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Los Angeles Paraplegia attorney | What is my paraplegic case worthParaplegia is an injury in which the lower extremities of the body are paralyzed and cannot be used. Victims often must get around in wheelchairs and similar devices, and have a greatly compromised quality of life. They may need to have additions made to their homes and they may need to acquire new jobs in the wake of their injuries. Needless to say, the shift in lifestyle is drastic, and the medical expenses can be extremely costly. It is therefore recommended that you pursue legal action if your paraplegia were caused by a negligent entity. Our law firm, the Downtown LA Law Group, can provide you with a team of paraplegia attorneys who can handle your case for you. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need assistance.

Causes of Paraplegia

There are numerous ways that you can suffer paraplegia. The lower-body paralysis can easily happen as a result of trauma or it can be a result of gradual problems. The spinal cord is fragile, and damages at different levels can greatly impact your ability to walk, at times permanently. Some of the types of incidents that can lead to paraplegia include:
  • Slip and fall: You may slip and fall or trip and fall anywhere, whether on wet floors at a grocery store, on the sidewalk during a snow storm, on loose carpeting in someone’s apartment building, and more. The damage to your back and spine can cause you to no longer walk.
  • Work accident: A workplace injury resulting in paraplegia can happen from falls, trips, impacts, and more. Carpenters and construction workers are at high risk for falls, for example. Additionally, occupations like security guards and police officers may face traumas, gunshots, and more.
  • Auto accident: A car accident or truck accident can easily cause intense damages to your body, including your neck and spinal cord. Paraplegia’s most common cause can be attributed to automobile accidents.
  • Medical malpractice: Doctors who are operating on you may mistakenly cause irreversible damage to your spine, and nurses who are supposed to be taking care of you could be negligent in their duties and not notice infections that could compromise your health. There are many ways that healthcare professionals can cause paraplegia, whether directly or indirectly.
If you have suffered paraplegia as a result of the negligent actions of another party, you should pursue worthwhile compensation for your damages. A law firm with experience in paraplegic cases will be able to secure you the settlement you deserve.

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Restitution for Your Paraplegia Injury

If you suffered an injury that resulted in paraplegia, you could receive ample compensation for your damages. The results of such an injury are usually permanent and can alter your life in every way possible. It is only fair that you receive adequate coverage, especially if the damages were caused by the negligence of another party. Our team of paraplegia attorneys will make sure that you are given the maximum settlement available for your lawsuit, including coverage for:
  • Medical expenses from the past and future, including surgery fees, hospitalization costs, ambulatory transportation, medication, physical therapy sessions, caretaking, and more
  • Lost income from the past and future, especially if you needed to take a lot of time off to deal with your injury, recover from it, or if you have to outright change career paths because of the damages
  • Property damage if your personal belongings were lost, broken, or damaged in an accident
  • Pain and suffering damages to cover PTSD, anxiety, fear, emotional trauma, and more
  • Punitive damages if you were the victim of gross negligence or an intention to cause harm, but these damages are commonly viewed as excessive and can only be won by an expert lawyer with expertise in paraplegic cases
You should not be expected to pay off all of these debts if your injuries were caused by another party. Our lawyers will make sure that the responsible individual’s insurance agency pays up, and we won’t stop pursuing a settlement or verdict until we are satisfied with the result.

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Time Limit on Paraplegia Lawsuits

In the State of California, you only have two years from the date of the injury to file a personal injury lawsuit for your paraplegia damages. If you miss this deadline, you will be prevented from pursuing compensation in the future. The statute exists so that claims will not stagnate or take too long to get solved; the longer a claim sits, the more likely it is that key information will be lost or forgotten. There are some important notes about the statute of limitations, though. If your paraplegia were caused as a result of medical malpractice, you will have 1 year from the discovery of the injury or 3 years from the injury itself to sue. This is slightly different from the normal statute of limitations. Further, if you were underage or mentally or physically incapacitated at the time of the injury, you could wait until you turn 18 years old or return to health to adhere to the statute – it won’t start until that date, regardless. Moreover, the defendant’s location will play a part in your statute. If he has left the state or the country, the time limit will be put on hold until he returned. This is to prevent him from simply running out the clock and escaping any punishment or liability. For assistance in filing a paraplegia claim, contact a paraplegia attorney at our law firm. You will not have to worry about missing any deadlines or time limits.

Why Hire an Attorney

Many times, victims afflicted with paraplegia will try to handle their cases themselves or will ask a family member or loved one to go through with on their behalves. However, we do not recommend this. You very likely will not have the legal experienced needed to negotiate a fair settlement from the insurance agent, and you may also lack the time, knowledge, and funds. It can be a pricy affair to go through with a lawsuit by yourself, and if you are not careful, the insurance agent can simply ignore all your requests or give you a tiny offer to make you go away.

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It is not uncommon for insurance agents to behave this way; after all, they want to preserve profits, and if you are unable to effectively demonstrate why you should be compensated – and do so repeatedly – you will have a hard time with your case. This is why we believe you should contact a law office with expertise in paraplegic cases. You will not have to worry about anything throughout the legal process. Your only focus will be recovering as much as you can and getting used to a different life. We will make sure that you are comfortable and do not have any stresses, as additional stress can delay your recovery or worsen your condition. Contact our firm at (855) 339-8879 to get in touch with a lawyer with experience in paraplegic cases who can handle your claim for you.

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Second Opinion for Your Lawsuit

Often, clients will come to us requesting second opinions. They may currently have legal representation but are unsure if their current lawyers are doing all they can to accurately represent them. If you feel that your current attorney is not helping you in the best way possible and is ignoring your case, pushing you to accept a low offer, or working against you for his own benefit, you can get more assistance from us. We will look over your case for you and tell you whether or not your lawyer is doing a good job in representing you, we will tell you so. It is an act of bad faith if your attorney is not doing all he can to help you or if he is prioritizing his own funds and the relationship with an insurance agency over your case. You need a law office with experience in paraplegic cases to handle your case. We will be certain to get you the help you need and will take on your case if you feel your other lawyer is not doing a good job.

The Right Firm for You

If you are in search of a law firm with expertise in paraplegic cases, look no further than the Downtown LA Law Group. We have years of combined experience handling paraplegia lawsuits and we know the best methods for winning and securing compensation. Our aggressive lawyers will stop at nothing to bring you every penny you deserve. We are willing to fight for your rights in court and will show that you are the rightful recipient of restitution in front of a judge and jury. Reach out to our lawyers for a free legal consultation. If you have any specific questions or concerns, we will address them and give you the knowledge you need. We will also tell you what we believe we can win for your case. If you choose to hire us to represent you, we will also give you our zero fee guarantee, which promises that you won’t have to pay a single dime of out of pocket expenses throughout the lawsuit. We will only get paid if we win, and if we lose, you owe us nothing at all. Don’t let your paraplegia lawsuit go to waste. Get in touch with our skilled lawyers today at the Downtown LA Law Group.

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