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Starbucks Bench Collapse Attorney

Starbucks Bench Collapse Attorney attorney sue lawsuit incident liability liable accident

Many of the residents of California live hectic lives. The traffic in many cities is a testament to the number of people on the go nearly twenty-four hours a day. So one of the trendy treats many people look forward to while commuting or heading out for errands is a quality cup of coffee. If you are a fan of Starbucks, you are not alone. There are over 3050 Starbucks stores in the state, which accounts for nearly 20% of all the locations in the United States.

When you visit a Starbucks, you expect a great drink and a place where you can relax for a few minutes to catch up on emails and texts or simply enjoy your coffee in anonymity and without interruptions. So you hope to be able to grab a seat at a table or one of the many benches located around the inside and typically outside the store. But sadly, the choice to take a seat on a bench can alter the rest of your day and possibly your life. And all because Starbucks might have failed to provide the necessary duty of care in their store.

If you have been the victim of a bench collapse at Starbucks, the staff at DTLA Law Group is here to help. Our expert Starbucks bench collapse attorneys and legal support staff are here 24/7 to provide the answers you need when you need them, not on someone else’s schedule. In addition, we are proud to offer every personal injury victim a free consultation with a California attorney who will help you sort out the details of your incident and determine if the matter has legal merit and should be pursued. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our office today to learn more about your rights as a Starbucks bench collapse injury victim and how we can help protect them.

Starbucks Bench Collapse Attorney sue incident liability liable lawyer attorney
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What Causes A Starbucks Bench To Collapse?

While the benches at Starbucks significantly increase the number of seats offered to patrons, they also require more care and attention than standard chairs. The chairs are free of hardware, and mounting brackets essential to the safety of bench seating. So inspections of the hardware or brackets, as well as the bolts, are vital to ensuring the safety of guests using the Starbucks benches.

During these inspections, staff members need to look for loose or damaged mounting brackets, loose or damaged bolts, or damage to the floor or walls where the benches are anchored. Any signs of wear and tear or abuse of these critical items indicate that the bench is unsafe and could cause an injury to a guest when it suddenly collapses.

The Common Injuries Suffered Due To A Starbucks Bench Collapse

Sadly, many people think that a fall of around two feet or less from a Starbucks bench is nothing serious. It would maybe result in a few bumps or bruises, but never any severe injuries. However, that is far from the truth. Many serious injuries can occur when falling due to a Starbucks bench collapse, including:

  • Fractured or broken bones – typically in the hands and arms as the victim reaches out to break their fall or lessen the severity of the impact
  • Back, neck, and spinal cord injuries from the twisting motion as the bench collapses and the impact with the floor
  • Head injuries from impact with the floor or wall can include a fractured skill, concussion, or traumatic brain injury
  • Facial lacerations or damage to the eyes, nose, mouth, or teeth
  • Lacerations or puncture wounds
  • Severe burns from the hot drink that you spill when you suddenly begin to fall to the floor

Unfortunately, many might see a Starbucks bench collapse as a part of a comedy skit or prank that brings many laughs to the witnesses. However, once you have been the victim of such an event, you will understand that it is far more than just embarrassing. It can be physically very harmful.

What To Do After Suffering A Starbucks Bench Collapse

After suffering the shock and injuries of a Starbucks bench collapse, it can be challenging to think clearly and make wise choices. The first priority should always be your health and safety. A complete medical evaluation to diagnose any injuries is vital. But there are also a few pieces of critical information to gather.

There are sure to be witnesses to the bench collapse, and possibly even a few who have taken pictures of your misfortune to get a laugh from those on social media. So be sure to gather the contact information for all witnesses to the incident and ask that they send you a short written statement of what they saw as the bench collapsed.

It is also essential to take pictures of the damaged bench, being sure to include the mounting hardware and any damage to the floor or walls where it was mounted. Get a few photos of any injuries that are immediately visible as well. Finally, notify the store manager of the incident and get their contact information before seeking medical care. Of course, if your wounds are severe or life-threatening, call 911 and let the information gathering wait until you are treated for your injuries.

Is A Starbucks Bench Collapse Attorney Really Necessary?

In many cases, a representative for Starbucks will contact an injury victim to discuss the details of the incident, and often an insurance adjustor will make a fast offer for a minimal amount to settle the issue. While these people will appear sympathetic and sound as if they are trying to help you with fast cash to cover your medical bills, they have only one goal. Their job is to do what is best for Starbucks, not the injury victim. So the offer is typically only a fraction of what the company might be liable for if the case goes to court.

After suffering injuries in a Starbucks bench collapse, you are sure to have many concerns. You are worried about your health and possibly even your finances. So it is always best to hire a legal expert to protect your rights and financial future. The staff at DTLA Law Group have decades of experience in protecting our client’s rights against the legal giants that represent large companies like Starbucks. And we are here to ensure that you get the compensation that is owed to you for your injuries and losses.

Starbucks and all property owners need to follow the guidelines and laws of premises liability to ensure that their locations are safe and hazard-free for their guests. While this might be a concept you are unfamiliar with, the Starbucks bench collapse attorneys at DTLA Law Group have a keen understanding of the duty of care that is expected of Starbucks and how to prove that they were in breach of this duty. And that is the key to ensuring you get the full and fair compensation you deserve and need to move forward past this traumatic and painful incident.

How Long Does A Starbucks Bench Collapse Lawsuit Take?

Each legal matter that DTLA Law Group handles is unique and receives all the care and legal expertise needed to succeed for our clients. However, there is no way for our staff to estimate how long your lawsuit will require to reach its completion. So we ask that you contact our office as quickly as possible to begin gathering information to prepare your case for the court system well prior to the two-year Statute of Limitations for most personal injury lawsuits in California.

Starbucks Bench Collapse Attorney attorney sue lawsuit incident liability
What Is The Value Of a California Starbucks Bench Collapse Lawsuit

The potential value of any lawsuit is based on the actual losses and damages suffered by the victim. In the case of injuries sustained in a Starbucks bench collapse incident, you can often include the following expenses:

  • The cost of your medical care for the injuries you suffered
  • Any lost wages if you could not work while recovering from the injuries
  • Your legal fees for the lawsuit
  • The value of any damaged or destroyed personal property
  • A dollar amount to represent your pain and suffering due to the injuries

The staff at DTLA Law Group will work closely with you to ensure that all expenses are included in your claim to secure the most robust settlement or verdict possible.

Why Choose DTLA Law Group?

The team at DTLA Law Group is dedicated to seeking justice for our clients. That means we are 100% devoted to protecting your rights and best interest and will never be intimidated by corporate lawyers who are only looking at their client’s bottom line. In addition, we never ask for an upfront payment for any of our services. We only get paid after we have delivered the settlement or verdict you need to pay your bills and move past your injuries. And if we fail to deliver as we pledge, you owe us nothing. This is the ethical and transparent way that DTLA Law Group treats every client.

So don’t hesitate to get in touch with our office today if you have suffered injuries due to a Starbucks bench collapse. Our legal team, including Starbucks bench collapse attorneys, is ready to work diligently to ensure you get the compensation and justice you deserve.

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