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Helipad Collapse Attorney

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Helicopters are generally used as an efficient way to transport severely injured people from an accident scene, to an urgent care clinic or hospital for emergency services. People who are in urgent need of services often have the experience that seconds to minutes count to saving their lives. Therefore, the use of helicopters is paramount to save lives in the case of an emergency situation.

Helicopters are also used to help people get from Point A to Point B quickly, because they are able to use a quicker means of air travel instead of a private plane. For this reason, helicopter travel is growing in popularity, and the accidents involving helicopters will also grow in scale at the same time.

“Help, I Am Injured in a Helipad Collapse, What Should I Do Now?”

If you have been injured when a helipad collapsed, you need to call our law office today. When you pick up your smartphone and give us a call, you will be putting your best foot forward for this action. You don’t want to get snowed under for all of the medical bills that are going to start coming up your way. If you have had personal injuries because of a helipad collapse, we just can’t see how that is in any way our fault. That means, that the at-fault party needs to step up to the plate then and reimburse you for your losses – in full. We are here to get you the full recovery compensation package that you deserve when you have been injured in a helipad collapse accident.

We can’t turn back the hands of time to the moments before your helipad collapse injuries, but we can move forward and get you the money you need to recover completely for these losses. When you give us a call, you will have the opportunity to sit down with an attorney to discuss your claim in detail. We are ready to serve you, and we are here to initiate your lawsuit on your behalf right away. But nothing will happen until you give us a call today.

Free Second Opinion

You are always entitled to a confidential free second opinion on your case. We are here to help you stand your ground, with the best possible opportunity to recover for your personal injuries after having been in a helipad collapse accident. We want you to know, that you are in good hands with us. We are here to give you the time and attention that you need, to talk to you confidentially about your personal injury and case regarding a helipad collapse accident.

Helicopter Pilots Need to Understand the Geography and Specifics of the Helipad Where They Land and Take-Off

The helicopter pilot needs to understand the geography around and specifics related to the helipad where he or she will be taking off and landing on the helipad on the ground, or on a rooftop helipad. These components and factors include:

  • Name of helipad
  • Location including the city name, state, etc.
  • Geographical coordinates of the landing site
  • Elevation above mean sea level
  • Distance from the nearest cities
  • Airfield or rooftop surface
  • List of obstacles near to the helipad
  • Accident rescue plan
  • Alarm instructions for emergencies
  • Secure procedures during normal takeoff and landings
  • Necessary conditions for safe use of airfield or helipad
  • Navigation equipment and location
  • Map of aviation obstacles
  • List of aviation obstacles with day and night descriptions
  • Location of lighted wind sock
  • Edge lights
  • 5 landing direction lights
  • Preferred approach centerline markings

In the event that you are injured from a helipad collapse, you need to call us about the personal injuries that you experienced. We are definitely here for you, and it is time to talk to a lawyer with experience in handling and managing helipad collapses right now.

When you call our law office, we have on our team attorneys with strong expertise in settling out cases where people are injured from a helipad collapse. You can call us now, to discuss your case with attorneys who specialize in serious personal injuries from a helipad collapse. Isn’t it time to get the recovery compensation package that you need in this type of case? If you are looking for help today, you have come to the right place. We are ready for your call, and we offer a highly experienced attorney in Los Angeles who can take your case, but you must call us first to get the ball rolling on this one.

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Can I Sue for a Helipad Collapse?

Yes, you can sue for a helipad collapse, and for the injuries suffered as a result of that accident.

You can trust our Los Angeles case lawyers, who can file a lawsuit on your behalf, and review your case with you in a language that you can readily and easily understand.

Passengers Can Be Injured When the Helicopter Lands on the Helipad

When the helicopter lands, and the flight is over, the pilot needs to park the helicopter safely on the helipad. As the pilot is landing the helicopter on the helipad, the weight of the helicopter can cause the helipad to collapse quite suddenly. This incident will occur if the helipad was built improperly, and is not able to manage the full weight of the helicopter landing on that particular helipad. This can occur quite frequently on a building, where the helipad is located on the rooftop of the structure.

Helipads Need to Be Properly Maintained to Prevent Helipad Collapsing Issues

The helipad needs to be properly maintained by the owner of the helipad. When the passengers need to disembark from the helicopter, it is actually a dangerous time. The rotor downwash can have stirred up debris, such as rocks or other sand and grass that the passengers can slip, trip and fall over when they alight from the helicopter. The rotors may still be moving, which is a hazard to the passengers.

If the helicopter can land with the wind over the right on the tail boom for counterrotating blade action, it will lift the blades over the tail boom, but lower the blades in front of the helicopter unit. Just by performing this action, it will reduce the incidence of a main rotor strike to the tail boom if there are unexpected wind gusts!

In general, passengers should stay inside the helicopter until the rotors have stopped turning completely. Yes, a passenger can be in a hurry, but to be safe, this is the protocol that ensures the safety of the passenger time and time again. The pilot needs to perform a post flight check, and the passengers sitting tight for that few minutes will ensure the safety of everyone involved in the flight.

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We want you to have access to the best-case situation possible. For that reason, we will put you in the best position, and offer to you our popular zero-fee guarantee right now when you call us. We have no upfront fees, therefore, you don’t have to worry about how to start working with us. It is as easy as picking up your smartphone, and giving us a call today.

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Time after time we have worked with clients who were very happy with the results of their lawsuit. In these cases, and in all claims, we are here for you to give to you a free consultation regarding our case. Just call us now, and we can start the process.

We are ready to arrive at the correct strategy for your case of a helipad collapse accident, to get you the recovery compensation that you need to recover fully in this case. You can have the result you desire, but only if you give us a call today.

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