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Forceps Delivery Injury Attorney | Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

The use of forceps takes place in more than 10% of all deliveries in the United States. The proper use of forceps can help save lives and prevent injuries to the mother and child. However the negligent use of forceps during the birthing process can result in serious injuries including Brachial Plexus injuries such as Erbs Palsy and Cerebral Palsy, Facial injuries and brain damage. Monetary compensation may be available for pregnant woman and children who have suffered severe birth trauma resulting from the medical malpractice of the practicing OBGYN / Obstetrician. Contact our Law Firm for a Free review of your case.
Negligent Use of Forceps - Medical Malpractice Claim

The negligent use of Forceps during delivery may result in severe injuries to the child and mother. Victims are entitled to monetary compensation for their damages.

Use of Forceps During Vaginal Delivery: Forceps are surgical instruments used during vaginal delivery in situations where the fetus is experiencing fetal distress, difficulty of the mother during the vaginal births, or when the child abnormally positioned. Before the use of the forceps your medical doctor has a duty to analyze certain elements including, Determining the precise position of the head of the child, Whether the cervix of the pregnant mother is completely or partially dilated, Whether the child is in a breech position prior to delivery, The size of the child including the head circumference, Whether there has been a placental rupture. Common injuries caused by the Negligent use of Forceps:  There are severe injuries which may result form the faulty use of forceps during vaginal delivery. Some of the most common injuries may include
  • Child nerve damage including Facial Nerve paralysis and facial asymmetry
  • scarring and facial disfigurement
  • Brain Injury and spinal cord damage
  • Shoulder Injury including Cerebral Palsy and Erb’s Palsy as well as other types of Brachial Plexus injury
  • Physical deformity including misshapen head/skull caused by the misuse of Forceps
Filing a Medical Malpractice Claim: The Medical Malpractice attorneys at the Downtown LA Law Group have the experience and dedication required to review and analysis your case and determine the best legal course of action do that your child can be fully compensated for the injuries suffered during the delivery process. Monetary compensation for the malpractice use of forceps during delivery will be based on several factors including compensation for all medical and hospitalization costs, compensation for future medical care and rehabilitation care, care nursing and home care, pain and suffering, and punitive damages where possible. To contact our Law Firm call (855)385-2529. All phone calls and consultations are completely free of charge.

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