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Radio Flyer CyberQuad Recall Class Action Lawsuit

Radio Flyer CyberQuad Recall Class Action Lawsuit lawyer attorney sue defective defect liability compensation

Radio Flyers has recalled the Tesla Cyberquad for Kids, which is an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) for young riders. The Cyberquad, model no. 914, was sold exclusively by Tesla through their website at in December 2021. Consumers must stop using the ATVs immediately, as they fail to comply with federal safety guidelines, including maximum tire pressure and mechanical suspension. The manufacturer has also failed to implement an ATV action plan, which is required by the Consumer Product Safety Commission to manufacture or sell all-terrain vehicles.

There has been at least one accident that was reported to Radio Flyer, in which the vehicle tipped over while it was being used by an adult female and an 8-year-old child. The manufacturer has offered to issue full refunds to any customer that contacts them directly. But you deserve much more than a refund as an injury victim, so it’s essential to speak with an attorney if you’ve had an accident on a Tesla Cyberquad for Kids. For more information on how to obtain monetary compensation from the manufacturer, contact the personal injury lawyers of DTLA Law Group.

Radio Flyer CyberQuad Recall Class Action Lawsuit lawyer attorney sue defective defect liability compensation
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All-Terrain Vehicle Accident Injuries

Due to the many safety violations with this vehicle, the potential for serious injuries is extremely high. Kids and teenagers using this vehicle may end up with:

  • Deep lacerations and puncture wounds to the skin
  • Infections from open wounds
  • Injuries to the head, including skull fracture and traumatic brain injury
  • Fractures to the ribs, hip, tailbone, etc.
  • Knee injury – fractured kneecap, torn ACL/ MCL
  • Skin damage, including permanent scars
  • Loss of function in the limbs
  • Injury to the internal organs
  • Burn and smoke inhalation injuries if there is a fire
Steps to Take after an ATV Accident

There’s no doubt that Radio Flyer has failed to deliver a safe product when it comes to these vehicles. However, that won’t be enough to prove a case for compensation if you’ve had a crash or another type of accident. To ensure that you have the strongest case possible, make sure to follow these steps:

  • If you can, take photos of the injuries you’ve sustained and the area of your accident. 
  • Ask any witnesses for written statements or their contact information (your lawyer can reach out to them later).  
  • Get to a hospital ASAP to receive treatment for your injuries and document the harm you’ve suffered, which is necessary for an accident claim.
  • Contact Radio Flyer to report your accident, but do not agree to any of the remedies they offer you without speaking to a lawyer first. Also, say no if they ask for a recorded statement from you.
  • Call us right away for advice on how to proceed from an experienced product liability lawyer.
Radio Flyer CyberQuad Recall Class Action Lawsuit sue defective defect liability compensation lawyer incident accident defect liability sue
How can I Join a Class Action on this Case?

Class action lawsuits and mass torts are complex legal actions that are commonly filed by many victims that have been injured by the same product. Luckily, the process of joining or starting a class action claim is simple: give us a call and speak with an experienced recall lawyer. One of our legal experts will take the time to answer all your questions and ensure that you are fully aware of your legal options. Call us today to schedule a free case review if you’d like to learn more about the legal process for a defective product accident claim.

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ATVs are one of the most dangerous vehicles to operate, due to the lack of safety features you normally find in standard automobiles. That’s why manufactures must ensure that they are in compliance with federal safety standards, especially when their target consumer base involves children. Sadly, Radio Flyer has shown clear signs of negligence when it comes to the manufacturing and marketing of these ATVs. If you are an ATV accident injury victim, we are more than prepared to fight for you and the compensation you deserve.

If you’re worried about how much it will cost to hire us, please know that the Zero Fee Guarantee makes all our services free for you. By winning your case, you have the right to demand the cost of legal fees from the manufacturer, so we wait until the end of your case to receive payment. Furthermore, you owe us absolutely nothing if we don’t win your case, since we shouldn’t get paid unless you do.

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