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Legal Representation for Brain Injury Victim Lawsuits

Brain InjuryWe are Personal Injury Attorneys Providing Legal Representation to Victims of Brain Injury in Auto Accidents, Motorcycle Crashes, Slip and Fall accidents, Workplace Injuries, Construction Accidents, and Medical malpractice Claims. Brain damage or brain injury caused by trauma to the head is a serious and unfortunately common injury that is prevalent across California. There are a number of different accidents that could inevitably result in brain damage. These include: boating accidents, car accidents, bicycle accidents, bus accidents, motorcycle accidents and construction accidents. Due to the brain’s sensitivity it is important to protect it as best as we can from accident impacts in order to avoid permanent brain injury. Jolting the brain or sudden brain impact, may result in penetration or bruising which may lead to a series of unfortunate consequences such as personality change or memory loss. In the most severe cases, the repercussions could include receding into a vegetative state. Below is a list of head injuries that could cause brain damage:
  • Concussion or contusion – This occurs when the brain is injured after hitting the cranium. It is characterized by a host of symptoms such as vomiting, headaches, memory loss and dizziness.
  • Contrecoup – This occurs when the brain collides with the skull on both sides.
  • Skull fracture – This refers to a damaged skull. Normally the skull heals on its own, however if there is tissue damage below the fracture, then surgery might be required.
Due to the complex nature of brain injury, treatment might prove to be costly, and in most cases, lasts throughout the victim’s lifetime. For this reason, it is important to know that once you claim compensation for the damages, you will receive enough reparation to secure the survivor’s future.

Just How Much Stands To Be Claimed?

Ordinarily, the amount awarded for a brain injury claim is much higher than what is awarded in a personal injury claim. In determining the amount of compensation to be awarded, there are a number of factors that need to be considered. Such factors include not only the suffering and pain that the victim has had to endure, but in addition to that, future expenses that will be incurred such as nursing care, transportation costs, rehabilitation costs, specialist equipment, disability aids and the cost of having to renovate the victims home in order to adapt it to their needs, all have to be factored in. In the event that the brain injury victim is not able to go back to work due to the brain damage, the compensation would have to include all future lost earnings. I you or a loved one has suffered from a permanent brain injury it is important that you contact a permanent brain injury lawyers who has the skills and knowledge to fight for your rights. Making a compensation claim for brain damage involves a lot of legal work since new scientific facts in regard to the brain. It is therefore recommended that you contact our legal team as we have plenty of experience with brain injury claims.

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