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Security Guard Assault Attorney

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Security Guards Can Overstep Their Authority and Perpetuate an Assault

If you have been at a public or private establishment, then you know that there are security guards in place to guarantee the safety of the patrons during events. A security guard is often hired by a business or organization, and that person’s duty is to act as security for the people attending the event, or who frequent the business, restaurant bar or store. A security guard can be one of several different types, including (all names also apply to women):

  • Bouncer
  • Security guard
  • Watchman
  • Doorman
  • Guard
  • Patrolman
  • Theft prevention
  • Theft or loss department personnel
  • Gatekeeper
  • Spotter
  • Watchkeeper
  • Sentry
  • Guardsman

If you have been injured by any type of security guard as in the situation of an assault, just call us today. Security guards can overstep their boundaries and perpetrate an assault very easily. A situation at an event or business can escalate or there can be a misunderstanding by a hired security guard, that can lead to an assault on your person.

Security Guards Are Often Ill-Trained for Understanding the Duties of their Profession

Most security guards are not well-trained to compete the jobs necessary for the duties expected for their profession. A security guard needs to be trained by a professional security guard operation. The security guard needs to have professional training on the job duties, boundaries, how to keep the public safe, and what they can and cannot do in the course of their job. Many people who are security guards are just putting on the security guard uniform, and let loose on the spot.

Security guards need to have over 32 hours of training in most cases, and need to be certified that they understand the nature of their training and job duties. If this training is not done properly, the security guard may take the job “too seriously” and only use innate or made-up moves, maneuvers, procedures or practices. These made-up procedures can lead to an assault on someone from the general public. If this occurs, the owner of the business employing the security guard is at fault for the security guard’s lack of knowledge in how to do the job. This at-fault party is the one responsible for your personal injuries, in the case of you getting assaulted by a security guard in the first place.

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We are able to maintain your lawsuit, put you in the winner’s circle, and get you the back pay and personal injuries compensation for your having to endure being assaulted by a security guard. We will be happy to give you a free second opinion on your case, whenever you call us, we can set that appointment up with you.

Security Guards Often Forget Their “Place” in Securing a Business or Company, Resulting in an Unnecessary Assault

Security guards are notorious for forgetting what they are and are not allowed to do, when protecting a business or establishment. As stated before, some people who are security guards have had no formal training, read no formal security training manual, have taken no formal class on being a security guard and have no idea of the liabilities, role, job duties and more related to their job.

Being a security guard is a highly respected job, but it is abused by someone who has never been properly trained. Some security guards are “winging it” or acting from what they have seen on television police dramas. This is a recipe for disaster, and for injuries and personal injuries of the most serious nature perpetrated on the public as a result of this ignorance of what a security guard should and should not do.

What Should a Security Guard Do for His or Her Duties?

We are happy to list for you the duties and general responsibilities of a security guard. Understand, and this is a warning, this list in NO WAY is a list of what the duties of any security guard for any business or establishment should follow to do his or her job. Each business is responsible for training their security guards and security staff. Having said that, here is what security guards should be trained on:

  1. They are not peace officers, nor are they police or law enforcement, and should not act as such.
  2. A security guard is responsible to protect the property or people assigned to protect.
  3. A security guard should be prevention, not attacking or assaulting the general public.
  4. If prevention of a security issue is not possible, the security guard should observe, detail and report the incident, not attack someone to stop a behavior.
  5. Reporting by a security guard should be the facts of the event, not to make conclusions, that is for the police to investigate.
  6. A security guard may block an entrance by standing in front of someone not authorized to enter.
  7. A security guard cannot touch someone’s personal belongings to inspect them.
  8. A security guard may not carry a loaded weapon concealed in a jacket or suffer a criminal penalty, fine or jail sentence if carrying illegally.
  9. A security guard’s registration card does not allow the security guard to carry a weapon or baton automatically without a special permit in some cases.
  10. A negligent security guard can be civilly responsible for his or her actions.
  11. A security guard must understand his or her job duties and ultimate “powers to arrest” someone for illegal actions (to be determined by the security guard’s job duties and contract).
  12. If a suspect does not feel free to leave an area, the security guard may have illegally detained the person.
  13. A security guard should never touch a suspect, unless protecting the general public from harm, in self-defense, or if the searched or detained person is armed.
  14. A security guard may use reasonable force to detain a person, depending on the situation.
  15. If a security guard performs a legal arrest, the security guard can only search for weapons if the suspect is thought to be armed. This is at the discretion of the security guard on a case-by-case basis.

If you have been illegally or wrongfully assaulted by a security guard, you need to call us today. You will want to discuss your case with a lawyer who will get you the money you need for your case. We understand that it can be difficult to keep a level head after your traumatizing experience with being assaulted by a security guard. For this reason, you will need to talk to an attorney who knows what to do to make up for any lost time starting your lawsuit.

As you are healing is the perfect time to pick up your smartphone and give us a call, don’t wait! Our legal team can look at the personal injury claim that you need to file, as you are still being treated for your medical injuries by your healthcare provider. Call now!

security guard assault lawyer attorney compensation lawsuit sue bouncer sentry threat sue
Can I Sue for Being Assaulted by a Security Guard?

Yes, in this type of case we can sue the business owner if you are assaulted by their security guard. Security guards need to be highly trained, to understand every situation that they may be called to protect the public from dangerous events or circumstances.

Security guard training will include:

  • Responsibilities and ethics information related to making a citizen’s arrest
  • Limitations on the security guard’s power to arrest someone
  • Restrictions on legalities of performing searches and seizures
  • Limits on frisking someone of the general public
  • Limits on detaining someone from the general public
  • Assaulting someone from the general public
  • Criminal and civil liabilities of the security guard
  • Personal liability for the security guard’s actions
  • Employer liability for the actions of the security guard

When you have been attacked and assaulted by a security guard, you just need to call our Los Angeles case lawyers to file a lawsuit. We are on your side, and will do what we need to do to ensure that you will get the result that you need in this case. Just call us, and our case attorneys in Los Angeles can sue to get you the recovery compensation you need to fully recover in this case. We are well able and ready to defend you against the big insurance companies, to help you fully recover for your personal injuries and trauma from a security guard assault.

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We offer a zero-fee guarantee to you every day of the week. This is an advantage for you, whereby you don’t pay us anything in advance before we win your case for you. We are here, ready to get down to brass tacks, and can win the case to get you your money for recovery, for bills that need to be paid from your medical treatment, and a reimbursement for your lost wages as well.

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