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The Downtown LA Law Firm is dedicated to protecting the rights of mothers and their children injured due to the negligence acts of practicing physicians. Contact Our Attorneys to learn more about your potential medical malpractice claim. Attorney for Fetal Distress LawsuitWhat is Fetal Distress: During childbirth there may be certain signs which should alert the practicing  Obstetrics that the unborn fetus is suffering from unusual medical complications which can result in serious harm to the mother and child. It is the duty of the medical doctor and other trained medical professionals at the time of child birth to take required measures reduce the level of harm. Failure to take such measure or the failure properly diagnose the fetus as distressed can be a bases for a medical malpractice claim. Common Causes of Fetal Distress During Childbirth are as Follows:
  • Respiratory ailments in the fetus
  • Nuchal Cord – Umbilical cord tied around the neck of the fetus
  • Uterine infections
  • Uterine abruption
  • Prolapse of the Umbilical Cord
There are certain signs and symptoms associated with fetal distress: Some of the most common signs and symptoms of fetal distress with should provide cause of intervention of a practicing physician (gynecologist) may include (1) Pregnant mother noticing less movement in the fetus (2) Vaginal Bleeding and or Spotting (3) Severe cramps (4) Reduction in breathing levels of the fetus (5) High blood pressure (6) decrease or increase in the fetal hear rate.  Practicing obstetricians rely on several different method in determining the general health of the fetus before and during childbirth including the use of Uterine Contracting contraction devices, internal and external fetal monitoring methods. Fetal Distress Lawsuits – Attorney Representation Compensation for injuries to the mother and child caused by failure to diagnose or treat fetal distress during childbirth:

Children who suffer fetal distress during pregnancy or Childs birth may experience moderate to severe disabilities requiring long term medical care which can cost hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. Injures to the child can include (1) Brain Damage caused by oxygen deprivation (2) Cerebral Palsy (3) Erb’s Palsy (4) Severe cognitive disabilities leading to autism and mental retardation (5) Traumatic Eye injuries leading to blindness and more.

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