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How to increase the value of my quadriplegic case

How to increase the value of my quadriplegic case Paralysis can occur in many accidents and incidents. You may suffer the troubles after some years or they may be sudden; no matter what the circumstances of your case, you should look for a way to receive financial compensation from the responsible party. Quadriplegia especially is devastating and life-changing; all facets of your life will change and you will have to adjust to a completely new way of living. The value of your quadriplegia lawsuit will vary depending on the circumstances of the accident and the negligence level, amongst other factors. If you wish to increase the value, you should be certain that you have a qualified lawyer representing you and that you have ample evidence to do so. Our law firm, the Downtown LA Law Group, will help you increase the value of your quadriplegic case if you come to us for assistance.

Causes of Quadriplegia

Paralysis can happen for many reasons. Quadriplegia, also known as tetraplegia, is the loss of bodily function below the neck. The spinal cord may have been severed or severely damaged at a high point near the cervical vertebrae, which caused the injury. Neck and spinal cord damage may occur as a result of blunt trauma, sudden impacts, puncture wounds, crushing damage, and more. A few of the common causes of quadriplegia include:
  • Automobile accidents: Car crashes, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, and more can all lead to severe injuries if there are any crashes. You may be hurt in such a way that you get paralyzed immediately upon impact, or prolonged damage can cause the troubles. The type of accident and the circumstances of it will play a large role in determining the value of your lawsuit and can potentially increase the worth.
  • Slip and fall accidents: You may slip and fall or trip and fall in restaurants, grocery stores, retail stores, malls, and more, or you may simply fall while on someone’s property or out on the sidewalk. Slip and falls that are caused by the negligent action or inaction of a worker or property owner should result in fair compensation. These types of accidents are much more problematic for those who are elderly or who have a long history of injuries to their spines.
  • Medical malpractice: You may go to the doctor for treatment on your spine or you may go for surgery to correct an issue. You might be in the care of a nurse or a physical therapist. The possibilities for what can go wrong are numerous; there could be a mistaken incision, or you could be told to participate in an exercise that would worsen your condition. A nurse could miss an infection or an abscess that could worsen over time.
Quadriplegia is a serious injury and oftentimes it’s permanent. If the condition were caused as a result of a negligent party, you should be fully compensated for your damages.

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Determining the Value of Your Quadriplegia Case

There is no calculator that allows you to input your damages and have a set number be spit out for your compensation. Instead, you will have to submit your claim to the insurance agent for consideration; he will look over the case and then craft an offer. This offer will be based on numerous factors. Your quadriplegia will be the primary factor considered, but he will also look at how much of an effect the injury had on your life and career. You will likely be unable to return to work, as almost all jobs require some form of physical motion. It may be difficult or downright impossible to find a job in your field after the injury. Additionally, your life may be permanently altered and require you to make certain changes. You may need handicap ramps installed in your home or you may need to have some renovations done to your house. You may need a new vehicle. Further, the bills and expenses from the accident could quickly rack up and cause you to fall into debt. The medical bills alone could appear endless, especially if you need additional treatments in the future. The insurance agent will look at all of these factors, as well as the level of fault you exhibited in the accident. It is generally the goal for insurance companies to try and preserve as many profits as possible; they will often try to say that you were more responsible for the accident than you actually were, even if you were not liable at all. At first, the agent will likely offer you a small settlement amount for your damages. He will make it difficult to get anything worthwhile covered. For this reason, it is important that you have a skilled quadriplegia lawyer on your side who can negotiate a fair deal from the insurance agent. If you try to handle your claim yourself, you may not be able to get anything you deserve. You will have a lack of key legal knowledge and experience, and you may be busy trying to adjust to a new and more difficult way of living, anyway. Get the help of one of our skilled lawyers with experience in quadriplegia cases if you want to increase the settlement value of your lawsuit.

Earnings from a Quadriplegia Case

If you were injured in an accident and suffered quadriplegia, you could have numerous expenses and debts compensated. You should not be expected to pay off these bills if you were a victim of an accident and another party caused you to suffer. Our team of attorneys will work around the clock to ensure that you receive the following:
  • Medical expenses to cover surgery, rehabilitation, hospitalization, future treatments, assistive devices, and more
  • Accommodations like renovations, wheelchair costs, and more
  • Property damage if your personal items or belongings were lost or broken in the accident
  • Lost wages from work from both the past and future, which can result in permanent disability and loss of savings
  • Pain and suffering damages to compensate you for anxiety, PTSD, fear, emotional trauma, psychological scarring, and other mental troubles that could have affected you after the incident
  • Punitive damages if the responsible party acted grossly negligently or with the intention to hurt you; these damage are purely monetary and are meant to punish the defendant, but they are usually viewed as excessive and can only be won by a skilled lawyer

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If you are curious over what else you can receive in your quadriplegia lawsuit, reach out to our attorneys today. We will make sure to pursue all routes available to increase the value of your case.

Statute of Limitations on Your Lawsuit

A quadriplegia lawsuit is a personal injury claim, and in the State of California, you only have 2 years from the date of the injury to take legal action. If you do not pursue a lawsuit in this period of time, you will be barred from doing so in the future. Although the statute of limitations does not necessarily have an impact on the value of your claim, it can be a secondary factor. For example, if you wait too long to file your lawsuit, some of your evidence might get lost or the witnesses might not remember key details. This can damage the amount of proof you have, and it may result in a lower offer. The quicker you pursue a claim, the more likely it is that you will succeed, and you can receive the maximum value. There are a few exceptions to the statute of limitations, though. Some of the most common ones include being underage at the time of the incident, which would allow you to follow the statute once you turn 18 years old; being mentally or physically incapacitated and unable to follow a claim, which would postpone the deadline until you return to health; and if the defendant leaves the state, which would suspend the time limit until the date he returns. If you are uncertain of how much time you have left to file your claim, you can contact our firm for more assistance.

Free Second Opinion for Your Quadriplegia Case

Many times, clients will call us at (855) 339-8879 with questions about their quadriplegia cases and will be uncertain if their current lawyers are doing all they can to win them the damages they deserve. They may feel pressured by their attorneys to sign off on low settlements or they may feel as though they are being ignored or not treated properly at all. Call us at (855) 339-8879 to receive a free second opinion on your case. We will tell you if we believe that your current lawyer is acting in bad faith or if you can earn much more in your case. You should not be represented by an attorney who is only out for his own gain, and we promise to give you a fair opinion. If you wish to switch firms and let us handle your case, we would be more than glad to represent you. You should not have a lawyer who has no experience in quadriplegia cases or who doesn’t intend on bringing you the maximum compensation for your damages.

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The Right Firm

The Downtown LA Law Group features a team of expert lawyers with combined decades of legal experience. We have handled numerous quadriplegia lawsuits and know the best tactics to winning your claim. We will do all we can to secure you a fair settlement, and if we have to go to court to fight for your rights, we are willing to do so. Call us at (855) 339-8879 for a free legal consultation about your case if you have questions about its value. We will answer all your questions, and you don’t have to worry about confidentiality. All of our consultations are totally private. We will also give you our zero fee guarantee, which states that we won’t get paid unless and until we win, and the money will come out of the settlement or verdict we win for you. If we lose, you don’t pay us a penny. For help with your quadriplegia case and to ensure that you get the highest value for your lawsuit, reach out to the Downtown LA Law Group today.


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