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Air Ambulance Accident Lawyer | Helicopter Crash Attorneys

Air ambulance accidents are a growing problem, which can cause death or possibly aggravate the existing injuries of the party. If you have been hurt as a result of an helicopter ambulance accident, then contact our offices today for a free case evaluation. Our air ambulance helicopter accident attorneys of Los Angeles can help you recover for your injuries and loss.
Common Causes of Airplane Accidents

Air Ambulance and Helicopter Crash Liability

Air ambulance accident attorneyAir ambulances are the ambulance equivalent to air travel and are designed for the purpose of expediting the transfer of a patient or injured party to a hospital. Air ambulances or medi-vac are a life saving resort for many who are in need of immediate transport, however sometimes the service can lead to serious injuries for the victims and crew. Air ambulances can crash causing death or permanent injuries.

Accidents are caused by improper maintenance or pilot error during take-off and the competitive nature of the industry can lead to over sight with regards to maintenance of the helicopter and proper personnel training.
Aviation Accident Lawyer | Airplane Crash Lawyers

Air Ambulance Accident Injuries

If you have been involved in an air ambulance contact our attorneys at Downtown LA Law for a free case evaluation. Air ambulance transports are often misused and improperly ordered for patients, thus an patient or party who is injured during transport should not have been dispatched using that method of transportation. Air transports are to be reserved for those who need immediate medical attention in situation where there is serious blood loss related to a sudden loss of a limb or trauma caused by serious accidents. However, many times such transports are requested when no medical emergency exists. Our air ambulance or medi-vac attorneys can asses your case and determine whether you have a case without any cost to you. No recovery no fee!

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Air Ambulance Crash Statistics

Air ambulance helicopters have one of the worst aviation records, with a number of crashes which lead to fatalities and other related injuries. According to reports fatalities attributed to helicopter or air ambulance crashes exceeds that of professions such as deep sea fishing. Air ambulance accidents can be attributed to a number of causes, which include:
  • Pilot error, where the pilot miscalculates landing or take off or fails to act in a manner consistent or required by his or her profession;
  • Inspection or maintenance error, when the crew or maintenance department fails to take adequate measures to determine whether the helicopter is safe for take-off;
  • Manufacturer defect, where the manufacturer of the aircraft or helicopter fails to implement or use a more feasible design which would have avoided the crash or harm; or
  • Weather conditions, which would impair the pilots ability to make a proper transport or pickup.
As a passenger you are considered to be a negligent free passenger. A passenger who is being transported via ambulance is not responsible for any injury which occurs during that transport. In fact ambulance carriers are required to make sure that they are driven safely to the nearest ER.

Contact our Personal Injury Attorneys regarding you Air Ambulance / Helicopter Accident Injuries

All of these conditions require proper evaluation in order to determine which party is at fault for the injuries or death suffered as a result of an air ambulance crash. If you or a loved one has been injured or suffered death as a result of a air ambulance accident then contact our offices now for a free case evaluation. Our helicopter ambulance accident attorneys in Los Angeles can help you in the steps to settlement.
Helicopter Tour Accidents
Our aggressive and relentless pursuit of our client’s interest will help you get the best results. We understand the emotional devastation of losing someone due to an air ambulance crash accident. It is difficult to accept that the persons who were charged with saving the life of your loved ones were responsible for causing added injuries or death and we can help you with you recovery.

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The ambulance air accident attorneys of Los Angeles, California can help you recover. Helicopter medical transport accident attorneys California and Los Angeles have what it take to get you the best results. To schedule a free case evaluation with one of our skilled accident lawyer contact us (855) DTLALAW.
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