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Nursing Home Isolation Lawsuit – Confinement Elder Abuse Claim Information

Nursing Home Isolation Lawsuit – Confinement Elder Abuse Claim Information Nursing homes and elderly care facilities owe a duty to provide reasonable care for residents based on current federal and state guidelines. One the most overlooked and under-reported violations of the human rights of the elderly in nursing homes and care facilities their isolation caused by the negligent and or intentional actions of operators and employees. Forced isolation of the elderly is a crime which its victims are entitled to financial recovery in the court of law. If your loved one has suffered severe emotional trauma including PTSD, and depression due to isolation in a nursing home of elderly care facility free to contact our elder abuse law center. All consultations regarding the legal right of the elderly with an attorney from our law firm is completely confidential and free of charge.

What is Elder Isolation – Legal Definition of Elder Abuse

Under state and federal law isolation of the elderly is considered a form of elder abuse. Under California Penal Code 15610.43. elder isolation abuse includes, ”
  • Intentional acts of preventing the elderly from receiving telephone calls or having any contact with individuals outside of the facility.
  • Intentionally preventing the elderly or dependent adults form speaking to relatives, family members and loved ones, this many include falsely telling the telephone caller that the resident of the nursing home is not available, does not wish to speak with the caller.
  • Individual being locked in a room or placed on restraints without consent.
  • Confided to a space with only basic necessities for an extended period of time; also regarded as false imprisonment.
  • Preventing resident the ability to speak with their medical doctors, nurses, health care professionals, clergy members, lawyers, friends, and law enforcement officials.

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Steps to Take if You Suspect Elder Abuse Including Confinement Isolation and False Imprisonment

1. Immediately report the incident to the local police department and state agency charged with overseeing nursing home and care centers in your state. 2. Gather evidence of the abuse including records, pictures, conversations. 3. Contact an elder abuse attorney so that rights of the injured victim is protected.

Victims Right to Compensation – Filling and Elder Abuse Lawsuit:

Confinement and isolation of the elderly is a tool of abuse and dominance often used by staff members and operators of nursing homes and long term care facilities. Human beings are social creatures necessitating contact with loved ones including family and friends. Individuals who have been forced into isolation against their will in nursing home often suffer devastating mental and physical repercussions including, depression, Post traumatic stress, anxiety, attempted suicides and death. Out law firm is proud to represent victims of elder abuse including individuals forced into isolation by employees and staff. If you have any further legal questions and would like to speak with an attorney feel free to contact our law offices tolls free (855)385-2529. All consultations regarding elder abuse claims are completely confidential and free of charge. Further Information: Who can sue for Elder Abuse Emotional Elder Abuse

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