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Shower Burn Injury Lawyer

Shower Burn Injury Lawyer attorney sue lawsuit compensation incident

After a long day of travel or activities while on vacation or a business trip, a relaxing hot shower is one of the most welcome features of your hotel room. Nothing feels as refreshing after a long day and helps relieve aching muscles and stiffness. However, few things can inflict as much pain as a malfunctioning shower and water heater. It takes only three seconds for 140-degree water to cause a serious burn. And in just five seconds, 140-degree water can cause third-degree full-thickness burns to the human body.

If you or a loved one has suffered a severe burn due to a faulty shower, shower fixture, or water heater at a hotel, motel, gym, hospital, nursing home, school dorm, or daycare center, the shower burn injury lawyers at DTLA Law Group are here to help. Our team of expert lawyers and support staff are available 24/7 to answer your questions and schedule a free consultation with a shower burn injury lawyer to discuss your case. Injury victims need to know their rights and how to protect them and their financial future. So be sure to get in touch with the DTLA Law Group at your earliest convenience.

Hot Water Can Be Extremely Hazardous

Most people enjoy a hot shower after a long day, a strenuous workout, or even a way to shut out the world and decrease stress levels. But the question becomes, what is the ideal and safe temperature for your relaxing hot shower? At home, you are sure to have fine-tuned the setting on your water heater for safety and comfort. You also know how to judge the estimated temperature of the water by the setting of the hot water lever or knob in your shower. But all that information is unavailable or useless when using a hotel, hotel, or gym shower. So you need to understand the hazards of overly hot water on your body and that of your loved ones.

First, it is crucial to understand that third-degree burns are the most severe and indicate a full-thickness burn of all skin layers. They are also the most painful and can create other health concerns and risks if the damaged areas become infected. Third-degree burns can occur rapidly based on the temperature of the water, as demonstrated below:

  • At 120 degrees it takes 5 minutes
  • At 124 degrees it takes 3 minutes
  • At 127 degrees it takes 1 minute
  • At 133 degrees it takes 15 SECONDS
  • At 140 degrees it takes 5 SECONDS
  • At 148 degrees it takes 2 SECONDS
  • At 155 degrees it takes 1 SECOND

And it is vital to understand that these are averages. Each person’s skin tolerance will vary based on many factors. These are simply general safety guidelines. However, you could experience a third-degree burn more rapidly.

Shower Burn Injury Lawyer incident lawyer sue compensation liability
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Who Is Most At Risk Of Suffering A Shower Burn Injury?

There are two high-risk groups when evaluating heat tolerance for the skin. The first group is young children. Their skill is less tolerant and more easily burned because it is thinner than adult skin. Therefore, the same temperature water will burn a child’s skin deeper than an adult’s and can burn a larger area than it would on an adult.

The second group at an increased risk of hot water burns are older adults or seniors. As we age, our skin becomes thinner. In addition, the hazard increased because nerve sensitivity can decrease, causing an older adult to suffer a severe burn before they discover that the water feels uncomfortable. Finally, some medications typically prescribed to seniors can increase the sensitivity of their skin, allowing it to burn more easily.

Who Could Be To Blame For Your Burn Injuries?

If you or a loved one have suffered burns from hot water in a hotel or motel, it is vital for you to speak to a DTLA Law Group shower burn injury lawyer. There could be many reasons for the injuries you suffered that could be someone else’s responsibility. For example, the liability could fall on the manufacturer if the water heater system malfunctioned. Or if the issue or failure was due to improper maintenance or a lack of care, the responsible part could be the hotel or motel staff maintenance team or company. The experts at DTLA Law Group will help you determine who could be responsible for your injuries and how to secure the compensation owed for your injuries and expenses due to your shower burn injuries.

Common Locations For Hot Water Burn Injuries

Sadly, there are many other locations and venues where you or a loved one could suffer a severe burn due to overly hot water. For example, you could shower at the gym, a nursing home, school dorm, hospital, or nursing home and suffer burn injuries if the water heater or water fixture is not functioning correctly or has been set improperly. And it is the responsibility of the property owner, maintenance crew, or property management company to ensure that the conditions, including the temperature of the hot water, are safe for guests.

In addition, it is possible to suffer a hot water burn injury when washing your hands in any public or private venue, such as a health club, restaurant, shopping mall, grocery store, or any place that offers public restrooms. While the skin on most people’s hands is slightly more heat tolerant, severe burns to the hands and fingers can lead to debilitating injuries that require surgery and skin grafts and result in partial loss of range of motion.

If you have suffered any shower burn injury or hot water burn injury, be sure to get in touch with DTLA Law Group as soon as possible. Our expert shower burn injury lawyers are here to answer your questions, help you understand your rights as a burn injury victim, and secure any compensation owed to you for your injuries and losses.

Do You Need A Free Second Opinion?

If your shower burn injury matter is being handled by another law firm, and you are dissatisfied or have concerns, the DTLA Law Group offers free second opinion consultations to discuss your case. For example, you might have questions about the time expected for your lawyer to return your call or how long it takes to file your matter with the court system. The team at DTLA Law Group is here to answer these general legal questions and those specific to the details of your case. Don’t hesitate to contact our office to schedule your free second opinion consultation with an expert shower burn injury lawyer at DTLA Law Group.

Shower Burn Injury Lawyer incident lawyer compensation liability sue
How Long Does A Burn Injury Lawsuit Take?

Unfortunately, there is no way to determine how long your case might take to reach completion. Many factors will impact the time to reach a settlement or verdict, including the defendant’s actions and the court’s workload. So it is crucial to speak to legal counsel soon after your injuries to determine if your case has legal merit and to begin preparing to file it with the court system.

In California, injury victims typically have two years from the date of their injury to file their claim with the court system. If they wait longer, the Statute of Limitations will have expired, and the claim will typically be denied. However, if the defendant is a government entity, that time frame decreases to only six months. So, for example, if your burns occurred in the city library washroom, you have only six months to file the claim. But if the burn occurred in a commercially owned grocery store washroom, you have two years to file your claim.

What Is My Burn Lawsuit Worth?

Most lawsuit values are based on the actual expenses and losses of the victim. In your case as a burn victim, some of the common expenses claimed in a lawsuit include:

  • The total cost of your medical bills
  • Any lost wages if you could not work while healing or missed work to attend medical appointments
  • Your legal fees for the matter
  • A dollar amount for your pain and suffering

The staff at DTLA Law Group has decades of combined experience assisting clients in compiling the information needed to support their claims. Our team will guide you in the process to ensure you receive the total amount owed you for your injuries and losses due to your burn injuries.

No Upfront Legal Fees

The goal of the entire DTLA Law Group staff is to eliminate as much stress and worry as possible for our clients while working diligently to get them the money they deserve. To ensure that we are not adding to our client’s financial hardships, we never charge any out-of-pocket fees or upfront expenses. Instead, we only get paid after getting the settlement or verdict you deserve for the injuries and pain you have endured.

And if we fail to win your case, you owe us nothing for our time. We believe in following through on our word to help you and ensure justice is served. So you never face any financial risk if we fail. So please contact DTLA Law Group today to learn more about your rights as a burn injury victim. We want to be the shower burn injury lawyer to help you overcome this challenging and painful time.


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