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Car Wash Slip And Fall Accident Injury Lawsuit

Car Wash Slip And Fall Accident Injury Lawsuit incident liability lawsuit attorney sue

California is home to some of the most expensive and beautiful cars in the country. So it is not shocking that nearly 58,000 car wash and automotive detailing businesses are registered in the state. Some of these are the do it yourself locations where you use a wand and brush to scrub and rinse the vehicle yourself, while others are automated. Some automated car washes move the vehicle through the tunnel unoccupied, while others let you remain inside the car as it is being washed, rinsed, and sprayed with wax and other protective liquids. But when it is time for the cleaning of the interior, you must exit the vehicle.

With all these options, there is sure to be a car wash that is perfect for you and your vehicle. However, you should be aware that the one commonality among all these vehicle cleaning services is that there is a significant potential to suffer a car wash slip and fall accident injury while at any of these locations. The constantly wet ground, foaming soap, and the use of car polishes, wax, and other sealants can make walking even a few steps treacherous.

If you have recently suffered a car wash slip and fall accident injury, the staff at DTLA Law Group is ready to provide the answers and guidance you need to ensure your rights are well protected. Our car wash slip and fall accident injury lawyers are available 24/7 to answer your time-sensitive questions and schedule a free consultation to discuss your case in detail. Our pro will evaluate the legal merit of your incident and let you know if you have reason to file a car wash slip and fall accident injury lawsuit to secure the compensation you deserve for your injuries and losses. Be sure to get in touch with the office at your earliest convenience to get the information you need to make a well-informed choice about your future.

How Property Liability Could Impact Your Car Wash Slip And Fall Accident Injury

Premises liability laws apply to all commercial and private property and are designed to protect the safety of those visiting the location. The guidelines of premises liability apply to the care and maintenance required by property owners to eliminate and prevent safety hazards on the property. When a business owner, such as a car wash, fails to meet the minimum requirements of their duty of care under premises liability, they can be held responsible for the injuries caused by the safety issue they failed to correct or eliminate.

For your car wash slip and fall accident injury to be covered under premise liability, you must be a legal guest of the property. As a paying customer of the car wash, you qualify. In addition, one of the following criteria must be met for you to have grounds to file a car wash slip and fall accident injury lawsuit against the owner of the carwash:

  • The owner had to have created the safety hazard
  • The owner knew about the safety hazard but chose not to eliminate it or warn patrons of the safety concern
  • The owner should have known about the safety risk but was not conducting the regular inspections of the property that would have revealed the issue

When you discuss the details of your car wash slip and fall injury incident at your DTLA Law Group free consultation, your car wash slip and fall accident injury lawyer will determine if your case has legal merit and how you should proceed with your lawsuit.

What Causes Most Car Wash Slip And Fall Accidents?

The short answer to this question is negligence on the part of the car wash owner or their staff. Overlooking simple issues that could easily be corrected or failing to place warning signs at a known safety concern until it can be repaired are far too common causes of serious slip and fall injuries at many car washes. Some of the most common issues patrons should watch out for include:

  • Flooded sidewalks, car wash bays, or parking spaces due to a clogged drain
  • Oil, wax, soap, or other liquids that have been spilled on the ground
  • Wet rags or towels that were dropped on the ground
  • Hoses or vacuum lines left blocking walkways
  • Small tools that have been left on the ground
  • Litter on the ground
  • Soap foam that was not completely rinsed into a drain

Being on the lookout for these common safety hazards that have been overlooked by carwash staff can help you avoid a painful injury and costly medical expenses.

Common Car Wash Slip and Fall Accident Injuries

The term slip and fall often makes you think of a minor incident that results in nothing more than a scratch or bruise. However, when a slip and fall occurs at a car wash, there is a significant potential for severe injuries. The concrete surfaces, parking blocks, curbing, car wash equipment, and slippery surfaces can create a hazardous setting that results in multiple injuries from a single slip and fall. Some of the more common of those injuries include:

  • Severe lacerations and puncture wounds that often include damage to internal organs and internal bleeding
  • Facial trauma to the skin, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, or teeth
  • Broken or fractured bones
  • Dislocated joints
  • Soft tissue and nerve damage
  • Back, neck, and spinal cord injuries
  • Head injuries such as a concussion, skull fracture, brain contusion or hemorrhage, or other traumatic brain injuries

Sadly, these injuries can result in costly medical bills, months without the ability to earn a living, increased stress, a loss of quality of life and independence, and depression for the injury victim. And without seeing compensation via a car wash slip and fall accident injury lawsuit, the victim could face decades of debt and financial hardships due to the safety issues caused by the owners of the car wash where they suffered their injuries.

How Much Is A Car Wash Slip And Fall Accident Injury Lawsuit Worth?

The value of your lawsuit against the car wash will depend on the amount of expenses and damages you suffered. There are no predetermined lawsuit values. So you will work with the staff at DTLA Law Group to compile all the expenses related you your slip and fall incident. The costs typically include items in the following categories:

  • All medical bills related to the diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of your injuries resulting from the car wash slip and fall incident
  • Your legal fees for the preparation and litigation of your car wash slip and fall accident injury lawsuit
  • The value of any personal property that was damaged or destroyed in the slip and fall accident
  • Your lost income if the injuries you sustained prevented you from working

In cases with severe injuries, an amount is added to compensate the victim for the pain and suffering created by the injuries, treatment, and healing process. Your DTLA Law Group car wash slip and fall accident injury lawyer will provide an amount suitable for the severity of your injuries using their expertise in these cases and history in similar successful settlements and verdicts.

When Cal I File My Car Wash Slip And Fall Accident Injury Lawsuit?

You have two years to file a claim against a car wash after suffering a slip and fall accident injury. If you wait longer than that, it is likely you will lose the right to seek compensation for your injuries and losses as the Statute of Limitations will have expired. There are only a few exceptions that will provide more time to file your claim. If any apply to you and your case, your DTLA Law Group personal injury lawyer will explain how they could benefit your case.

Conversely, you have the right to file a car wash slip and fall accident injury lawsuit as soon after the event as you and your legal team have the case prepared. Filing rapidly is the best way to have the compensation funds you need to pay bills and living expenses as soon as possible.

How To Afford The Best Car Wash Slip And Fall Accident Injury Lawyer

The most common reason personal injury victims suffer extreme debt and stress is because they fail to file a lawsuit after their injuries. They are afraid they cannot afford the upfront legal fees required to secure a great legal team to handle the case, so they never get the compensation that is owed them. However, the DTLA Law Group team believes every victim deserves the best legal team possible. So we offer our services with no legal bills until the case is completed.

We submit a bill for our services only after we have secured the settlement or verdict funds needed to pay our fees. And if we fail to win your case and get you the compensation we feel you deserve, you owe us nothing. This payment policy is the best way to prove our dedication to our clients and commitment to always putting their needs first.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with DTLA Law Group today to discuss your incident with a skilled car wash slip and fall accident injury attorney to determine if you have grounds to file a car wash slip and fall accident injury lawsuit. The consultation is free, and you are never under any obligation to hire our legal experts or file a lawsuit.

Car Wash Slip And Fall Accident Injury Lawsuit incident liability lawsuit attorney
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Why Is Heli Skiing So Dangerous?

People are injured or killed by heli skiing activities, because of the nature of the sport. The action of heli skiing will involve skiing or snowboarding in the remote backcountry areas of a mountain to experience snow that no one has probably skied on before. It will be a seriously risky and hazardous adventure, that can be marred with dangerous conditions, including:

  • Avalanches
  • Fatal falling into crevices
  • Collisions with trees and other stationery objects

Adventurous individuals and thrill seekers will jump at the chance to go heli skiing. Individuals who are dreaming of trekking on snow no one has skied on before, and traversing in back country terrain will pursue the extreme sport of heli skiing. These skiers will risk everything to be able to ski at some of the world’s most sought after locations, and they will also risk their lives for there are seriously deadly hazards and risks of death involved with the sport of heli skiing.

What Are the Typical Risks of Heli Skiing?

The typical risks of heli skiing are some of the same risks of skiing, only worse. The typical hazards that can befall heli skiers include:

  • Avalanches coming off of a mountain burying a skier
  • Hitting a tree well
  • Going off of a cliff
  • Falling into a glacier crevasse
  • Hitting a buried natural obstacle
  • Going into challenging travel conditions
  • Experiencing an unintended fall off of a cliff
  • Getting stuck in a freak blizzard
  • Frostbite
  • Dehydration
  • Hypothermia
  • Death
  • Head injuries that lead to fatal coma

The risks of heli skiing in backcountry areas will always be there, and a heli skier will need to always weigh those risks before heading out to ski from a helicopter. Many times, there is no one on the ground to verify the safety of the conditions, before the person exits the helicopter to begin a downhill skiing run.

Why Are the Helicopter Skiing Guides Responsible for Your Safety When You Are Heli Skiing?

A helicopter skiing guide is responsible for you, if you pay the guide to take you to a heli skiing location and help you exit the helicopter – that individual is responsible to ensure your safety at all stages of your extreme sporting trip. This means that the heli skiing guide needs to understand and know how to read and identify dangerous conditions on the snow mountain that you are skiing, and you will have put your trust, albeit your life, in the hands of the heli skiing guide. If you are injured on a heli skiing extreme sporting trip, the heli skiing guide, the guide company and possibly other parties will be responsible for paying you for your losses, damages, personal injuries and other expenses related to your heli skiing accident case.

Zero Fee Guarantee

We offer a zero-fee guarantee, and all that you have to do to get in on this offer, is to give us a call today.

Free Second Opinion Case Review / Experienced Lawyers in Heli Skiing Accident Injuries

We offer a free second opinion case review, with our experienced lawyers when you give our legal team a call today. Just call the attorneys who specialize in heli ski accidents right now, at DTLA Law Group at 855.339.8879. We have an experienced attorney in Los Angeles who can review your claim for you, and give you the legal counsel you require for this case.

Can I Sue for a Heli Skiing Accident?

Yes, we can sue for a heli skiing accident. You can call us to review your claim, and talk to our Los Angeles case lawyers, who can file a lawsuit on your behalf. It is easy to contact us 24/7, and review your claim with our case attorneys in Los Angeles at the DTLA Law Group at 855.339.8879 today.

Car Wash Slip And Fall Accident Injury Lawsuit incident liability lawsuit attorney sue
Average Case Value of a Heli Skiing Accident

The average case value of a heli ski accident can range from $200,000 to $2 million, depending on your personal injuries. If you have sustained any permanent disability, paralysis or traumatic brain injury, your claim will be at the top end of the scale. If you have broken bones or have had internal injuries, advanced surgeries that need follow up therapies or other long term injuries, your future medical bills will be estimated to include in the final recovery compensation package to settle your claim. We won’t know what your final settlement and average case value for your claim will be, until we are able to sit down with you and fully discuss your claim. If that makes sense, you can call our law office today, to talk to our knowledgeable attorneys right now, about your heli ski accident case values.

How Long Does It Take to Settle and to Get Paid on These Cases?

It can take 4-7 months to settle your claim for a heli ski accident. Your final settlement will depend on the losses, personal injuries and other expenses that you have incurred related to this claim.

Statute Of Limitations – How Long Do I Have to File a Lawsuit?

The statute of limitations in California for personal injury lawsuit filing is two years.

Call for a Free Consultation

You can contact us today to talk about your heli skiing accident right now. We are able to give you a free consultation when you call us today. We can talk to you and help you at any stage of your claim. But it would be easier to talk to you now, if possible, to get your lawsuit initiated within the time allotted by law to make your full accident claim. Just call us at the DTLA Law Group

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