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Paraplegia and Quadriplegia Injury Lawyer in Los Angeles

Paraplegia and Quadriplegia Injury Lawyer in Los AngelesIndividuals who have been afflicted with quadriplegia should do all they can to get the compensation they deserve. You may not know the best route to move forward with a claim, and our law firm, the Downtown LA Law Group, is here to help. We can provide you with a team of skilled quadriplegia attorneys who will handle your case for you and will not stop until we get you the restitution you deserve. Contact our law offices to get started.

Quadriplegia Information

Quadriplegia is a spinal cord injury that prevents you from being able to move your limbs. There is generally full paralysis of all four limbs, and you may be unable to move from the neck down. This condition often happens as a result of blunt trauma to the neck and spinal cord, and it can be permanent. Quadriplegic individuals often require many life-changing devices to get around, such as handicap ramps in their homes and vehicles, wheelchairs, specialized rooms in their houses, caretakers, service animals, and more. The condition can happen in almost any situation that damages your neck and spinal cord. It is most often attributed to car crashes and falls, which make up a combined 68% of quadriplegia cases. Some causes include:
  • Medical injuries: There are doctors, surgeons, nurses, caretakers, and more who can cause you to suffer quadriplegia by making errors. Surgical errors and a lack of attention during therapy can cause neck and spinal cord injuries that are permanent.
  • Workplace injury: Falls can happen to construction workers, roofers, carpenters, warehousemen, and more. It is not uncommon for these individuals to slip and fall or fall from a ladder, resulting in heavy damage to their spinal cords.
  • Automobile accident: A car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, or any kind of crash can cause extreme bodily damages, especially at high speeds or in head-on collisions. Victims may be paralyzed from the neck down, waist down, or suffer severed limbs.
  • Falls: In addition to falls at the workplace, falls can occur in restaurants, stores, malls, sidewalks, apartments, parks, and more. There may be merchandise in aisles, ice on streets, water on tile, tears in carpeting, holes or cracks in flooring, and other defects that could cause you to slip or trip, and landing on your neck or back can cause permanent damages.
Victims of accidents that resulted in quadriplegia should file a lawsuit against the responsible party. Call us if you need assistance.

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How to Prove Negligence in Your Case

A quadriplegia lawsuit can be difficult to win depending on the circumstances of your case. If you were injured from an accident, you must be able to show that the responsible party was negligent. All personal injury claims are based on negligence, but if any part of the lawsuit is shown to be false, the entire case will fall apart. The four points of negligence are as follows:
  • You were owed a duty of care by the responsible party
  • The duty of care was breached in some manner
  • The breach of duty led to an accident of some kind
  • The accident caused actual physical injuries
Paralysis is one of the most debilitating injuries that you can suffer. You may be able to show that the degree of negligence led to such an extensive set of damages. However, we do not recommend trying to prove negligence by yourself. It is wise to enlist the help of a lawyer with expertise in quadriplegic cases. You may simply not have the time, legal experience, knowledge, or funds to proceed with a case, and our lawyers will be able to dedicate all of our resources to ensuring that you are fairly compensated.

Statute of Limitations for a Quadriplegia Claim

A quadriplegia claim is a type of personal injury lawsuit, and therefore, has a statute of limitations of 2 years from the date of the injury. If you do not file a lawsuit within this time frame of 2 years, you will be prevented from pursuing restitution in the future and will not be able to have any damages covered. Your claim will be thrown out and the responsible party would be off the hook. It is recommended that you take legal action as quickly as you can; the time limit is not that long, and the sooner you get started on your case, the more likely it is that all your evidence will be fresh and your memory and witnesses’ memories will not be foggy or unclear. There are scenarios in which your statute of limitations can be extended. The most common scenarios involve your age and health. If you are under the age of 18, you do not have to adhere to the statute until you turn legal age. If you were physically incapacitated, such as in a coma, or under an excessive amount of mental stress that would prevent you from taking legal action, you could wait until you return to functioning health and presence of mind before the statute begins to count down. Further, the defendant must be in the state if you plan to sue; if he is not, the deadline will freeze until he returns.

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If you do not know how much time you have left on your claim, call a law office with expertise in quadriplegic cases. We will gladly help you determine the deadline for your lawsuit and will even file your claim for you to ensure that you do not miss any important dates.

Quadriplegia Lawsuit Compensation

Because of how damaging quadriplegia can be, you can receive a fair amount of compensation for your damages. Our expert lawyers will do all we can to bring you the compensation you deserve, and we will make sure that anything that may cost you a fair amount of money will be covered. Our goal is to bring you coverage for the following:
  • Medical bills stemming from the accident as well as future treatment for your injuries (surgery, hospitalization, medication, physical therapy, personal attendant, rehabilitation, assistive devices like wheelchairs and home modifications)
  • Property damage if your personal belongings were damaged in an accident
  • Lost income, savings, and earnings if you were unable to work due to the incident, as well as compensation for future lost wages and loss of income because of an inability to work, a need to change careers, or other alteration to your job
  • Pain and suffering damages (emotional trauma, PTSD, fear, anxiety, loss of enjoyment and happiness of life, and more)
In some cases, you may be able to earn punitive damages if the responsible party were grossly negligent in his duties or if he intended to harm you. These are purely monetary forms of compensation that are required of the defendant and are intended to punish him in place of jail time. These damages are often viewed as harsh or excessive, though, and can only be awarded by a jury or judge if you have a skilled lawyer with experience in quadriplegic cases. Further, a loved one may have passed away due to complications from an accident, after suffering from quadriplegia for a time. You can collect wrongful death expenses to offset the damages, such as funeral and burial expenses, pre-death medical bills and pain and suffering, loss of consortium, loss of expected earnings, and more. Call us today at (855) 339-8879 if you are in need of a law firm with expertise in quadriplegic cases.

Learn more about your legal options: call (855) 339-8879 to speak with a representative now.

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Free Second Opinion

You may have an attorney already, but you may feel as though what he is trying to make you accept is too low. You may also not trust his methods or feel that he is not telling you the truth about your case. It is recommended, therefore, that you pursue a second opinion from a law firm with experience in quadriplegic cases. Many attorneys will simply take on cases in bulk and will try to give them the least amount of attention as possible. They may not be dedicated to your case and will try to get you to accept a low offer so they can collect their share and move on to the next lawsuit. This is not an act of good faith, and we believe that these attorneys are in the wrong. If you want a second opinion on your case and the behavior or tactics of your lawyer, call our firm to talk. A skilled quadriplegia attorney will be available to discuss your case with you and tell you if your current attorney is accurately representing you.

Law Office With Experience In Quadriplegic Cases

If you are in need of a lawyer who has handled quadriplegia lawsuits, the Downtown LA Law Group is here to help. We have a team of attorneys who can help you through your case. We have recovered millions of dollars for our clients and have won countless claims. We are the premier law firm for cases involving paralysis, and we are willing to aggressively fight around the clock to secure you what you deserve. Get in touch with us for a free legal consultation about your case. We are available around the clock and will not reveal any private or personal details outside of our offices. We will tell you what we feel we can win for you and what we believe your case is worth. By choosing us to litigate your claim, you will receive our zero fee guarantee. This promises that you won’t pay any out of pocket expenses for our assistance. We will not get paid unless and until we win, and them money will come out of the settlement we win for you. If we lose, we eat the losses ourselves, and you won’t have to owe us anything whatsoever. The Downtown LA Law Group is the best choice for you if you wish to file a quadriplegia lawsuit.

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