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Brain injury victim shows signs of recovery after deadly accident

Brain injury victim shows signs of recovery after deadly accident Only a month after a deadly accident that killed the driver of the vehicle and left the other seriously injured, signs of progress are visible. The surviving teenager who, a 18 year old high school graduate was recovering after what doctors considered to be a brain injury. It is rare to see brain injury victims recover in a short period of time. Generally brain injury victims suffer serious long term complications. Depending on whether it was a moderate or traumatic injuries different recovery lengths may apply. In the case of the passenger, the doctors preliminary prognosis was that she had suffered a traumatic brain injury. Her injuries were considered serious because they impacted certain speech portions of her brain. However, after a short recovery period the young teenage girl shows promising signs of recovery. Including memory and speech function, which do not show permanent signs of injury. Dealing with a traumatic brain injury can be a serious issue. It requires long term treatment and care in order to properly recover. If you have been involved in an accident contact a car accident lawyer Los Angeles today for a free consultation. The attorneys at Downtown L.A. Law can help get you the compensation you deserve.
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