by having the skull cracked can lead to a loss of memory, changes in personality, disfiguring scars and loss of control of parts of the body. However, closed head wounds can have results just as horrific. While a concussion is common in car accidents, it’s also possible that a closed head wound can lead to internal bleeding in the skull and a swelling brain. This can lead to impaired decision making and cognitive behavior, as well as wrongful death later on if the person suffering from the injury isn’t properly diagnosed and steps aren’t taken to help heal the swelling brain and get it back to normal. Whenever there’s a situation involving an accident and you or someone you love wasn’t properly treated you should contact a personal injury attorney. The law is very clear on the standards of care that people should expect to receive, and when those standards result in grievous injury or harm that could have been prevented, it’s important that something is done to try and right that wrong.
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