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What is my quadriplegic case worth

What is my quadriplegic case worthOur law firm, the Downtown LA Law Group, often receives calls from clients who are curious about the value of their quadriplegia lawsuits. They want to know if their current attorneys are bringing them the best offers available and what the average value of the claim is. Truth be told, the value of a case is dependent on the offer from the insurance agent, and amounts can range for $100,000 to over $1,000,000. The higher a case result, the higher it pulls the national average. If you asked, “What is my quadriplegic case worth?” we can help. Contact our attorneys with experience in quadriplegia lawsuits today.

Quadriplegia Information and Details

Quadriplegia is the paralysis of your limbs and body from the neck down. It is a spinal cord injury that can arise from blunt trauma, severed spinal cord, compression, infection, abscesses, and more. The main causes of quadriplegia include:
  • Car accidents, which cause the majority of quadriplegia injuries. The damages can also be caused by truck accidents and motorcycle accidents. Head-on collisions and T-bone crashes can cause extremely high impacts and leave you permanently wounded. If you get hurt in such an accident, the injuries may be immediate.
  • Falls, which can occur anywhere. Often, slip and fall accidents are caused due to wet floors, cracks in the sidewalk, debris in aisles or on the floors, torn carpeting, broken or defective stairs, and more. A lack of safety in such locations like restaurants and apartments can also increase the likelihood of falls. If you land wrong and hit your back or neck, or if you fall down the stairs, you could easily suffer paralysis. Falls are also common at dangerous workplaces, like construction sites and warehouses.
  • Medical malpractice cases, which happen at hospitals, healthcare facilities, and more. A surgeon may mistakenly cut nerves or operate on your spine and cause total paralysis, or the doctors may not catch an infection before it spreads. Nurses and therapists could also have you do exercises and activities that could worsen your damages and lead to quadriplegia. These individuals and the hospitals they work for should be held wholly responsible for your injuries if such damages occur.

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Quadriplegia will leave you in total paralysis with need for many changes. You will need a wheelchair of some kind and you will have to make many additions and changes to your home. Your vehicle may need a ramp and you may even need to move if your current apartment has no reliable way for you to make it inside, such as if it’s upstairs with no elevator. You may need to go into assisted living and you may need extensive treatment.
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The consequences of quadriplegia are wide-reaching and permanent. If you were injured in an accident and another party can be assigned liability, you can receive adequate compensation for your damages. Call (855) 339-8879 to talk with our quadriplegia attorneys for help filing a claim.

Value of Your Quadriplegia Lawsuit

If you have suffered quadriplegia as the result of an accident and wish to file a claim, you should be aware that your lawsuit can net you a high amount of compensation. However, you will not be able to merely win this restitution without the help of an attorney and without understanding how the value is determined. When you submit your claim to the insurance agency, the agent will consider your damages. Your injuries will be the most important factor considered – their extent and severity, and how much of an impact they had on your life and career. Quadriplegia is devastating enough to warrant a complete change in your life that would involve modifications to your home and daily routine and would likely put you out of work for an extended period, if not indefinitely. In addition to your injuries, the agent will consider your age, the type of job you had, and what your degree of fault was in the accident. If you were partially negligent and contributed to the accident in some way, you could receive less compensation. However, if you sustained paralysis because of a drunk driver or because someone fell asleep at the wheel, for example, you would likely have had no part in the accident. Once the insurance agent has come up with a number and made an offer, our lawyers will make an effort to negotiate a fairer deal and will try to secure you the maximum settlement available. If there is no headway made after a few weeks or months, we will go to court to present the case in front of a judge and jury.

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Sample Verdicts and Settlements

Many clients call us at (855) 339-8879 with questions about their cases and what they can reasonably expect from the results. They often want to know the value of their cases or what they are worth. There is no calculator that allows you to put your numbers in and have a settlement value spit back out. We have, however, provided sample case results below for you to consider. Every lawsuit is different, and though you may have similar circumstances, the projected value could vary. A few examples can be found below:
  • $14,000,000 Settlement: A housewife was spending time with her son at a park when a branch from a tree broke off and fell onto her. She suffered permanent paralysis from where the tree branch struck her in the back and severed her spinal cord. She brought a lawsuit against the city, as it was the city’s responsibility to maintain the park and ensure that all trees were properly trimmed and posed no dangers.
  • $7,000,000 Verdict: A man was involved in heavy lifting at the work place when he suffered a spinal cord injury. Although he was able to make it to the hospital, he was subjected to various mobility and physicality tests that caused spinal cord compression. Eventually, his injury worsened, leaving him with quadriplegia. The hospital claimed that the defendant refused treatment at first and they could not be held liable for his choices. A jury disagreed.
  • $18,000,000 Settlement: An older man went to the hospital complaining about back pain. He had an infection in his blood, but the infection moved around and eventually compromised his spine and caused an abscess. The damage caused permanent quadriplegia and was not discovered by nurses or doctors in time to be saved.
  • $2,500,000 Settlement: A class of high-schoolers went on a trip, and supervisors on the trip allowed some of the students to consume alcohol despite being underage. While intoxicated, some of the group threw a classmate into a pool, but the classmate landed on a fellow student’s head. He suffered various fractures and was paralyzed from the neck down. Liability fell on both the students and the school and supervisors for their actions and negligence.
  • $8,000,000 Verdict: A construction worker sued the contractor of a site after he fell two stories from a scaffold that was not properly secured or protected. He was also not given proper safety gear. He suffered permanent quadriplegia as a result of his injuries.
For more details or to discuss your case with more depth, contact our law firm. A lawyer with experience in quadriplegia cases will be able to assist you.

Free Second Opinion

Clients often call us asking about the average value of their lawsuits because they have representation and want to know if they are being fairly represented. A quadriplegia lawsuit can net you a large amount of compensation, but if your lawyer is incompetent or is not doing all he can to help you, you may not earn remotely the amount of money you should for your damages. Not only is this highly detrimental to your life and finances, but it is also a blatant act of bad faith by your attorney. If you wish to receive a free second opinion, call our firm. We will look over your case for you and tell you what we believe it is worth and what your attorney should be striving for. If we feel that he is not doing all he can to represent you or he is taking advantage of you, we will tell you. We will also tell you if we think he is trying to simply get through your case as quickly as possible. If you wish to switch law firms, we will welcome you to our firm and will be glad to help you with your quadriplegia claim.

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How Our Firm Helps

The Downtown LA Law Group will make sure that you are properly compensated for your damages resulting in quadriplegia. We will see to it that you receive coverage for your medical expenses, damaged property, pain and suffering, missed income, and much more. Our aggressive lawyers will go to court if necessary to fight for your rights and our primary concern is your safety and health. We will dedicate ourselves to your claim and won’t result until we are satisfied with the result. Call us today at (855) 339-8879 for a free legal consultation. Our consultations are totally confidential, and if you want a second opinion or if you are curious about the value of your case, we won’t reveal any of your personal information or claim details. You can ask us whatever you wish and you will be totally protected. If you hire us, we will give you our zero fee guarantee. This promises that you won’t spend any of your own money throughout the case. We won’t get paid unless and until we win – and if we lose, we get paid nothing whatsoever. For more help determining how much your quadriplegia lawsuit is worth, call Downtown LA Law Group at (855) 339-8879.

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