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California Amtrak Train Crashes with Truck Injuring 50 Passengers

California Amtrak Train Crashes with Truck Injuring 50 Passengers At least 20 individuals, and perhaps as many as 40 or 50 passengers of an Amtrak train were injured after the train was derailed off its tracks in Central California.  The train accident was caused by a tractor-trailer that passed through the railroad crossing and crashed into the train. Although a life-flight helicopter was dispatched to the scene of the accident, no deaths were reported and the injuries have been characterized as mild to moderate.  The driver of the tractor-trailer was said to have suffered from moderate injuries. According to authorities, the five-car passenger train was traveling southbound in California’s Central Valley Region.  Amtrak officials stated that the train was on route to Bakersfield from Oakland when it was hit around Kansas and 10th Avenue, just south of Hanford.  The train was carrying 169 passengers as well as 4 crew members, and the injured passengers were transferred to Adventist Medical Center or Community Regional Center in Fresno, California.  Some passengers may have been transported to other medical facilities in Tulare County. Other passengers were transferred to a temporary housing station at the Hanford Civic Auditorium until alternate forms of transportation can be found.

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