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Most Common Injuries from a Car Accident

Car Accidents are the leading cause of serious and fatal injuries in the United States. A list and an accompanying explanation of the most common injuries resulting form auto accidents is presented below.

The severity of injuries that can take place during a car accident are often based on the these factors:

  • Location of the impact – side collisions, rear end collision, head on impact.
  • Severity of the collision.
  • Health and age of the victim.
  • Type of automobiles driven by the victim and defendant – including wight and height disparity.
  • Speed of the vehicles upon impact.
  • Whether an automobiles airbags and retrain systems functioned properly.
Here is a brief explanation of some of the most common types of car accident injuries:
Car Accident Brain Injury Claims
Car Accidents are one of the main causes of Brain Injury in the United Stat
Severe Head and Brain Injury: A Brain injury is one of the most devastating injuries which can take place. Permanent brain damage can be classified as a catastrophic injury in most cases. These injuries often have a lifelong impact on the injured victim and lead to a lifetime of pain and suffering. Brain injuries included, temporary and permanent impairment of the brain functions, Skull fractures, , and nerve damage, possibly swelling of the brain can all be a part of head injuries.

Table of Contents:

Mild Traumatic Brain Injury or MTBI: Mild Traumatic Brain injuries are one of the most common injuries cause by motor vehicle accidents. Such injuries are commonly ignored by victims and their medical doctors. However recent studies on individuals who suffer MTBI’s show significant reductions in their cognitive abilities. Neck Injuries: are one of the most prevalent auto accident injuries. Neck injuries can affect both the soft tissues as well as the skeletal portions of the neck. Neck injuries often lead to long lasting and even permanent pain and suffering for the victim leading to years of needed therapy and medical aid. Treatments for Neck injuries can cost tens of thousands of dollars for it victims. One who has experience a neck injury as a result of a car accident should not think that the pain will go away. Lifetime pain is a very real consequence. Once needs to get treatment and have an injury lawyer fight for compensation from all liable parties. Whiplash: whiplash is one of the most common neck and upper back injuries due to a traffic accident. It is often no as serious as a neck trauma. However neck injuries are often misdiagnosed as a simple whiplash. One should be aware that the neck is a highly sensitive and easily damaged body part. One needs to contact a skilled physician who can diagnose the victim correctly. Lumbar and Spine Compression Fractures: Spine compression fractures are one of the most common injuries resulting from car accidents. Spine compression affects many elderly victims of traffic crashes. Such injuries often result from ejections from seats and extreme vertical shocks associated with high speed collisions. Back Injuries: Including Spinal Cord Injuries: Spinal cord injuries can take place in many parts of the back leading to very severe injury to the victim. A spinal cord injury is in many instances regarded as a catastrophic auto accident injury. These injuries often require years of rehabilitation and or permanent loss of the use of limbs, such as fingers, arms, legs. Paraplegia and Quadriplegia ca take place as a result of spinal cord injuries. Other issues which may surface are the inability to control bowl movements and loss of one’s ability to engage in sexual conduct. Spine Injuries: Spine injuries resulting from car accidents often result in the most severe forms of damages, including paraplegia and quadriplegia. Even when injuries are less severe, victims might suffer from partial loss of motor functions, numbness of the hands fingers, or leg, sever pain and the permanent or temporary loss of mobility. The spinal column can be roughly separated into three distinct parts. Cervical Vertebrae – starts at the bottom of the skull and extends all the way down to the thoracic spine. Thoracic Vertebrae – comprised of the twelve vertebrae known as T1 through T12.  It serves to stabilize the body and protecting vital organs. Lumbar Vertebrae – commonly known as the lower back, the lumbar starts roughly six inches from the shoulder blade, connecting to the thoracic vertebrae, and extends to the tail bone. Eye Injuries including Blindness: Traumatic eye injuries or ocular injuries are an often painful condition caused by a sudden or serious blow to the ocular nerve. Patients who suffer from traumatic eye injuries experience sudden pain in the orbital region of the eye which restricts movement and can cause serious discomfort. Burn Injuries: Thousands of motorists and passengers suffer devastating burn resulting from an auto collision. Due to the nature of burn injuries, you damage may require permanent care and treatment. This is because of the healing process which may require long term treatment. Injuries to the Face including permanent scarring: In a car accident injures to the face are very common. Shattering of glass, projectile form your car or the other car or the hitting of the face on the dashboard can lead to cuts an bruises and in some instances permanent scarring. Also, broken noses, broken teeth and face lacerations requiring stitched take month and even years to heal and may cost the victim thousands of dollars in medical bills. Mental health damage: Often victims involved in auto accidents tend to not mention to their doctors the mental health issues that they are facing as a result of great pain and suffering cause by another. Issues, such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, and severe mental stress are one that are experience by many who have been involved in such accidents. If you have been involved in an accident and are experiencing such emotional issue please advise your doctor or your personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Broken Bones and Fractures and Joint Damage: These injures are some of the most common injuries of car accidents. In most instances broken bones and fractures from auto accidents are more serious than usual broken bones since the injury was cause by a high impact collision. Often these injuries lead to surgeries to remove bone fragments and in many cases insert artificial joints that been crushed. Knee’s as specifically susceptible to car accidents, often requiring knee replacement surgery. Burn Injuries: Every year vehicle fires result in thousands of injuries and hundreds of death. Due to the nature of burn injuries, you damage may require permanent care and treatment. This is because of the healing process which may require long term treatment. More so burn injuries often result in permanent scarring and disfigurement requiring multiple procedures.

Filing a Lawsuit – Compensation for your Auto Accident Injuries

Califoria Car Accident Laws - Legal GuideIf you or a loved one has suffered such injuries form a car collision accident then you should seek the BEST MEDICAL ATTENTION Possible. Healing your wounds should always be your first priority. Our Traffic Accident Attorneys will help you achieve compensation for your injuries and money so that you are able to maintain your medical treatments and move one step closer to healing your body and mind. If you need to speak to a California car accident injury lawyer give us a call, all consultations with our lawyers are FREE of Charge.

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