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Nursing Home Neglect – Filing a Lawsuit for Elderly Abuse

Nursing home neglect and elderly abuse attorneys

The incidence of elder abuse happens in nursing homes, assisted living facilities and skilled nursing facilities. Elderly people are referred to live in these facilities when they are no longer able to take care of themselves.

Perhaps the most widespread form of elder abuse is nursing home neglect.  Neglect occurs when a caregiver responsible for the health and safety of an elderly individual fails to provide them with fundamental needs, such as food, suitable shelter, medical help, proper personal hygiene, or environment.  The range of neglect can occur in the cases from minor, to very severe, but the psychological, emotional, mental and physical damage is almost always harsh due to the frailty of the elderly person. many people who are living in nursing homes suffer in silence, and as a result many of these cases of elder neglect go unreported.

Three Types of Neglect Explained

There are three main types of neglect and abuse that are perpetrated against the elderly, and are prevalent in nursing homes and assisted care facilities. These types of neglect are: passive neglect, active neglect and elder abuse.

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What Is Passive Neglect?

Passive neglect is seen in nursing homes and elder care facilities when the staff, administrators or caregivers in those facilities allow violence to happen to the elderly residents, causing them unconscious harm. For example, in the case of passive neglect, there is no hitting or yelling at the elderly resident. Instead, the neglect comes in the form of mental or emotional neglect, that can be just as damaging to the psyche of the elderly resident. These instances of passive neglect may take the form of:

  • Neglecting the person’s vital and daily needs
  • Not feeding or giving water to the person on time
  • Restricting access to the toilet
  • Forcing the resident who can toilet alone to wear diapers instead
  • Depriving the resident with information, such as when family members have called for them or would want to visit
  • Limiting the freedom of movement of the resident
  • Being excessively demanding of the resident, who may be cognitively challenged and who may get easily confused
  • Neglecting the safety precautions to keep the person from falling or hurting themselves in the course of the day

If you or a loved on has experienced any or all of these forms of passive neglect, you need to call our law firm immediately. We will talk to you about the next steps that you can take to stop this neglect of your loved one, and file a lawsuit on the merits of your case to be reimbursed for the pain and suffering inflicted in this situation.

What is Active Neglect?

The incidence of active neglect at a nursing home is a conscious action by the staff, administrator or caregivers to intentionally harm the elderly resident. These instances can be seen when the staff intentionally:

  • Intimidates or name calls the resident to frighten the person
  • Ties the person up without consent from the resident (inappropriate restraints)
  • Ignores the person during an emergency of the resident
  • Not calling a doctor when the doctor needs to be called immediately
  • Depriving the person of regular nourishment
  • Leaving the elderly resident alone and socially isolating the elderly resident

If you or your loved one has experienced any of these (or other) forms of active neglect, you should call our law firm today. We will be able to review the case, and advise you of your rights in this situation.

What is Elder Abuse?

Elder abuse is the willful infliction of physical, emotional, mental or otherwise harmful damage to an elderly resident of a nursing home or skilled nursing care facility. Physical abuse can include physical force, which may be in the form of:

  • Sexual touching
  • Non-consensual touches
  • Fondling
  • Rape
  • Pinching
  • Burning
  • Abrupt grasping of the arm
  • Tight restraints
  • Pulling of hair
  • Pushing
  • Spitting on the person

If your loved one or you have been in the position of being assaulted, punched, kicked or otherwise physically battered by a staff, administrator or other caregiver at a nursing home, call our law offices immediately! You do not have to suffer in silence! We are here for you to help you through this difficult time, where your trust was broken and breached by people who are paid to care for you or your loved one. The actions of anyone who would physically harm an elderly person in a nursing home, assisted living or skilled nursing care facility are egregious and should not go unpunished. Call us today, and we will review the next steps to help you get the relief you deserve and the peace you need in this type of sensitive case.

Is Your Loved One in a California Nursing Home?

The California Department of Health Care Services Assisted Living Waiver (ALW) Program Participating Facilities (Residential Care Facilities for Elderly) and ARF (Adult Residential Facilities) List of Nursing Homes in California, are as follows:

Bellaken Skilled Nursing, 2780 26th Ave, Alameda; D’nalor Care Homes, 2706 106th Ave, Alameda; Eden Assisted Living, 18787 Carlton Ave, Alameda; House of Psalms Assisted, 1525 7th Ave, Alameda; Living Lake Chabot Assisted Living, 18821 Carlton Avenue, Alameda; Lakeshore Residential Care, 1901 3rd Ave, Alameda; Scott Villa, 1560 Middle Lane, Alameda; Agape Assisted Living, 1841 Andrea Ln, Contra Costa; A Place for Seniors LLC, 257 Normandy Ln, Contra Costa; Baltic Sea Manor LLC, 2237 Lynbrook Dr, Contra Costa, Buttons; Elderly Care, 1448 Buttons Ct, Contra Costa; Elim Assisted Living, 3653 Wren Ave, Contra, Costa; Elim Assisted Living III, 5126 Coral Court, Contra Costa; Home Sweet Care Home, 1584 Dianda Dr, Contra Costa; The Reutlinger Community, 4000 Camino Tassajara, Contra Costa; Magnolia Guest Home, 1639 Fairwood Dr, Contra Costa; Magnolia Guest Home, 2448 Stanford Way, Contra Costa; Antioch Oakley Assisted Living, 531 O’Hara Ave, Contra Costa; Paradise Villa Senior Care, 836 San Simeon Dr, Contra Costa; Attentive Senior Care LLC, 36 E Tuolumne, Fresno; Attentive Senior Care II LLC, 6149 E Lowe Ave, Fresno; Autumn Ridge Assisted Living, 14280 W Stanislaus Ave, Fresno; Backer Senior Care Home, 9127 North Backer Ave, Fresno; Belmar Villa LLC, 2020 N Weber Ave, Fresno; Blossom Creeks Assisted Living, 501 South Apricot Ave, Fresno; Dignity Care Home, 3274 E Acacia Ave, Fresno; Everspring Retirement Home, 5738 Lola Ave, Fresno; Fresno Guest Home I, 6538 N Chance, Fresno; Fresno Guest Home II, 2214 E Warner, Fresno; Fresno Guest Home III, 2878 E Magill, Fresno; Fresno Guest Home IV, 6817 N Rowell Ave, Fresno; Fresno Guest Home IX, 2410 Los Altos Ave, Fresno; Fresno Guest Home V, 2776 E Magill Ave, Fresno; Fresno Guest Home VI, 2267 E Palo Alto, Fresno; Fresno Guest Home VII, 2228 E Los Altos Ave, Fresno; Fresno Guest Home VIII, 6705 N Maple Ave, Fresno; Fresno Guest Home X, 6590 N Jackson Ave, Fresno; Fresno Guest Home XI, 2562 E Magill Ave, Fresno; Fresno Guest Home XII, 2398 E Los Altos Ave, Fresno; Garden Terrace Assisted, 2145 Bedford Ave, Fresno; Living II Ideal Care Centers, 3618 W Dayton Ave, Fresno; Magnolia Crossing, 32 W Sierra Ave, Fresno; Maple Tree Care Home, 2103 E Ryan Ave, Fresno; Mums Home Sweet Home, 6723 N Sierra Vista Ave, Fresno; Mums Home Sweet Home 2, 6711 N Sierra Vista Ave, Fresno; Rehab of Fresno Assisted, 1665 M St, Fresno; Living Rose Meadow Manor, 5627 N Bond St, Fresno; Twilight Haven, 1717 South Winery Ave, Fresno; Victoria’s Care Home, Inc., 6722 N Delbert Ave, Fresno; Victoria’s Care Home, Inc., 6736 N Western Ave, Fresno; Victoria’s Care Home, Inc., 5161 W Palo Alto Ave, Fresno; AAA Residential Elderly, 10615 Polo Glen Dr, Kern; Bethany Joy Garden, 12302 Rambler Ave, Kern; Buena Vista Manor ARF Inc., 11126 Vista Del Valle Dr, Kern; Cobble Stone Residential, 9320 Cobble Mountain; Home Care LLC, Kern; Companion Care Facilities, 4509 Foxboro Ave, Kern; Jasmin Terrace, 5400 Stine Rd, Kern; Pathway Homes, 15923 San Marco Place, Kern; Pathway Homes #C, 2714 Gosford Rd #C, Kern; Pathway Homes #D, 2714 Gosford Rd #D, Kern; Purposeful Residential Care, 1308 Erie St, Kern; Purposeful Residential Care, 809 Wellman Way, Kern; Wellman Place, Tru Foundation, 11509 Tagus Dr, Kern; 218th Street House, 1418 W 218th St, Los Angeles; 223rd Street House, 1435 W 223rd St, Los Angeles; 3 Faces Ranch, 2851 West Ave L, Los Angeles; ADL Best Care, 5431 Monroe St, Los Angeles; ADL Best Care, 5433 Monroe St, Los Angeles; Ambassador Gardens, 7324 Canby Ave, Los Angeles; A.N.A Residential Care LLC, 1046 E Lancaster Blvd, Los Angeles; Ararat Home of Los Angeles, 15105 Mission Hills Rd, Los Angeles; Arbor Vista, 811 E Washington Blvd, Los Angeles; Arcadia Retirement Village, 607 West Duarte Rd, Los Angeles; Arcadian Retirement, 753 West Duarte Rd, Los Angeles; AvanteGarde Senior Living, 5645 Lindley Ave, Los Angeles; Bay Breeze Care, 1653 Santa Fe Ave, Los Angeles; Bella Vista Retirement, 1760 North Fair Oaks Ave, Los Angeles; Bella Vista at Lincoln, 2612 Lincoln Ave, Los Angeles; Best Elder Care, 37620 Simi St, Los Angeles; Best Elder Care III, 38648 Cortina Way, Los Angeles; Beverly Hills Loving Care, 1019 S Wooster St, Los Angeles; Broadview Residential Care Center, 535 West Broadway, Los Angeles; CA Villa Retmnt Hotel, 6728 Sepulveda Blvd, Los Angeles; Carmel Oaks Assisted Living, 4607 Lennox Ave, Los Angeles; Carson Senior Assisted Living, 345 E Carson St, Los Angeles; Cedars Assisted Living, 17300 Roscoe Blvd, Los Angeles; Centinela Assisted Living, 1000 S. Flowers St, Los Angeles; Chateau Long Beach, 3100 E Artesia Blvd, Los Angeles; Coral Oaks Care Living, 4271 Carlin Ave, Los Angeles; Country Inn of Downey, 11111 Myrtle St, Los Angeles; Country View Assisted Living, 824 W Cameron Ave, Los Angeles; Country Villa Terrace Assisted Living Center, 6050 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles; Courtyard Plaza, 6951 Lennox Ave, Los Angeles; Crofton Manor Inn, 1950 E 5th St, Los Angeles; Denker House, 20902 Denker Ave, Los Angeles; D4, Inc., 4541 N Figueroa St, Los Angeles; Downey Retirement Center, 11500 Dolan Ave, Los Angeles; Dream Care Home LLC, 11838 163rd St, Los Angeles; Eden Garden, Inc., 23601 Canzonet St, Los Angeles; Elim Silvertown, 1126 Westmoreland Ave, Los Angeles; Evergreen Chateau, 13530 Sherman Way, Los Angeles; Evergreen Retirement Res, 225 N Evergreen St, Los Angeles; Evergreen Senior Living, 23635 Collins St, Los Angeles; Excellent Home Care, 44148 12th Street West, Los Angeles; Fine Gold Manor, 10537 Magnolia Blvd, Los Angeles; Foothill Retirement, 6720 Saint Esteban St, Los Angeles; Founders House of Hope, 18025 Pioneer Ave, Los Angeles; Four Seasons Assisted Living, 12120 Chandler Blvd, Los Angeles; Gardena Retirement Center, 14741 S. Vermont Ave, Los Angeles; Garfield Villas LLC, 1425 N Garfield Ave, Los Angeles; Garfield Terrace LLC, 1435 N Garfield Ave, Los Angeles; Genesis Manor II, 2123 Aquinas Ave, Los Angeles; Genesis Manor IV, 1691 Genesse Ave, Los Angeles; Genesis Manor V, 550 Bethany Circle, Los Angeles; Gilmar Manor, 15152 Victory Blvd, Los Angeles; Glen Park at Long Beach, 1046 E 4th St, Los Angeles; Glen Park at Monrovia, 110 N. Mountain Ave, Los Angeles; Glen Park at Valley, 5527 Laurel Canyon Village Blvd, Los Angeles; Glen Park East Retirement, 1250 Boynton St, Los Angeles; Community Glen Park West Retirement, 1220 S Mariposa St, Los Angeles; Golden Manor Rest Home, 3535 Overland Ave, Los Angeles; Golden Manor Retirement Center, 1109 West Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles; Gretchen Manor, 20849 Gretchen St, Los Angeles; Hacienda Grande Senior Assisted Living, 1740 Grand Ave, Los Angeles; Happy Home Care, 23801 Sapphire Canyon Elderly Rd, Los Angeles; Hartland Care, 8224 Zelzah Ave, Los Angeles; Harvest House, 14029 S Harvest Ave, Los Angeles; Hayworth Terrace, 325 N Hayworth Ave, Los Angeles; Heritage Board and Care #2, 2445 Pacific Ave, Los Angeles; Heritage Board and Care #3, 2900 E 7th St, Los Angeles; Heritage Board and Care #4, 1609 E 4th St, Los Angeles; Highland Manor Guest Home, 3570 Imperial Highway, Los Angeles; Hollywood Care Home, 13307 Stagg Street, Los Angeles; Hollywood Royale Gardens, 6054 Franklin Ave, Los Angeles; In Honor of Our Parents, 1317 West 40th Place, Los Angeles; Jasmine Terrace at El Molino, 245 S El Molino Ave, Los Angeles; Kingsley Manor, 1055 North Kingsley Dr, Los Angeles; Lakewood Gardens, 12055 S Lakewood Blvd, Los Angeles; Lakewood Park Manor, 12045 Lakewood Blvd, Los Angeles; Land of Peace 1, 6624 Sale Ave, Los Angeles; Land of Peace 2, 6636 Sale Ave, Los Angeles; Land of Peace 3, 22600 Kittridge St, Los Angeles; Land of Peace 4, 22615 Kittridge St, Los Angeles; Land of Peace 5, 22625 Kittridge St, Los Angeles; Land of Peace 6, 22626 Kittridge St, Los Angeles; Le Bleu Chateau, 1900 Grismer Ave, Los Angeles; Le Bleu Chateau Gold, 1911 Grismer Ave, Los Angeles; Leisure Living II, 5965 Calmfield Ave, Los Angeles; Leisure Living III, 5608 Rock Creek Rd, Los Angeles; Leisure Living IV, 6156 Hedgewall Dr, Los Angeles; Leisure Living V, 30821 Catarina Dr, Los Angeles; Leisure Living VI, 30822 Janlor Dr, Los Angeles; Leisure Vale Retirement Hotel, 413 E Cypress, Los Angeles; Little Sisters of the Poor, 2100 South Western Ave, Los Angeles; Los Feliz Residential Care, 205 E Los Feliz Rd, Los Angeles; Madison House, 489 N Madison Ave, Los Angeles; Mariposa House, 21218 Mariposa Ave, Los Angeles; Masonic Homes for Adults, 1650 E Old Badillo St, Los Angeles; Masonic Home for Adults, 34400 Mission Blvd, Los Angeles; Megan’s Place, 7639 Alcove Ave, Los Angeles; Melrose Villas, 823 N Poinsettia Place, Los Angeles; Montiano Residential Care, 1022 W Florence Ave, Los Angeles; Mountain View Cottages, 715 W Baseline Rd, Los Angeles; Mountain View Cottages I, 1147 Cleghorn Dr, Los Angeles; Mountain View Cottages IV, 21027 Covina Blvd, Los Angeles; My Serenity Board and Care, 6658 Capistrano Ave, Los Angeles; Nazareth House, 3333 Manning Ave, Los Angeles; North Lake Villas Inc., 2851 N Lake Ave, Los Angeles; Northridge Golden Nest Inc., 9314 Tampa Ave, Los Angeles; Oak Park Manor, 501 S College Ave, Los Angeles; Oakridge Inn, 1281 Oakridge Dr, Los Angeles; Olivia Isabel Manor, 21515 South Figueroa St, Los Angeles; Palmcrest Grand Residence, 3503 Cedar Ave, Los Angeles; Palos Verdes Villa, 29661 S. Western Ave, Los Angeles; Parkview Manor, 5055 Novgorod St, Los Angeles; Pasadena Adult Living Center, 1415 Garfield Ave, Los Angeles; Promise Assisted Living LLC, 1231 S. Alvarado St, Los Angeles; Prospect Manor Retirement, 800 Prospect Ave, Los Angeles; Quartz Garden, 7260 Quartz Ave, Los Angeles; Regent Villa Retirement Home Inc., 201 W Wardlow Rd, Los Angeles; Residences at Royal Bellingham, 12229 Chandler Blvd, Los Angeles; Rosecrans Villa Inc., 14110 Cordary Ave, Los Angeles; Royal Vista San Gabriel, 901 W Santa Anita St, Los Angeles; San Dimas Retirement Center, 834 West Arrow Hwy, Los Angeles; Serenity Seniors Home I, 217 S Essey Ave, Los Angeles; South Central Residential, 1551 W 80th St, Los Angeles; Southland Living, 11701 Studebaker Rd, Los Angeles; Strawberry Cottage, 43732 Sentry Lane, Los Angeles; Strawberry Fields, 434 E Lancaster Blvd, Los Angeles; Sunny Hills Assisted Living, 8717 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles; Teesdale Villa, 7663 Teesdale Ave, Los Angeles; The Grandview, 2211 W 6thStreet, Los Angeles; The Mother Rose Manor, 628 West 52nd Place, Los Angeles; Valley Manor Guest Home, 6130 Vineland Ave, Los Angeles; Valley View Retirement Center, 7720 Woodman Ave, Los Angeles; Victor Royale Adult Residential, 120 E Laurel St, Los Angeles; Villa Celerina, 19208 Sheryl Ave, Los Angeles; Villa Luren, 13749 Crewe St, Los Angeles; Villa Redondo Care Home, 237 Redondo Ave, Los Angeles; Vista Del Mar Senior Living, 3360 Magnolia Ave, Los Angeles; Westchester Villa, 220 W Manchester Blvd, Los Angeles; West Hills Assisted Living, 7055 Shoup Ave, Los Angeles; Westside Manor, 4836 W Washington Blvd., Los Angeles; Wilson House, 54 N Wilson Ave, Los Angeles; Windsor Hall Care Home, 1415 James M Wood Blvd, Los Angeles; Woodruff Care Home, 16409 Woodruff Ave, Los Angeles; Above All Care I, 479 S Wellington, Orange; Above All Care II, 1255 Bering St, Orange; Above All Care III, 1022 Oxford Dr, Orange; Acacia Villas, 1620 E Chapman Ave, Orange; Agape Cottage II, 16202 Cairo Circle, Orange; Agape Cottage III, 16192 Cairo Circle, Orange; Agape Cottage IV, 864 N Ford Ave, Orange; Agape Cottage V, 825 Lilac Dr, Orange; Agape Senior Homes I, 11442 Newport Ave, Orange; Alice Way Homecare, 211 S Alice Way, Orange; Anaheim Crown Plaza, 641 S Beach Blvd, Orange; Ardent Care, 1665 South Brookhurst St., Orange; Blue Jasmine Villa, 18 Sequoia Tree Lane, Orange; Care Juliet 1, 479 S. Wellington Rd, Orange; Care Marstel, 11050 Kingston Dr, Orange; Carnelian Villas, 1173 S Carnelian St, Orange; Casa Del Sol, 6846 E Calle Del Norte, Orange; Casa De Los Arboles, 6842 Via Arboles, Orange; Coast Senior Care, 22201 Cape May Lane, Orange; Coast Senior Care Inc, 11861 Loraleen St, Orange; Cross Creek Cottage, 138 East 18th St, Orange; Crystal Cove Care #1, 18600 Los Leones St, Orange; Family Care for Elderly Inc., 26741 Pepita Dr, Orange; Fountain Valley Senior Homes 2, 17690 San Vicente, Orange; Fullerton Villa, 2441 W Orangethrope Ave, Orange; Golden Coast Senior Living #12, 24152 Jagger St, Orange; Golden Coast Senior Living #14, 25982 Via Marejada, Orange; Golden Coast Senior Living III, 24772 Argus Dr, Orange; Golden Coast Senior Living IV, 26075 Arcada Dr, Orange; Golden Coast Senior Living-De Salle, 25321 De Salle St, Orange; Golden Life Manor, 507 S Citadell Lane, Orange; Golden Tuscany Care, 2825 East Dutch Ave, Orange; Harbor Heights Assisted Living & Memory Care, 525 W La Palma Ave, Orange; Harvest Retirement, 9011 Knott Ave, Orange; Lambert Home Care, 8191 Lambert Drive, Orange; Miles Place of Fountain Valley, 18667 San Felipe Street, Orange; Meadowlark Gardens, 6102 Cornell Dr, Orange; New Horizon Lodge, 8541 West Cerritos Ave, Orange; Nora’s Place 2, 25451 Adriana Street, Orange; Orange County Care Home I, 23800 Hillhurst Dr, Orange; Orange County Care Home II , 27561 Almendra Dr; Orange; Pacifica Royale Assisted Living, 15022 Pacific St, Orange; Roselle Care, 226 Hannah Way, Orange; Ryan’s Reach R&R, 1321 Lear Lane, Orange; Ryan’s Reach R&R II, 2009 Catalina Ave, Orange; Saint Benedict Care, 8925 Canary Ave, Orange; Seaside Terrace Retirement, 9925 La Alameda Ave, Orange; Senior Living Community, 16850 Bastanchury Rd, Orange; South Coast Manor, 10452 Mildred Ave, Orange; Sunny Care, 4662 School Street, Orange; Sunny Days Home Care 1, 9448 Kiwi Circle, Orange; The Signature Residence Inc, 2727 Wavecrest Dr, Orange; West Glenn Manor, 7242 Westminster Blvd, Orange; Westminster Villa, 13881 Dawson St, Orange; Ametrine House, 6622 Ametrine Ct, Riverside; Aqua Bella Residential Care Place, 14736 Willow Grove, Riverside; At Sunny Hills Home Care, 26600 Ironwood Ave, Riverside; Avery Garden Assisted Living, 5377 Fulmer Ct, Riverside; CA Home for the Adult Deaf, 3615 Crowell Ave, Riverside; CalOaks Senior Living, 3891 Polk St, Riverside; Corona Residential Care Center, 1400 Circle City Dr, Riverside; Cresencia Care Home, 1785 Honors Lane, Riverside; Crest Villa, 4014 California Ave, Riverside; Crest Villa, 13660 Mountain View, Riverside; Desert Cove Assisted Living Rd, Riverside; Desert Cypress Elder Care, 69584 Cypress Rd, Riverside; Dulce Villa I, 66147 S Agua Dulce Dr, Riverside; Dulce Villa II, 66171 S Agua Dulce Dr, Riverside; Eagle Glen Care Home, 1697 Honors Lane, Riverside; Grateful Heart Home Care Inc., 14223 Pointer Loop, Riverside; Partners n Care, 5873 Bud Court, Riverside; Partners n Care-Care Home, 5920 Copperfield Ave, Riverside; Pico De Loro Inc, 620 N Perris Blvd, Riverside; Rising Star Care Home, 30045 Audelo St, Riverside; Rolling Green Senior Care, 42007 Thorougbred Lane, Riverside; Senior Focus Residential Care, 871 Via Mindi, Riverside; Serenity Springs Limited, 9850 Bolton Ave, Riverside; Sunny Rose Glen, LLC, 29620 Bradley Rd, Riverside; The Grove Care and Wellness, 3401 Lemon St, Riverside; Vista Montana Senior Living, 155 N Girard St, Riverside; Wildomar Assisted Living, 32365 South St, Pasadena, Riverside; Windsor Court Assisted Living, 201 S Sunrise Way, Riverside; Yorkshire Village, 26933 Cornell St, Riverside; A Cozy Retirement Home I, 8616 Banff Vista Dr, Sacramento; A Cozy Retirement Home II, 8609 Banff Vista Dr, Sacramento; Best Life Home Care LLC, 7205 Baranga Dr, Sacramento; Call It Home, 974 Park Ranch Way, Sacramento; Camelot Care Homes, 8604 Banff Vista Dr, Sacramento; Camelot Care Home I, 8006 Bucks Harbor Way, Sacramento; Candlelight Home Care, 7224 Candlelight Way, Sacramento; Caring Families, EGF, 9308 Elk Grove-Florin Rd, Sacramento; Caring Families-BV1, 8712 Bray Vista Way, Sacramento; Caring Families-BV2, 8716 Bray Vista Way, Sacramento; Chateau at Elk Grove II, 8705 Great Court, Sacramento; Chauppette Assisted Living, 6813 Marinvale Drive, Sacramento; Citrus Heights Terrace, 7952 Old Auburn Rd, Sacramento; Clara Care Home, 4665 Freeway Circle, Sacramento; Country Club Manor, 2100 Butano Dr, Sacramento; Courtyard Terrace, 3408 Alta Arden Expwy, Sacramento; Daniel Residential Care Home, 4295 Amapola Way, Sacramento; Eskaton Fountain Wood Lodge, 8773 Oak Ave, Sacramento; Fair Oaks Estates, 8845 Fair Oaks Blvd, Sacramento; Fruitridge Villa, 5490 Enrico Blvd, Sacramento; Good Seed Adult Care Home, 6928 Franela Way, Sacramento; Gramercy Court, 2200 Gramercy Dr, Sacramento; Harston Loving Care INC, 5205 Harston Way, Sacramento; Hazel Park Senior Care, 7540 Hazel Ave, Sacramento; Helping Hands Home Sweet Home II, 7655 Prince St, Sacramento; Assisted Living Facility, 8781 Kelsey Dr, Sacramento; Jerida Lane Residential Care, 8830 Jerida Lane, Sacramento; Karisaa Care Home, 7827 Neyland Way, Sacramento; Mountain Manor Senior Res., 6101 Fair Oaks Blvd, Sacramento; N J Care Home, 8200 Wooded Brook Dr, Sacramento; Legacy Oaks of Sacramento, 1922 Morse Ave, Sacramento; Saint Francis Senior Residence, 6254 66th Ave, Sacramento; Sky Park Gardens, 5510 Sky Parkway, Sacramento; Spring Glen Elderly Care, 5929 Spring Glen Dr, Sacramento; Sunrise Guest Home II, 8818 Sharkey Ave, Sacramento; The Levendi Estate, 4107 Levendi Lane, Sacramento; The Living Water, 7504 Chipmunk Way, Sacramento; The Residences Fair Oaks, 4804 Chicago Ave, Sacramento; Twin Rivers at Natomas, 421 San Juan Rd, Sacramento; Walnut House, 3401 Walnut Ave, Sacramento; Wholesome Elderly on Argo, 5205 Argo Way, Sacramento; Abria Del Cielo, 1589 N Waterman Ave, San Bernardino; Braswells Chateau Villa, 620 E Highland Ave, San Bernardino; Braswells Mediterranean, 12295 Fourth St, San Bernardino; Braswells Yucaipa Leisure, 32195 Avenue E, San Bernardino; Crystal Care Villa, 6410 E Reposo St, San Bernardino; D’Adams Family Care, 11665 Cibola Rd, San Bernardino; D’vine Home RCFE, 16123 Vine St, Bernardino; Evans Elderly Residential, 13947 Castille St, San Bernardino; Everett Forest Board and Care, 11350 Poplar St, San Bernardino; Genesis Manor I, 6354 Sacramento Ave, San Bernardino; Genesis Manor VI, 6936 Amethyst Ave, San Bernardino; Golden Cascade, 15453 Elm Lane, San Bernardino; Heritage Court Assisted, 275 Garnet Way, San Bernardino; Heritage Gardens Health, 25271 Barton Road, Bernardino; Holy Hill Home Care, 33922 Colorado St, San Bernardino; Holy Hill Home Care East, 34034 Nebraska Lane, San Bernardino; Home Care of Loma Linda, 25553 Huron St, San Bernardino; M & M Board and Care, 18245 Cherry St, San Bernardino; Montclair Royale Senior, 9685 Monte Vista Ave, San Bernardino; Living Mountain View Cottages-VIII, 9779 Ramona Ave, San Bernardino; Pacific Pines, 5850 Manzanita Ave, San Bernardino; Rialto Assisted Living, 1441 S Riverside Ave, San Bernardino; Rose Garden Residential, 1350 Wabash Ave, San Bernardino; Santa Fe Trail Assisted, San Bernadino; Living, 55425 Santa Fe Trail, San Bernardino; Walnut Senior Home, 291 E. Walnut Ave, Bernardino; Anne’s Place II, 2690 Mary Lane Place, San Diego; Country Club Guest Home, 25533 Rua Michelle, San Diego; Flobar LLC, 3532 Governor Dr, San Diego; Fredericka Manor, 183 Third Ave, San Diego; Golden Living Inc., 3223 Duke St, San Diego; Good Samaritan Retirement, 1515 Jamacha Way, San Diego; Groveview Board and Care, 2204 Groveview Rd, San Diego; Habilitative Home, 11775 Walnut Rd, San Diego; Residential Harbor View Chateau, 2360 Albatross St, San Diego; Household of Faith, 1081 Ocleander Ave, San Diego; Howard House, 2033 Oro Verde Rd, San Diego; Jacob Health Care Center, 4075 54th St, San Diego; Lo-Har Senior Living, 768 Dorothy St, San Diego; Oak Hill Residential Care I, 612 Tranquility Glen, San Diego; Oak Hill Residential Care II, 622 Tranquility Glen, San Diego; Oak Hill Residential Care III, 632 Tranquility Glen, San Diego; Oak Hill Residential Care IV, 642 Tranquility Glen, San Diego; Oak Hill Residential Care V, 652 Tranquility Glen, San Diego; Oak Hill Residential Care VI, 662 Tranquility Glen, San Diego; Oak Hill Residential Care VII, 1353 Oak Hill Dr, San Diego; Oceanside Rest Home, Inc., 4451 San Joaquin St, San Diego; Oceanside Rest Home #2, 15 Shasta Court, San Diego; Pacific Breeze Home Care, 137 Playa Del Rey Ave, San Diego; Pacifica Senior Living, 1351 E. Washington Ave, San Diego; Rancho Pacific Home Care, 4416 San Joaquin St, San Diego; RB Senior Residences, 15260 Amalia St, San Diego; Right Choice Senior Living I, 6354 Cascade St, San Diego; Right Choice Senior Living II, 4949 Mt Longs, San Diego; Right Choice Senior Living III, 4929 Mt. Long, San Diego; Right Choice Senior Living IV, 6749 Radcliffe Dr, San Diego; San Joaquin Assisted Living, 4478 San Joaquin St, San Diego; Santa Martha Residential I, 6325 Dennison St, San Diego; Santa Martha Residential II, 3739 Millikin Ave, San Diego; Santa Martha Residential IV, 6893 Radcliffe Dr, San Diego; Santa Martha Residential VI, 3810 Governor Dr, San Diego; Santa Martha Residential VII, 3664 Governor Dr, San Diego; Sapphire Pacific, 1380 Rees Rd, San Diego; Sapphire Pacific I, 262 Silver Creek Glen, San Diego; Sapphire Pacific II, 839 La Tierra Dr, San Diego; Sapphire Pacific III, 484 Chardonnay Court, San Diego; Shadowridge, 2354 Watson Way, San Diego; Stellar Care INC, 4518 54th St, San Diego; Tenenbaum Villa, 3463 Circulo Adorno, San Diego; Tessie Board and Care, 7229 Zest St, San Diego; Vibrant Living, 5723 Bounty St, San Diego; Woodland Garden I, 1717 Katy Place, San Diego; Woodland Garden II, 1709 Katy Place, San Diego; Aurora Residential Care, 1821 Silliman St, San Francisco; Home, San Francisco; Aurora Residential Care, 1823 Silliman St, San Francisco; Home II, Francisco; Aurora Residential Care, 1827 Silliman St, San Francisco; Home III, Francisco; Sunset Care Home, 1434 7th Avenue, San Francisco; Arbor Place, 17 Louie Ave, San Joaquin; Golden Haven, 2324 Lever Blvd, San Joaquin; Good Samaritan Home, 5315 Barbados Circle, San Joaquin; Hollywood RCFE, 2306 Hollywood Dr., San Joaquin; River Fountains of Lodi, 311 West Turner Rd, San Joaquin; Stacie Chalet Stockton, 517 E Fulton St, San Joaquin; Stetson Court Living, 3913 Stetson Ct, San Joaquin; Wagner Heights Residential, 2435 Wagner Heights, San Joaquin Rd, Millbrae Assisted Living, 1001 Hemlock Ave, San Mateo Center; San Bruno Care Home, 1382 Williams Ave, San Mateo; Parkside Villa Inc., 300 S 22nd St, Santa Clara; Villa Siena, 1855 Miramonte Ave, Santa Clara; Mirabel Lodge, 6950 Mirabel Rd, Sonoma.

Signs of Nursing Home Neglect

While victims of elderly neglect often go unheard, there are many signs that indicate whether nursing home neglect exists. Falls: Elderly falls are common, but may also be a direct result of neglect.  Neglect will leave elderly victims fail and brittle and more likely to succumb to falling and tripping.  Making matters worse, neglected victims may lie stranded for long periods after a fall, aggravating pre-existing or new injuries caused by the fall.  Broken bones or fractured hips are especially rampant during these falls. Bed Sores:  The development of pressure sores or bed sores (Decubitus Ulcers) are a strong sign of nursing home neglect.   These sores build up after prolonged periods in bed without good care or movement.  While the severity of the sore can range greatly,  bed sores can infiltrate the skin and even cause debilitating infections. Malnutrition or Dehydration:   Nursing homes are responsible for providing adequate nutrition and food to the elderly.  This includes food, snacks, as well as vitamins and minerals.  Furthermore, many elderly are incapable of feeding themselves.  Thus, simply bringing a tray of food could be inadequate care.  Some signs of malnutrition include:

  • Cracked or pale skin around the lips
  • Loss of hair
  • Tooth decay
  • Constant fatigue
  • Bed Sores or skin rashes
  • Loss of consciousness or confusion
  • Brittle bones
  • Urinary track infection
  • Rapid weight loss

Bed-Related Injuries:   Elderly are prone to suffer injuries such as strangulation or suffocation due to falling inside a bed frame or being caught on a bed rail.  In extreme circumstances, caregivers will restrain the elderly to their beds instead of treating them with proper care. Wandering:  Elderly individuals often are confused and disoriented which will produce periods of wandering.   Nursing homes should be alerted when elderly regularly wander off so that additional safety measure can be taken.  Furthermore, death following one of the wandering  instances is a sign indicates that the individual was gone for a prolonged period of time without being checked on. Sedatives: Sometimes sedative medications are necessary.  But all too often, caregivers substitute appropriate care for unnecessary drugs.  When sedation is used, nursing homes must take certain safeguard measures, such as constant supervision, evaluation by the nursing staff, medical professionals, mental professionals, and laboratory screening.  Failing to take these measure would constitute neglect. Change in Behavior:   Behavioral change may occur as a result of elderly being neglect.  This change may manifest in mood changes, fighting between the caregiver and elderly individual or even anger or aggressiveness. Death:   Death is a part of life, and an unfortunate reality for the elderly.  However, often the death is unexpected, or premature.  Look for signs of neglect after death.

Nursing Home Neglect – Filing a Lawsuit for Elderly Abuse sue compensation

Types of Nursing Home Neglect

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Hygiene Neglect: Many elderly individuals are incapable of even the most basic functions such as showering, cleaning or changing clothing, or brushing their teeth. Basic Needs:  Everyone has some basic needs that must be tended to in order to survive.  These include food, shelter and water. Medical: Nursing homes are responsible for ensuring that all clients receive adequate medical attention.  In addition to providing medical care, caregivers must provide medical care in a timely fashion.  Failure to provide medicines is a clear example of nursing home neglect. Emotional:  Elderly individuals often complain of feeling hopeless, lonely or depressed.  These feeling are exacerbated when staff in charge of the care of these individuals completely ignore their patients.  Caregivers are responsible not only for providing food, shelter and medicine to the elderly, but also support and inspiration.  Emotional neglect is the most difficult type of neglect to ascertain, as there are rarely any noticeable signs of abuse.

Causes of Nursing Home Neglect

We all hope that our twilight years will be spent comfortably and enjoyably.  However, many nursing homes engage in negligent practices that undermine a successful environment.  Our attorneys will make sure that such practices are put to a stop in the future, and that they suffer consequences for poor practices in the past.  Nursing home negligence is caused by:

  • Insufficient number of staff
  • Poor or lack of training for the staff
  • Under qualified or non-qualified nurses and caregivers
  • Dreadful hiring procedures
  • Lacking oversight by management of their staff
  • Nursing Home Negligence Attorneys
  • Improper funding of the nursing home
  • Lack of quality medical devices, medicines or equipment

The Ultimate Guide to Nursing Home Neglect & Elder Abuse

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Nursing Home Negligence Attorneys

Nursing home abuse occurs by people who have been entrusted with the lives of loved ones.  Downtown L.A. Law Group is passionate about fighting for the rights of the elderly, and wish to stop all types of elderly.  If you suspect elderly abuse or nursing home neglect, contact a lawyer for a free consultation, and an evaluation of your rights. Related: Elder Neglect Law

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