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Brentwood Country Mart Injury Slip and Fall Attorney

Brentwood Country Mart Injury Slip and Fall Attorney lawyer lawsuit compensation incident

Brentwood Country Mart is an iconic shopping center located in the Brentwood district of Los Angeles. It first opened in 1948, and residents are fiercely protective of this property and its old-fashioned atmosphere. In fact, in 2003, the shopping center was acquired by J.S. Rosenfield and co., which restored many of the old services that used to be in place, like the post office, shoe repair shop, food court, and barber shop. Along with its unusual offerings, Brentwood Country Mart is also known as a celebrity hangout, with frequent sightings of Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck, Reese Witherspoon and many other Hollywood stars.

In spite of its glowing reputation, Brentwood Country Mart is no different from any other shopping center when it comes to hazards on the property. Of all the accidents that take place at this location, fall-related incidents are the most common. In particular, slip and falls happen in the common area routinely because of dangerous conditions like spilled beverages, oil and grease stains, overflowing trash bins, failure to clear ice and snow, and broken handrails.

Those who were injured from a slip and fall may be entitled to monetary damages from a lawsuit against Brentwood Country Mart. However, it can be difficult to navigate the claims process and prove that the business owner is liable for your injuries. To maximize your chances of a positive outcome, contact us to discuss your case with a Brentwood Country Mart injury attorney.

Brentwood Country Mart Injury Slip and Fall Attorney lawsuits compensation incident sue
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Can I Sue if I Slipped and Fell at Brentwood Country Mart?

Yes, you can sue Brentwood Country Mart if your accident meets the following circumstances:

  • You were at a store, parking lot or some other area of the property at the time of your accident.
  • You sustained slip and fall injuries from a condition that had the potential to cause an accident, like water from a leaking pipe, poorly designed handrails, or lack of warning signs / safety barriers around a slippery area.
  • The cause of your accident was known to the owners, or something they should have been aware of. Alternatively, it was traced to an act of negligence by one of their employees (failing to empty the trash, for example).
  • Because of the owner’s failure in their duty of care, you sustained injuries from a slip and fall accident, which gives you the right to seek monetary compensation.

These elements are based on the principle of premises liability, which has to do with the responsibility that property owners have to protect people from injury and/or property damage. If the property owner is an employer, they can be liable for the actions of their employees when it results in bodily harm to a guest or visitor.

What Kind of Injuries are Caused by Slip and Falls?

Frankly, the list of injuries from a slip and fall is entirely too long for us to list, though we want to give you a sense of how serious these accidents can be for the unsuspecting victim. Here are some of the most common injuries we have come across during our many years of experience with slip and fall accident claims:

  • Hip fracture
  • Broken tailbone
  • Brain damage and other forms of head trauma
  • Knee fracture or dislocation
  • Neck injury (whiplash)
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Back injuries, like herniated disc
  • Ruptured internal organs
  • Permanent nerve damage (paralysis, loss of function in the limbs)
Shopping Center Slip and Fall Case Values

Slip falls occurring on commercial properties are worth around $75,000 to $2,500,000 when you are suing a shopping mall or shopping center. Granted, these values apply to cases with moderate to severe injuries, so if you have minor injuries, your case value will be lower than these amounts. However, we know from many years of experience that these accidents often cause serious harm.

If you are interested in case values, there’s a good chance you would like to know about the payments that are included in a slip and fall injury settlement. Possible damages from a fall accident lawsuit against Brentwood County Mart include:

  • Compensation for medical treatments, medications, and services
  • Loss of income (wages and job benefits)
  • Property damage (lost or broken personal belongings)
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Cost of legal representation
  • Punitive damages

For a detailed explanation of the damages you can receive from a Brentwood Country Mart slip and fall lawsuit, contact our office.

Settlement Timeline for a Fall Injury Accident Case

The length of time to settle a slip and fall claim will vary considerably from one case to another. As a general rule, we expect claims against major retailers to take at least 6 months. There’s always the possibility that your case will settle faster, but this is unlikely if you have serious injuries. Some of these claims will progress to a lawsuit, and at that point, the case resolution is likely to be over one year. If we need to take your case to trial, obtaining a jury verdict in your favor can take two or three years.

Brentwood Country Mart Injury Slip and Fall Attorney lawsuit liability compensation lawyer attorney sue
Time Limit to Sue for a Slip and Fall Incident

Please note that the statute of limitations for a fall accident injury claim is 2 years, starting from the date of injury. Usually, this is the date on which you had your accident, unless you have injuries that do not appear until a later time. That’s why there is a “discovery” rule, meaning you have 2 years from the date of discovering an injury to file a lawsuit against Brentwood Country Mart. We suggest that you contact us right away, no matter how much time is left to pursue a legal case. Succeeding in a slip and fall injuries claim requires an incredible amount of work, even if it’s clear your accident was due to negligence by another party. To get started on the lawsuit process for a shopping center slip and fall, call the attorneys of DTLA Law Group.

Lawyers with Experience in Slip and Fall Lawsuits

Justice is difficult to achieve when you are going up against a major retailer, like Brentwood Country Mart. Owners of such properties have significant resources at their disposal, and they will not make it easy for you to obtain compensation from a premises liability lawsuit.

To give yourself the best possible chance of success, please take some time to speak with a slip and fall attorney at our office. We can provide you with a free case evaluation, which will help you understand your rights and legal options. If you have an accident claim that’s already in progress, why not contact us for a free second opinion consultation? Either way, we are happy to answer your questions and ensure that you understand the legal actions that are available to you.

Injury victims receive free legal services here at DTLA Law Group. We charge you $0 upfront and deduct a percentage of your settlement check as payment for our services. This is the only way we get paid, meaning there is no loss to you whatsoever if we don’t win your case.

We are ready to fight for you and the justice you deserve as a victim of a fall-related accident at Brentwood Country Mart. Contact us to speak with an experienced Los Angeles slip and fall lawyer.


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