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Starbucks Exposed Rebar On Parking Stopper Trip And Fall

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Even if you are unfamiliar with the term rebar, you will immediately recognize it when you see it anchoring a parking stopper to the ground. It is the thick steel rod often used to reinforce concrete and hold parking stoppers or parking blocks in place. Unfortunately, unless the rebar is recently installed, it is typically dark in color from exposure to the elements and even the chloride in the concrete surrounding it. And that dark color can contribute to the safety hazard of exposed rebar on a parking stopper in a Starbucks parking lot.

The human body is a miraculous machine. As we move through each day, our body learns sizes, shapes, and the energy and force needed to step over a curb, onto a sidewalk, or over a parking block in a Starbucks parking lot. Sure, you must look down to see the parking block, but then your body’s muscle memory helps you effortlessly step over the parking stopper. However, that muscle memory does not account for an improperly installed parking block with exposed rebar hazardously protruding from its surface.

So if you have suffered a Starbucks exposed rebar on a parking stopper trip and fall accident, you need to speak to the personal injury lawyers at DTLA Law Group as soon as possible. As the victim of potentially severe injuries, you need to understand your rights, the responsibility of Starbucks, and how you can move forward in securing any compensation owed to you for your injuries. The DTLA Law Group is here 24/7 to assist in answering your immediate questions. In addition, we offer all Starbucks exposed rebar on a parking stopper trip and fall injury victims a free consultation with one of our expert lawyers. So contact the office today to schedule your free consultation at your earliest convenience to ensure that you understand your rights and how to move forward to protect yourself and your financial future.

Starbucks Exposed Rebar On Parking Stopper Trip And Fall lawsuit incident lawyer sue compensation liability
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The Severe Injuries That Can Result From A Trip and Fall Incident

The thought of a trip and fall accident in a Starbucks parking lot might bring to mind an image of a scuffed knee or minor bruises. However, that is a rare occurrence. It is much more common for a trip and fall accident victim to suffer more severe injuries that can include:

  • Fractured or broken bones, typically in the hands and arms, as the victims try to break their fall or protect their face and head from direct impact with the parking lot surface
  • Lacerations, abrasions, and puncture wounds from landing on the parking block and the protruding rebar or objects in the parking lot
  • Soft tissue damage, including torn muscles, tendons, or ligaments
  • Nerve damage
  • Head injuries, including a concussion, skull fracture, or traumatic brain injury
  • Damage to the neck, back, or spinal cord could result in permanent disabilities such as paralysis

Sadly, some injuries resulting from a Starbucks exposed rebar on a parking stopper trip and fall can even lead to a loss of life. So never discount your trip and fall injuries as minor. Instead, always seek a complete medical examination to ensure you get the treatment you need for the best possible recovery or outcome.

Who Could Be Responsible For Your Starbucks Trip And Fall Injuries?

Unfortunately, when we trip and fall for any reason, most assume the accident was their fault. For example, some might think they were distracted or not paying attention, while others were clearly focused on something else, such as a cell phone. However, it is vital to understand that in many cases, the reason for your trip and fall accident and the resulting injuries is someone else’s negligence or lack of duty of care.

In the case of a Starbucks exposed rebar parking stopper trip and fall, the unit was not installed correctly. There should never be rebar sticking up from the top of the parking block, creating a tripping hazard or a puncture wound hazard if someone were to fall on the parking stopper. While you might not have any way to discover who installed the parking block incorrectly, you don’t need to. The responsibility will typically fall to the property owner, which in this case is Starbucks.

Premises liability is a part of the law that defines what is expected of property owners regarding the condition of their properties. In general, a property must be maintained in a safe and hazard-free manner. For example, if the parking block was installed incorrectly with rebar exposed, the property owner should discover the defect in installation when inspecting the work. As a result, they are responsible for blocking off the unsafe area until it can be corrected. In addition, if the property owner does not inspect the work but is told by several customers that there is exposed rebar creating a safety hazard, they are responsible for blocking off the unsafe area and scheduling a repair.

If the property owner ignores the protruding rebar and you trip and fall over it, suffering injuries, it is likely the property owner could be found in breach of duty of care and liable for your injuries and the cost of your medical care. The lawyers at DTLA Law Group are here to assist you in determining who might be responsible for your injuries and how best to secure the compensation due to you.

What To Do After Suffering A Trip And Fall Injury Due To Exposed Rebar

Of course, your health and safety are paramount after any trip and fall accident. So you should first decide if your injuries are severe enough to warrant a call to 911 for emergency medical treatment. If the injuries are not life-threatening or debilitating, you should collect some critical documentation before leaving the Starbucks parking lot. The items you need to gather include:

  • Contact information from any witnesses of the incident
  • Pictures of the parking block that clearly show the protruding rebar
  • Photos of any visible injuries you sustained
  • A copy of the incident report created by the Starbucks manager
  • Contact information for the Starbucks manager

Then it is vital to seek a complete medical evaluation to document your injuries and ensure they get the appropriate treatment. Add copies of the medical files to the other information you gathered. The documents will be very beneficial should you need to file a lawsuit against Starbucks for the injuries and losses you sustained due to the trip and fall over exposed rebar in their parking block. Finally, contact the DTLA Law Group to schedule your free consultation to discuss the details of your trip and fall injuries and answers to any questions you might have regarding your rights as an injury victim.

Starbucks Exposed Rebar On Parking Stopper Trip And Fall lawsuit incident lawyer compensation liability sue

Understanding The Statute Of Limitations

In California, most personal injury cases, including trip and fall injuries, have a Statute of Limitation of two years from the date of the incident. Typically, if you fail to file your claim with the court system in that time, you will have lost your right to make a claim. While there are a few exceptions to this ruling, they rarely apply. However, if there are any that could apply to you and your matter, the DTLA Law Group team will explain them to you and why you might elect to wait longer to file your claim.

It is also important to note that you can file your claim as soon as you and your legal team agree it is ready to present to the court. Filing quickly can provide several advantages, including getting your compensation faster than if you wait to file the claim. In addition, the sooner you contact the DTLA Law Group after your accident, the easier it will be to gather all the information and evidence needed to support your compensation claim.

The Potential Value Of A Starbucks Trip And Fall On Exposed Rebar Lawsuit

The potential value of your lawsuit will be based on many expenses you incurred due to the incident and your injuries. Some of the amounts you can include in the claim are:

  • All of your current medical bills and estimated future medical bills to treat your injuries
  • Any lost income if you could not work while healing or work missed to attend medical appointments
  • The value of any personal property damaged or destroyed 
  • Your legal fees
  • Pain and suffering

Why Choose DTLA To Handle Your Legal Matter?

The team at DTLA Law Group focuses on ensuring that the justice system delivers the compensation you deserve for the injuries and losses you suffered. Our team is ready to take even the sizeable corporate team representing Starbucks to ensure your rights are protected. In addition, we provide our services with no upfront fees or expenses. So you never need to worry about how to afford the legal assistance you need. We only get paid after we deliver the settlement or verdict required to cover your bills due to the injuries you suffered. And if we fail to win your case, you owe us nothing.

So please contact DTLA Law Group today to discuss the details of your case and how we can help protect your rights. You never need to face this challenge alone because the DTLA team is with you every step of the way.

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