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Big O Tire Store Slip And Fall Accident Injury Lawyer

The Big O Tire Store chain has more than 100 locations throughout California, from as far south as San Diego and Yuma to Redding in Northern California. The catchphrases for the store are fast and affordable tire service, including the installation of a new set of tires, a replacement of a damaged tire, or repairs when possible.

But the drawback to these tire stores is that they are often crowded with customers, waiting in line, sitting in the waiting area, or milling around the work area or outside. That volume of shoppers, the stacks of tires and wheels on display, and the typical polished concrete floors are all contributing factors when evaluating the often shocking number of Big O Tire Store slip and fall accident injury incidents that occur each year in the state.

If you or a loved one have recently become the latest victim of a slip and fall accident injury in a Big O Tire Store, the staff at DTLA Law Group is here to provide the answers and information you need to protect your rights and financial future. Staff members can be reached 24/7 to discuss the details of your injuries and how they occurred. We understand that you are likely to be suffering, frustrated, and worried about how to get the help you need to pay for things like excessive medical bills, lost wages, and other financial hardships created by a slip and fall accident injury.

You are not obligated to hire DTLA Law Group or even file a lawsuit against Big O Tire Store. However, you are entitled to the information needed to make a well-informed choice about how to move forward from this upsetting incident. And the staff at DTLA Law Group would like to help you make those challenging decisions at a free consultation with a very successful Big O Tire Store slip and fall accident injury lawyer. So please get in touch with our office at your earliest convenience to request your free consultation to begin taking the steps needed to move past this trauma without excessive debt or added stress for injuries and expenses that were not your fault.

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What Causes Slip And Fall Or Trip And Fall Accident Injuries At Big O Tire Store

The most disturbing part of the many slip and fall accident injuries occurring in Big O Tire Store across California is that most, if not all, of them, could have easily been prevented. But to save you and other patrons these injuries and suffering, the Big O Tire Stores staff must dedicate more time and attention to inspecting the stores for safety concerns and correcting any issues discovered promptly.

The most common issues that must be eliminated include:

  • Trash, pieces of paper, receipts, candy or food wrappers, or other litter on the floor creating a significant slip and fall hazard
  • Water or other drinks that are spilled on the floor
  • Puddles of water from leaking water lines, damaged plumbing fixtures, or leaking coolers
  • Damaged or folded floor mats
  • Missing floor mats at the front door
  • Saturated floor mats that provide a false sense of security
  • Merchandise that has fallen to the floor
  • Tools, hoses, or electrical cords that are left in walkways or workspaces
  • Poorly marked transitions from one flooring type to another or one elevation to another
  • Damaged flooring surfaces
  • Steps or ramps with damaged handrails or no safety handrails

While nothing on this list appears to be overtly hazardous, these minor safety issues can result in significant injuries for an unsuspecting customer in the many Big O Tire Store locations in the state. And what many feel is most frustrating is that the accident injury issues could have been prevented if the Big O Tire Store staff dedicated the time required under duty of care guidelines to locate and correct or mark safety hazards to warn guests of safety concerns.

How Duty Of Care Applies To A Big O Tire Store Slip And Fall Accident Injury

After suffering a Big O Tire Store slip and fall accident injury, you are sure to wonder who could be responsible for the pain and suffering you are enduring and the expenses the injuries have created. The answer will often come from premises liability and duty of care. These are parts of the law that dictate the obligation of businesses and property owners to provide a safe environment for customers and guests.

According to these guidelines, the property owner or staff employed by the business owner must deliver the same level of care that the average person would provide. So, for example, if the typical prudent person would mop up slipped water to avoid a slip and fall or fix a damaged rug to prevent a trip and fall injury, then the staff at Big O Tire Store should act similarly.

If the required level of care is not provided in a Big O Tire Store, the store, staff, and owner could be found negligent in their duty of care. And when that negligence is the cause of a personal injury accident, the store could be liable for the injuries and losses suffered by the victim. To understand more precisely how duty of care applies to you and your incident, contact DTLA Law Group to schedule a free consultation with a Big O Tire Store slip and fall accident injury lawyer to discuss the details of your accident. Then you will know if you have grounds to sue Big O Tire Store and the process to move your case forward to the court system.

What Is My Big O Tire Store Slip And Fall Accident Injury Lawsuit Worth?

The value of any personal injury lawsuit is based primarily on the losses and expenses suffered by the victim. In the case of your slip and fall injuries in Big O Tire Store, your DTLA Law Group legal team will work with you to determine which costs you can include in your claim, such as:

  • All medical expenses, including diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, prescribed medication, and essential medical devices
  • The amount of your legal fees for the Big O Tire Store slip and fall accident injury lawsuit
  • Your lost income if the injuries prevented you from working
  • The value of any personal property damaged or destroyed in the Big O Tire Store slip and fall incident

In some cases, you can also include a request for compensation for your pain and suffering. These amounts are based on the severity of your injuries and the time needed to recover completely. Again, your DTLA Law Group Big O Tire Store slip and fall accident injury lawyer will use their vast expertise in these cases to assist you in selecting an amount appropriate for your injuries.

Common Big O Tire Store Slip And Fall Injuries

Of course, you hope any injuries you suffer due to a slip and fall accident are minor. However, it is critical to understand that there are many severe injuries that could occur, including:

  • Broken or fractured bones
  • Facial injuries to the skin, nose, eyes, ears, mouth, or teeth
  • Joint dislocations or damage to the connective tissue of the joints
  • Soft tissue or nerve damage
  • Severe puncture wounds or lacerations that often include damage to internal organs and or internal bleeding
  • Damage to the spinal cord, back, or neck
  • Head injuries such as a concussion, skull fracture, brain hemorrhage, brain contusion, or other traumatic brain injury

All of these injuries can be life-altering for the victim and their loved ones. Excessive medical bills and lost wages can result in significant financial hardships, added stress, anxiety, and depression. In addition, some victims never make a full recovery and face a lifetime of pain, medical care, and a loss of quality of life.

When To File A Big O Tire Store Slip And Fall Accident Injury Lawsuit

The Statute of Limitations for most personal injury cases is two years from the date of the injury. So you need to have your claim filed with the court at that time. There are very few exceptions to that time frame. However, your DTLA Law Group legal team will explain any that could apply to your claim. If the case is not presented to the court system in the first two years, you will likely lose the right to seek compensation for your losses.

How To Afford The Best Big O Tire Store Slip And Fall Accident Injury Lawyer

When you hire DTLA Law Group, there are never concerns about how to pay upfront legal fees or other expenses. Instead, we only get paid after we have secured the settlement or verdict funds needed to pay your legal fees and additional costs. And if we fail to win your case, you owe us nothing. This is the transparent and ethical way we choose to do business to ensure that all personal injury victims have access to the best legal services in the region.

So don’t hesitate to get in touch with DTLA Law Group today to schedule a free consultation with a Big O Tire Store slip and fall accident injury lawyer. We will provide the information and expertise needed to ensure you can protect your rights and financial stability should you face significant expenses due to your slip and fall accident injuries at a Big O Tire Store.


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