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Dump Truck causes Bus to Crash Head On with BMW on Hollywood Boulevard

Dump Truck causes Bus to Crash Head On with BMW on Hollywood Boulevard At least 27 people are hurt after a Los Angeles County Metro Bus collided head on with a driver of a BMW vehicle on Hollywood Boulevard early Tuesday morning.  The driver of the BMW, a mother, was driving her 10-year-old daughter to school, when the bus, driving westbound on Hollywood Boulevard was t-boned by another vehicle, reportedly a semi-truck.  That collision caused the bus to merge into the eastbound lane, which in turn caused the head-on collision with the BMW.  According to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the truck that initially crashed into the bus was an unoccupied dump truck that was left unattended and rolled down a hill. While the little girl in the BMW was able to get out of the vehicle on her own with only minor injuries, the mother was not as fortunate.  She suffered a broken, and had to be extricated from the car after being trapped for over 20 minutes.  She is listed in serious condition. All 25 passengers of the bus were also all being treated for minor injuries, including the driver, who was hospitalized and is listed as in fair condition.
The accident occurred on the 7600 block of Hollywood Boulevard at around 8:00 a.m. Tuesday morning, on October 23, 2012.
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