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Ambulance Accident Attorneys | California Fire Truck and Engine Collision Lawyers

Ambulance Accident Attorneys | California Fire Truck and Engine Collision LawyersAmbulances and Fire Trucks rush to scenes of emergencies to rescue victims of car accidents, fires, and medical emergencies.  Unfortunately many fire trucks and ambulance are involved on major collisions in rout resulting in severe injuries to bystanders, pedestrians, drivers and passengers of other vehicles.  If you have been hurt by a Fire Truck Accident or Ambulance accident you may have a claim for compensation of your injuries.  If the negligent party is held liable for an ambulance accident then you are entitled to recovery for all your damages including
  • All medical costs including cost of prescription drugs and rehabilitation expenses
  • All future medical and disability expenses
  • Lost wages and income including compensation for loss or reduction if future salary
  • Pain and Suffering resulting from the accident
  • Punitive Damages – where possible
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Fire Truck and Ambulance Liability

Emergency response vehicles are allowed to operate differently than regular passenger cars.  They are provided the right to drive through red lights, stop signs, and busy intersections.   As a result of the high speeds and the size of Ambulance and fire engines accidents with such vehicle often lead to catastrophic injuries.  Such injuries can include permanent brain damage, spinal cord injuries, amputations, severed limbs, internal bleeding, organ failure, loss of eyesight, severe neck and whiplash injuries, and permanent scarring and disfigurement. However liability against fire truck and ambulance operators can be established if the driver was operating the vehicle negligently or recklessly, if improper maintenance was a cause of the accident, if safety regulations  were not properly followed by the crew, or if a defect in the vehicle or any other instrument in the vehicle was a cause of the accident. Ambulance Accident Lawyers for a free review of your claim Emergency response vehicle accident requires rigorous evaluation in order to determine which party is at fault for the injuries or death suffered. If you or a loved one has been injured or suffered death as a result of an ambulance accident then contact our offices now for a free case evaluation.
Our aggressive and relentless pursuit of our client’s interest will help you get the best results. We understand the emotional devastation of losing someone in an accident. It is difficult to accept that the persons who were charged with saving the life of your loved ones were responsible for causing added injuries or death and we can help you with you recovery. Our legal team can help you recover.

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