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Clavicle Fracture Birth Injury Attorney | Broken Collarbone Malpractice

Clavicle Fracture - Medical MalpracticeA Clavicle fracture is one of the most common birth injury resulting from negligent medical care of practicing physicians. The vast majority of clavicle fractures and broken collarbones in infants are the result of birth trauma associated with a difficult delivery process. Such injuries may result in moderate to severe permanent nerve damage often referred to as Brachial Plexus Palsy injuries. Common causes of clavicle fractures during the delivery process include
  • Negligent use of forceps during the birthing process
  • Failure to properly diagnose medical complications before the commencement of labor
  • Wrongful use of vacuum extraction
  • The pulling of the child
  • Prolonged Labor or premature birth of the child
  • Abnormal birthing presentation – breech presentation
Legal Rights of Injures Newborns: Victims of birth injuries due to the medical malpractice of the practicing obstetrician, hospital nurses and staff are entitled to monetary compensation for their loss. For more information and to schedule a free case review with one of our attorneys feel free to contact our law offices. All consultations regarding your claim are free of charge (855)385-2529. Common Sing and Symptoms of a Broken Clavicle in Infants:  In many instances resident doctors and hospital staff fail to properly diagnose a newborn with a severe birth injury. In such cases the parents of the newborn infant are left to fend for themselves in attempting to figures out whether the symptoms their child in experiencing is an indication of a severe injury. If your child is experiencing any of these side effects seek out medical attention as soon as possible.  Some common signs and symptoms of a fractures clavicle include
  • Noticeable deformation of the clavicle
  • swelling over the region
  • Unwillingness of the infant to move around because of the pain from the broken collarbone
  • Formation of callous around the affected area
Broken Clavicle and Brachial Plexus Injuries: The most common injury associated with broken collarbones in brachial plexus injuries including cerebral palsy and erb’s palsy. Common signs and symptoms of shoulder injuries in infants include, the general loss of muscle control in the arm, loss of motor functions of the hands and wrists, and paralysis of the arms. Filing a Birth Injury Lawsuit – Contacting and Attorney: Child victims of medical malpractice during childbirth and their caretakers are entitled to compensation including the financial costs of long term medical, nursing and home care, corrective and revision surgeries, cost of rehabilitation, and pain and suffering associated with the severe injuries. Seeking legal advice from a Law Firm can be a nerve racking process. The goal of our law firm is provide expert helpful legal representation to all our clients. To schedule a free case review contact our law firm (855)385-2529
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