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Accidents Caused by Negligent Driving of Ambulance Vehicles

Accidents Caused by Negligent Driving of Ambulance VehiclesAmbulance accidents can be some of the most devastating accidents. In certain cases ambulances fail to properly secure their passenger or transport properly. As a result they can fall out of the back of the ambulance further aggravating their injuries. Particularly if there is significant levels of traffic, ejected passengers can be seriously hurt. Know your rights and speak with an ambulance accident lawyer at Downtown L.A. Law Group for a free case evaluation.

Passenger Rights

As a passenger you are considered to be a negligent free passenger. A passenger who is being transported via ambulance is not responsible for any injury which occurs during that transport. In fact ambulance carriers are required to make sure that they are driven safely to the nearest ER. However, in many cases they are negligent in harnessing and properly securing the passenger. As a result sudden acceleration can propel the gurney through the rear ambulance side doors. This can cause the passenger to suffer significant head and bodily injuries. In other cases negligent driving by the ambulance operator or other drivers can cause an accident. This can occur if drivers are inattentive to the road or fail to engage their emergency sirens to warn oncoming traffic of their presence. In either case the passenger will be entitled to recovery for their injuries. However, unlike standard car accident cases factors such as insurance liability and fault will be evaluated. It is important that you seek immediate medical attention for your injuries. Do not delay getting medical treatment when needed. You must make sure that this element of your claim is properly attended to.

Liability for Injuries

Who is liable for your injuries? Liability for injuries can be complicated depending on how the accident took place. First, if the accident was the fault of the ambulance carrier you will be able to pursue a claim against them for the injuries suffered. However, if another party caused the accident or injury, you will need to pursue them for recovery. In certain cases though sufficient insurance coverage is not available. As a result you need to pursue a uninsured motorist claim. Or you can pursue a claim against the ambulatory company for damages. Another important element of your claim is determining what degree of your injury was caused from the accident. If you were a pedestrian or car hit by an ambulance that will be relatively simple to determine. But what if you were being transported by an ambulance. In such cases you are already injured so it will be difficult to determine what degree of your injury was the result of second accident.

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If you have been involved in an air ambulance contact our attorneys at Downtown LA Law for a free case evaluation. Air ambulance transports are often misused and improperly ordered for patients, thus an patient or party who is injured during transport should not have been dispatched using that method of transportation.
It is also important to remember that the party who caused the injury which placed you under the care or requirement of the ambulance will also be liable. These are all important elements to consider when determining liability for injuries. Often times injured plaintiffs will only seek recovery from one source, which will in turn limit your ability to get compensation. Our firm works to obtain recovery from multiple sources in order to ensure that just compensation is paid for all of your injuries.

Common Injuries From Auto Accidents

This is a list of common injuries which can occur after an ambulance accident. Always remember that you need to see a doctor after your accident. Do not delay in treating if you have been injured. In the event that you do not have proper healthcare keep speak with your attorney. Often times they can refer you to physicians who will work on medical liens so you don’t have to pay out of pocked. Common injuries include:
  • Brain injury
  • Post concussion syndrome
  • Traumatic hand injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Dental damage
  • Exacerbated injuries from accident transport
  • Eye injuries
  • Hip and Tibia fracture
  • Ankle fracture
These are only a fraction of the injuries you can sustain. If you have been hurt seek immediate medical attention for your injuries. You can also contact Downtown L.A. Law Group for a free and confidential case evaluation.
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