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Hypoxia birth injury Attorney | Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

The delivery process can be challenging and at time dangerous. Doctors, nurse and hospital staff have a duty to protect a pregnant mother and her child from these dangers. However, in many instances severe injuries can be caused by the medical negligence of medical practitioners charged with the safe keeping of newborn infants and their mothers. Intrauterine hypoxia and neonatal hypoxia is a serious medical condition which can be caused or worsened by the failure to properly treat delivery complications. Your child is entitled to monetary compensation for injures resulting from a deprivation of oxygen during the delivery process. To speak to a attorney regarding you and your child’s legal rights contact our offices (855)385-2529 Hypoxia or a Deprivation of Oxygen Explained:  Hypoxia is characterized by a general deficiency or complete deprivation of oxygen. The fetus receives a daily regimen of oxygen and other nutrients from the mother via the placenta. Once of the chief causes on oxygen deprivation to the child during the birthing process is placental abruption or the tangling of the placenta. According to several studies Hypoxia or asphyxia is the cause of a large percentage of infant brain injuries during the birthing process. Other complications resulting from a lack of oxygen to the body of a child include hear failure, ischemia, asphyxiation, fetal hypovolemi ( also referred to as fetal blood volume shifts to the placenta). What is Medical Malpractice: Proving your case in the Court of Law: Medical negligence a cause of action predicated on proving four main elements. (1) Presence of a duty on the part of defendants: usually medical practitioners charged with the health and safety of a mother and child during pregnancy and delivery including OBGYN’, Obstetricians, nurses and other hospital staff.  (2) Breach of the Duty: Failure to process adequate care. This can be proven by showing the medical practitioner failed to respond to a medical issue in a manner established by his profession. (3) The Breach of the duty was the actual cause of the injuries (4) There have been injuries suffered. Compensation Your Child is Entitled to: Contact a Law Firm The lawsuit is a challenging legal process. In many instances parents of children who have suffered from a brain injury caused by hypoxia don’t know where to turn to. Often times doctors will turn a blind eye and will fail properly advise parents of the injuries their children have suffered. Your child is entitled to compensation for all damages caused by the medical malpractice of the practicing physician including
  • Medical bills and rehabilitation costs
  • Costs of nursing care, home care, and education care
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Emotional distress
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