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I Was Burned At Work, What Are My Rights?

I Was Burned At Work What Are My Rights lawyer attorney sue lawsuit compensation incident accident

Being injured at work is always upsetting. There are concerns about being punished for the injury, even if it was an accident, the cost of medical care, and what to do if you are severely injured and will miss work. But when that workplace injury is a burn, you are also facing the possibility of excruciating pain and complications that could result in a life-threatening infection. So the first thing that any workplace burn injury victim needs to remember is that a medical evaluation of the burn and the appropriate treatment is vital.

The second important fact is that you do not have to face the repercussions of a burn at work alone. The personal injury experts at DTLA Law Group are here to assist you in understanding your rights and getting the care and financial compensation you deserve for your burn injury. And we are here 24/7 to answer any questions you might have related to your medical care, the medical bills, and how they will get paid during a free consultation. And because the injury happened while you were on the clock, our expert California worker’s comp lawyers can assist you in seeking the benefits owed to you for your workplace injury. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with DTLA Law Group as soon as possible to begin getting the answers you need to get the care and help that is owed to you for a burn injury while at work.

You Have Worker’s Compensation Benefits For Workplace Injuries

California workers are fortunate to have coverage by one of the most robust worker’s compensation programs in the country. All employers in California are required by law to participate in the program to protect workers and themselves in the event of an injury accident by an employee. The employer is responsible for paying for this insurance program, so workers never need to worry about the cost of medical care to treat workplace injuries. And employers have the peace of mind of knowing that, in most cases, a worker cannot sue their employer for a workplace injury. Instead, they are limited to receiving the benefits provided by the worker’s comp program.

In addition, the employer is not allowed to deny any employee access to the benefits or try to dissuade them from filing a worker’s comp claim. While the employer is typically the one to notify worker’s comp of a workplace injury, the injury victim can open a claim if their employer is unwilling to provide the assistance needed to open the claim. If you are unsure how to move forward to open a worker’s comp claim, the experts at DTLA Law Group are here to provide the guidance you need when you need it the most.

I Was Burned At Work What Are My Rights lawyer attorney lawsuit compensation incident accident sue
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The Typical Worker’s Comp Benefits You Might Receive

Four common benefits apply to injured workers in California. The purpose of these benefits is to ensure that workers get the care and support they need when injured while doing their job. The standard coverage includes the following:

  • Payment of all medical care related to the workplace burn injuries you suffered. The coverage will also pay for medical devices and prescriptions as well as any rehabilitation or therapy needed during the healing process.
  • If your injuries are so severe that you miss work while recovering, the program will provide partial payment to you for your lost wages. This money can be used to pay your daily living expenses until you can return to work.
  • If the burn injuries prevent you from ever returning to work, you could be eligible to receive partial permanent disability payments to compensate you for your long-term loss of earnings.
  • If you cannot return to your job but could work in another capacity after healing, there are benefits that would provide vocational training to prepare you for another job.
Understanding Workplace Burns

When you think of an employee getting burned at work, several jobs come to mind that involve proximity to an open flame, such as working in a foundry or a kitchen with a stove, oven, or large grill. But it is vital to understand that there are many types of burns that can occur in the workplace that are not related to an open flame or jobs that would be considered high-risk for a burn injury. Some of the less commonly considered situations that result in very serious burns can include:

  • Electrical burns from exposed wires or damaged electrical cords, or a piece of equipment that is shorting out and causes an electrical shock
  • Burns from overheated water, such as a malfunctioning water heater or a device that heats water in a manufacturing process
  • Burns from damaged or overworked equipment that has become hot to the touch
  • Chemical burns can result from any of the thousands of chemicals used in cleaning or manufacturing processes, including ammonia, bleach, or other caustic liquids. It is also vital to know that burns to lung tissue from fumes or inhaled chemicals are often even more severe than a burn to the body’s outer skin.
Seek Immediate Medical Care For Burns

Most burn injury victims see the pain of a burn as the primary issue. So they try to stop or block the pain with ice. However, this can result in severe long-term problems when the actual skin damage of a burn is not properly treated. Some of the permanent damage from a burn includes:

  • Loss of mobility
  • Infections
  • Disfigurement
  • Loss of skin requiring a skin graft

If you have suffered a burn while at work, seek medical care immediately, then contact the experts at DTLA Law Group to learn more about your rights and how to receive the benefits owed to you.

How Long Do I Have To Make A Claim?

Worker’s compensation rules are very clear regarding the time allowed for making a claim after a workplace injury. Victims have 30 days from the date of the injury to open a claim. If they fail to make a claim in that 30 days, the request for benefits is likely to be denied. However, it is always best to notify worker’s comp as soon as possible after an injury while working. In most cases, your employer will make the notification for you so that you can seek medical care. However, if your employer is unwilling to notify worker’s comp, you are within your rights to contact them immediately after the injury.

The experts at DTLA Law Group will help you understand if any part of your injuries or compensation are not covered under worker’s comp benefits or if there is reason to seek a civil lawsuit against your employer. These cases are very rare but could be required in some cases that your lawyer will explain to you if they apply, such as gross negligence by your employer.

I Was Burned At Work What Are My Rights lawyer attorney lawsuit compensation incident accident sue liability
The Value Of Your Worker’s Comp Burn Injury Benefits

The value of any worker’s comp claim is based on the actual cost of your medical care and your lost wages. For example, in the case of a severe burn injury, the medical bills will be substantially more than those related to a minor injury. In addition, if there are complications, such as an infection, the cost of medical treatment could be more substantial. So there is no way to estimate the value of your benefits without first evaluating the total cost of your medical care.

The second factor to evaluate is the total amount of your lost wages due to the burn injury. Your DTLA Law Group team of experts will help you understand the possible amount of your lost wages provided by your worker’s comp benefits and how long you could be eligible for the compensation. By the end of your free consultation, you will have a great deal more information about your potential benefits and hopefully feel more confident in moving past your workplace burn injury.

Why Choose DTLA Law Group?

The entire staff at DTLA Law Group is focused on seeing that justice is served for all burn injury victims. We understand how painful and debilitating these injuries can be. Our staff also knows that most injury victims have many concerns about how they will provide for their loved ones while healing and other financial challenges. So please rest assured that our staff will work diligently to see that you receive all the benefits possible to help support you and your loved ones while you heal from your workplace burn injury.

It is also essential to understand that our staff never requires an upfront payment or charges for a consultation to answer your legal questions related to a personal injury, such as the burn you suffered at work. Instead, we are here to provide our expertise for free and only get paid after we have secured you the benefits you deserve. So please contact DTLA Law Group today to learn more about your rights as an employee who was burned while at work and how we will help you overcome this challenging and stressful event. And do so without creating worrisome debt for your crucial medical care related to your burn injuries. 

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