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Elder Abuse Statistics – Number of Nursing Home Neglect Each Year

Elder Abuse Statistics – Number of Nursing Home Neglect Each Year Elder abuse a growing risk for individual residents nursing homes and long term care centers across the country. If information below is meant to highlight the growing dilemma physical abuse, neglect, financial fraud, isolation, an abandonment facing senior citizens in nursing home across the country. If someone you know has been a victims of elder abuse contact one of our elder abuse attorneys by calling toll free (855) 385-2529. All consultations with a qualified attorney regarding a claim of elder abuse is free of charge and completely confidential.

National Statistics on Elder Abuse and Neglect

Number of Senior Citizens in the Unites States: According to the most recent U.S. census there are approximately 40 million individuals in the United States over the age of 65. With baby boomers entering retirement age the number of elderly number is expected to rise dramatically over the next century. By 2030 the number of elderly adults in the United States is expected to rise to nearly 70 million representing more than 20 percent of the total populations. Number of Cases: In 2010 there were nearly 6 million instances of elderly abuse. According to some recent data between 1 to 2 million American over the age of 65 have suffered from some sort of elder abuse. Increase in Cases of Elder Abuse: According the National Center on Elder Abuse there was a 106% increase in the number of reported cases of elder abuse over the past decade. Experts predicts a 300% increase in incidence of elder abuse over the next 30 years. Females at a Higher Risk: Cases involving female victims account for nearly 60 – 68% of all elder abuse incidence in the United States. Types Of Elder Abuse: There are numerous types of elder abuse. Some of the most prevalent are as follows.
  • Elderly Neglect – 58% of all cases
  • Physical Abuse of the Elderly – 15.7%
  • Financial Fraud Against the Elderly – 12%
  • Emotional Abuse of the Elderly – 8%
  • Other Reported Cases – Abandonment, Isolation, Sexual Abuse

Nursing Home Neglect & Elder Abuse

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Who Abuses the Elderly: The vast majority of elder abuse incidents are perpetrated by family members of the elderly with little difference in terms of the sex of the defendants; nearly 50 percent male and 50 percent female. Leading Causes of Elder Abuse in Nursing Homes:
  • Nearly 90% of all nursing home across the country are understaffed
  • One out of three nursing homes has been cited for incidence of abuse
  • Only one in five cases of elder abuse in nursing homes are reported
More Information: Elder Abuse Lawsuit – Legal Guide ABA – American Bar Association Report in Elder Abuse

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