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True Fitness Showrunner II Consoles Recall Class Action Lawsuit

True Fitness has recalled around 600 of the Showrunner II Consoles due to a defect with the wireless charging board. There is an exposed area on the board that may come into contact with other wiring, which is a fire hazard.

These consoles are generally sold to gyms and other commercial facilities. They attach to fitness equipment such as treadmills and exercise bikes, which allows the user to watch TV programs and other content while they work out. The following models are included in the recall issued on July 27, 2023: C4P, C4PAE, C4PBE, C4PES, C4PVC, C4PM, C4PMAE, C4PMBE, C4PMES and C4PMVC.

Businesses can receive a free replacement console by contacting True Fitness. But the manufacturer also has a duty to the people that have been injured by a faulty product. That’s where we can be of help, so contact us to learn if you are eligible for monetary compensation from a product liability lawsuit.

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Fire-Related Injuries from a Defective True Fitness Showrunner II Console

Fires are responsible for extremely serious injuries, including first to fourth degree burns, permanent disfiguration, nerve damage, and loss of consciousness. If there is no one in the room or building when the fire starts, the blaze can rage out of control and cause serious destruction of the property. The potential for damage to people and structures is why these incidents are so scary. If you’ve suffered injuries and/or loss of property due to a Showrunner II Console setting on fire, make sure to see a doctor right away. You should also contact a fire accident injury attorney to determine if you are eligible for a product manufacturer liability claim.

Steps to Take after You’ve been Injured in a Fire

You should never underestimate the severity of your injuries from an electrical fire. Compensation may be available if you suffered harm from a recalled Showrunner II Console, but you must take the following steps to maximum your chances of recovery:

  • Take photos of all visible injuries and property damage caused by the accident.
  • Make sure to take pictures of the product as well in its damaged, unaltered state to show the cause of the fire.
  • Get medical treatment immediately. Aside from treating your injuries, you will need proof that you suffered bodily harm in order to sue the manufacturer.
  • Contact True Fitness to tell them about the accident, but do not accept any sort of remedy they offer without consulting a lawyer first. Agreeing to a refund, product repair, etc. will most likely invalidate your right to a lawsuit.   
  • Consult a lawyer with experience in accident claims against product manufacturers.
How Can I be Part of a Class Action Claim on this Case?

A class actions lawsuit is a legal action that’s filed on behalf of multiple plaintiffs. The proceeds from the lawsuit are shared among all the victims, like those who have been injured by the same defective product. This is an option we are happy to discuss with you, but it’s important to weigh all your available options before you initiate an accident injury claim. That’s why we invite you to contact us and schedule a time to speak with a class action lawyer.

Speak to a Recall Lawyer with Experience in Defective Product Injuries

Even a small fire that’s quickly contained can result in serious injuries to an unsuspecting victim. Unfortunately, these accidents can happen from a variety of products that used on a daily basis. Product makers are responsible when a defect with their product occurs during the manufacturing process. That’s the principle behind a product liability claim, which we can assist you with, here at DTLA Law Group.

There is no out of pocket cost to you, starting from the very first consultation, With the Zero Fee Guarantee, all of our expenses are billed to the defendant and paid to us as a condition of winning your case. In the event we don’t win your case, you will never be charged a single cent in legal fees.

If you’re ready to discuss your rights and legal options with a product accident lawsuit attorney, contact us today.


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