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Ceders-Sinai Patient Sexual Assault Lawsuit Information

Ceders-Sinai Patient Sexual Assault Lawsuit Information The attorneys at the DTLA Law Group are actively investigating civil lawsuits  against all liable parties for the sexual assault of patients by  nursing assistants as well as other employees working at Ceders-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles California. According to the most recent reports Guillermo Fernando Diaz, a nursing assistant assigned to heart patients is under investigation for the sexual assault of several patients at Ceders-Sinai hospital. Ceders-Sinai hospital staff issues a statement stating that they are,” deeply sorry if any of these patients feel they did not receive the quality care and support that Cedars-Sinai is known for, especially given the seriousness of these allegations.” According to the district attorney’s office of Los Angeles County  there have been several reports of sexual molestation and abuse at the hands of Guillermo Fernando Diaz over the past two decades. Legal Action: Civil action may be possible against those responsible for the improper hiring practices at Ceder-Sinai hospital resulting in harm to patients. If you or a loved one have suffered from acts of sexual abuse at the hands of Guillermo Fernando Diaz feel free to contact our law offices to learn more about your legal rights. Victims may have an actionable claim against not only the perpetrators of sexual assault but employers who hire such individuals. Hospital Liability for Sexual Assault of Patients – Sexual Assault and California Elder Abuse Laws: Under California Penal Code Physical abuse of al elderly can give rise to an elder abuse cause of action. Acts of sexual abuse may include, sexual battery, lewd or lascivious acts, and rape. Abuse of an elder takes place when an individual over the age of 65 an individual that is physically or psychologically incapacitated is under the authority of an individual or establishment (i.e. hospital of elderly care center) is place under unwarranted physical, emotional or otherwise sexual harm. Legal Consultations: If you have any further questions feel free to contact our law offices toll free. (855)385-2529.

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